THE DIARY GAME : 11/08/2020.

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I hope you're having a great day.

I'm going to introduce you to two of my best buddies from my college life.


That's Hridoy and Plabon with me at Savar City Center, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I went to Savar to change a nose pin that I bought for my wife.
Hridoy lives in savar and Plabon lives far from savar stand.
I phone called Hridoy and asked him to come over to the stand to meet me and he agreed.
Then I called Plabon thinking he might not come for the distance.
But I got to know after called him that he was also there to fix his phone.

So... both of them promised that they'll come to meet me.

After I finished my work, at first Hridoy came over.
Then we waited for Plabon.

Plabon came after a moment.

We were kind of happy seeing each other after many days.

We entered in Savar City Center and I bought a camera charger first.
Then we wander inside the mall for some time.

Suddenly I had my eyes on a phone seller girl (I hope my wife will not read this post).

After seeing the girl, I told them that I'll go to that side again.
Then we went again that side.

Then... there were smells of foods as that side is for fast food shops.

I and Plabon used to eat a sandwich and lacchi at that place a lot.

I thought that we should try again, then we went inside a fast food shop.


Here we were inside the shop.


I ordered sandwiches and lacchi.

We had to wait for some time.
I switched seat with Plabon as there were some girls in front of me so I gave chance to Plabon for flirting, yea I'm that good... ;)



Then the food came.
3 sandwiches for 3 of us.
Lacchi hasn't come yet.

We started eating sandwiches.


Took some selfies before we ate it.

Then after we finished eating... it was time for giving the bill.
I thought they'll share the bill like we did in college life.

But it seemed they didn't have much money.
So I alone paid the bill.

Then we left the food shop and came down at the ground floor.

I had my eyes on some drones... I asked the shopkeeper whether they sell a camera drone or not.

The shopkeeper replied in affirmative and showed me a drone camera.
It seemed so normal to me.

Then we left that place.
It was evening by that time, I needed to come back home as my wife was all alone here.

Although I wished to hang around with them more but I forbade em.

Then I came home.

I miss my friends.
Not only them, but I also miss a lot of my friends and hopefully I'll some more friends in the near future.

"The End"

"Be Good, Think Good and Do Good"


Enjoy with safety. Always wear mask is a good message for all thank you...

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