🎉The Block Party➡️June 20th-23rd⬅️ - RSVP Your Tickets! (+ Basic Schedule & Monster Raffle 4?!)

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#steemsilvergold Monster Raffle 4!

Aside from having one of the most prominent members of the @ssg-community in our midst this coming summer, we will also be having the next huge precious metals raffle during The BLOCK Party! As final decisions are made for the new 2019 STEEM Silver Round, we gear up for a new Monster Raffle! In about two or three weeks, the official post will come out asking for donations to raise money and awareness for our favorite pirates and we will have that smartass @enginewitty, live and in person, with @raybrockman (check out his weekly raffles!), talking about the items up for grabs with the other emcees. We will be hoping to have a live stream going to keep everyone entertained with our 'OMG' faces and see all the reactions. Are you excited? Start going through your treasure mateys, and see what you are willing to part with!

image.pngWhat in the world is this...

Loose Schedule

You may be asking yourselves, besides hanging out and 'partying' all weekend, what exactly will we be doing? Good question! We've been trying to decide the way things should go, giving ample time for people to just socialize and get to know each other on a more personal level. So, here's what we have (loosely) planned and, as you know, things don't always go how you want them to LOL!
  • People will be coming in and we will have an informal meet and greet at the mansion for those with enough energy to attend. (Snacks may be provided if Witty doesn't eat them all.)
  • Breakfast! It's the most important meal of the day! (for those that are up that early - ha!)
  • Mid-morning we will have @mariannewest kick us off with the @freewritehouse. She is welcome to give a presentation on how they came to be, their goals, etc., and we are really looking forward to having a live #freewrite - with actual paper!
  • Lunch Time!
  • Words With Witty on @ramblingradio hosted by @shadowspub featuring a few live guests!
  • @steembasicincome's representative(s) will come forward and fill us in on their vision and (hopefully) we can get a live feed with @josephsavage.
  • @enginewitty will spill what #thealliance is, is about and their future plans.
  • @adstoshi will share with us exactly what @adsactly is, their history, and goals moving forward.
  • Dinner and free time (Group activities are being looked at)!
  • Breakfast! It's the most important meal of the day! (for those that are up that early - ha!)
  • Farewells and adieus

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Who All Is Coming?!?

Maybe you have been up in the air as to whether or not you want to attend our shindig. Maybe the timing was just bad and you already made plans that time of year. Maybe you would prefer to stay an online persona and you have an introvert personality. There are plenty of reasons why not to attend any of the events and/or meet-ups people have that are associated with #steem, however, there are people that bring the digital world to their physical interface and we here in the family setting of #thealliance, LOVE THAT! Here is a list of some of the people that will be staying at the house and a few attendees that will be coming out and 'partying' with us:

House Guests


  • @rakkasan84 - Representative from the Military Veterans on Steem that have made homes on the chain (+1).
  • @byn - Long-time #freewrite participant and recently published a book - 365 Marks on the Wall.
  • @bigtom13 - Motorcycle rider and enthusiast that has embraced the chain with passion.
  • @josephsavage - Will be sending a representative for @steembasicincome to share their vision (+1).
  • A lot of people that have expressed interest and have time to get their tickets - we hope to see you there!

You Want To Join Us

As you can see, all the spots in the house are already taken! So, you need to come hang out with us! Any attendee will get a sweet goodie bag and
grace us with their presence as we listen to community leaders and have fun participating in various activities. The rest of the tickets will be $100 each and you will get a swag bag and be able to come out to party with us! Witty might even feed you a time or two LOL! This is the perfect option for those that want to drive an RV or even brave the hard mountain grounds at a campsite! Beer and wine will be on us Saturday night! Well, hopefully not literally on us, but you know what I mean. Plus, you get to partake in any of the fun stuffs (like touching faces) that we will do! Inside the bag from @cmmerch with this year's logo you will find:

  • Hoodie - This will have a sweet design by @sirlunchthehost encompassing all the community sponsors of the event with the logo on it!
  • Ball Cap - As many of #thealliance members like #haturday, we gonna throw in some hats!
  • T-Shirt - Our biggest sponsor, @adsactly, will put their logo on a t-shirt for all of us to sport around!
  • Water Bottle - @steembasicincome has refreshed the blockchain in a major way, seems fitting!
  • Notepads - From the @freewritehouse peoples to encourage us to write just a little bit more!
  • Deck of Cards - The @spl putting their brand on an actual deck of cards for everyone - sweeeeet!
  • Some other goodies that you'll just have to come and see for yourself!

How To Purchase Tickets

@enginewitty will be taking payments for tickets in several ways. Contact him on Discord (same name) and tell him how you want to pay. You can use STEEM or SBD and send it right here through this blockchain. You can also use BTC, LTC, BCH or ZEC, just ask @enginewitty for an address. All cryptocurrency prices will be referred to from CoinGecko. He will also use PayPal as an option and there is always an alternative route if need be. Just talk to him, he's pretty easy going.😎

Sponsors & Guests

Obviously, things like this cost money, and as our personal budgets aren't the world's largest, witness @enginewitty (currently ranked #89 on Steemian.info and head of The Alliance), has been reaching out to people and communities to seek their support in making this happen. These are all communities he associates with on some level, helps to support in various forms or fashions and are -he feels- also heavily vested in the future of STEEM. This list is mostly complete now, and we still may have room for a few more. It is fantastic seeing @blocktrades put a stamp of approval on this! (sigh) As it stands, so far we have:

  • @adsactly - ADSactly has been a supporter of The Alliance almost since its inception. One could say that @adsactly is @thealliance and @thealliance is @adsactly. They love that we have been supportive of them as well and we all agree that the #steem #blockchain is one of the cryptosphere's best kept secrets. They run a witness (currently #55) and have been helping to secure the chain for ages. They already have several things in mind for a presentation and some beautiful things to unveil to the people in attendance! They really are about community and we thank you for your commitment! Stop in to their discord sometime and say hello!
  • @ssg-community - #steemsilvergold 'pirates' and The Alliance family have always meshed well together and there is a strong crossover of members from each community. Upon speaking with @raybrockman and @thedamus, there was a big 'Hell Yea!' involved! Be exciting to see some shiny people there! Thank you for your commitment and contributions!
  • @spl - After speaking with @bethalea, she was all about having some representation for Lucksacks and the Steem Poker League. Thank you for your donation and love and fervor for helping move forward with this! Looking forward to my deck of cards with that sweet ass on it!
  • @freewritehouse - This is a treat for anyone that wants to expand their creative hand. @mariannewest has committed to helping sponsor and come up with a few fun activities for people. This is a very unexpected and appreciated gesture as there were multiple communities and people asked that had far deeper pockets and more time on their hands that declined - many thanks! I look forward to a live #freewrite activity!
  • @oracle-d - Though unable to actually attend, @starkerz has agreed to help out in various other ways and be a sponsor of this event, so we thank him heavily and will be spoken of and thought of fondly throughout the process. Did you know they were a witness too? (currently #90) They help so many people, maybe stop in with your extra vote?
  • @guiltyparties - Good ol' Guilty has come forward and will be throwing some things together for us! He is also a witness (currently #59), representing multiple communities including the veterans here on the chain. Very happy to see this long-time blockchain enthusiast offer what he can to assist in our endeavor. Word has it, he is sending along a little surprise for our goodie bags!
  • @nainaztengra - She has been a long time supporter of #thealliance and we are happy to call her smiling self 'family'. Thank you sweetheart! We really appreciate your contribution!
  • @thecryptodrive - He has given a healthy donation to the cause! Thank you sir! He is a stellar witness (currently ranked #11!) Be on the lookout for DLease and the exciting things they will be bringing to the table to help out Steempeeps!
  • @josephsavage - On behalf of @steembasicincome, he is supporting us with 100 SBI bonus units (for @thealliance) and 2 bonus units for everyone that attends, and then 5% bonus units on all enrollments from our attendee list that come in the first 30 days after the event. How sweet is that! Rumor has it, they will have a representative there to fill us in on their vision moving forward with STEEM as well!
  • @brisby - Such a sweet soul on this lady! She has given some of her hard earned STEEM to help further the cause and we are ever as grateful to you as we are any donations received to make this happen for everyone! Thank you Briz!
  • @eonwarped - What a wonderful surprise to see one of @helpie's go to guys step up to the plate with his own personal wallet and donate some of his earned rewards from the blockchain! We all thank you sir, totally unexpected!
  • @dfinney - The new lovely mod over there for the @ssg-community has unexpectedly donated from her own pocket! You realize, you basically bought yourself a ticket, right? Many warm thank yous, truly.
  • @saffisara - With her golden heart, or is it silver, not sure, but it is a treasure to behold the generosity contained in this woman - thank you!
  • @blocktrades - Many thank yous for endorsing this and helping out with your massive whalepower! Their witness is (currently ranked #4) and they also have been working hard to instill the Proposal System and we thank them!
  • @thealliance - All members of the family that consistently support everyone in the fam - you are appreciated!

So Thankful

For all the people/organizations/communities that have agreed to help us out and give what they have been able to. It's going to be real fun, I promise! Even the time put in from @carrieallen (whom I hope decides to come) to the little votes and resteems from everyone out there. EVERYTHING matters in some form or fashion and will not be forgotten. So, thank you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, you, you ,you, and all of you too!


What About You???

There isn't much time left, but we would still be open to hosting a few other presentations and acts. Are you a community leader, musician, DJ or comedian? Want to represent your organization? Want to come show off your skills and be on the list of performers? Let us know! Maybe you would like to be a sponsor in some manner for the event? Let us know! Leave us a comment here or reach out to The Alliance! Please join us in 'The Castle' or simply send @enginewitty a message with your intentions! C'mon, 'hop' to it! (inserts bad easter joke) GET YOUR NAME ON THERE! You will keep seeing this post as we will try to keep it fresh. Reserve your spot and come party with us my peoples!

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"A rising tide lifts all boats!
If one of us lifts up, we can all lift up!
We simply help each other. Like family."

~ @bluefinstudios ~
"Far from a circle, we are a unit."
~ @grow-pro ~

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So excited! Thank you, @thealliance, for putting this all together! It’s going to be a blast!

We've had a lot of help and learned quite a bit along the way, glad you'll be joining us!

@thealliance best of luck with the event, maybe in a future event I can attend. Great hearing this talked about on #pypt

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Good to see ya there in The Ramble. Glad you came!

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