Blockchain Breakdown: Ethereum is maxed out, while STEEM is handling almost 50% of all global blockchain transactions! 🌏

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According to STEEM is close to handling almost 50% of all global blockchain transactions, while Ethereum's CUI is maxed out! ⚠️

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We notice that even though STEEM is handling almost twice the amount of transactions than Ethereum, and also has little to no CUI..

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Ethereum still has almost 1/3rd of the global blockchain market cap, and STEEM does not even have half of 1% yet!

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Some people say that we may see a lot of the altcoins die, but I definitely think STEEM would be one of the blockchains to survive & even thrive for a long time into the future!

STEEM GIF Source: @overkillcoin

Let me know what you think, and thanks for checking this out!

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That's insane. Also crazy that Steem isn't even a $1billion market cap at the moment. $10billion is definitely within reach.