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No reward is without some inconvenience.

wateronhead (3).jpg

Disclaimer: All pictures and words are mine....


'water off a cat's head'- guess the ducks are on a 'go slow'

LOL....I forgot that saying....thanks.

please visit my page, i have some photos of my short trips in the villages around my city,
If possible for you, Vote me please.
Thanks a lot

I will do so my friend....very stunning photos...

Thanks a lot my friend🙏🙏🙏

Actually, I'm really glad you posted this photo because it reminds me of people who are always complaining about losing money trading #cryptocurrency

The reason that they make a bad trade is because their TARGET is right but their AIM is wrong.

Just like the cat trying to get some water out of the sink. The cat knows it wants the water but it tries to chase the water down the drain to get a sip. Instead, it just needs to aim it's head up and sip from the faucet.

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Onward & Upward!

pussy drinking water 10hours?

cats hate watter hahahaha

That's what I thought!

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Thanks...have to have phone with me at all times with this cat.

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