Castle Rules

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'Castle Rules'

As a #family, living together in the same community (informerly known as 'The Castle'), we are all subject to the same rules. These are for our members, but anyone is welcome to read and know how we operate. This used to be a set of loose guidelines, but, things have been taken advantage of and we continue to grow, so, we want to make sure people are aware of a few things. One, that you actually want to be here as a member of the family within #thealliance stronghold. Two, you understand what we're about and exactly what it is that we are effectively doing.

RULE #1 - Quality

#Quality of your posts will be checked upon your referral and the Quality Control Officers will help keep an eye on your activity. Yes. It doesn't matter if your #reputation is 75 and you have a million STEEM Power, we are all on a level playing field here. I imagine your posts would be quite good though, if you are that high up on the food chain. We want to continue to keep Steem a place of creative birth and enjoyment. We do NOT care for copied and pasted, a 5-year-old-kid-could-have-done-it material. People caught plagiarizing WILL be reprimanded.

RULE #2 - Engagement

We are a #TEAM of quality #content creators and curators - allies. We strive to do several things for each other. First and foremost, bolster each others' positive growth with our 'votes of approval' and occasionally resteeming a much enjoyed post. We will comment on the ones that tickle our minds. Commenting is highly appreciated as it lets us know what you really thought about a post. We know you can't upvote everyone's posts effectively, but knowing you are there from time to time and showing your support is vital. It's just like saying, "hey fam, we got your back." Real simple.

Rule #3 - Consistency

Not only is quality highly prized, but consistency as well. I'm not saying post a dozen times a day, do what you're comfortable with, and then make it a habit to STAY comfortable. Maybe you post once a week, or every couple days? Just, once you start swimming, remember to KEEP ON SWIMMING or you're likely to drown out there in this vast Steem ocean. We've had some pretty good quality creators fall off the grid and lose their memberships due to lack of Steem #engagement and/or getting greedy and posting crap. You want to take a crap, go find a bathroom, or an outhouse, or maybe even that quiet patch of trees. But, honestly, nobody really wants to see it ;)

RULE #4 - Family Expansion

Since we continue to grow and become a more solid unit, it is expected that new family members are welcomed by the rest of their aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers and cousins. Family is family. Families grow. Some branches die and fall away and new branches grow. This all started as a tiny seed in the pea-sized numb-skull brain of @enginewitty and now it's turning into a forest. Every one can spare a handful of votes per day, I vote tons of you and then some EVERY day with my little dolphin self, comment frequently and I see no reason anyone else shouldn't be able to do the same. This whole thing is designed to be a social network, right? Manual #curation, automatic, it doesn't matter. Family comes first, be there for each other. ENGAGE.

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*****Special Notice*****

Just because someone is accepted as a member or is a member now, does not necessarily mean they will forever remain a member. That is solely the choice of the ally to maintain the required participation level within the family. Members' content and engagement are checked periodically by the Quality Control Officers. The Pissant Peasant will also check to see the amount of support given to your family. If it is believed to be too low and an individual is lacking the desired family unity, then it is grounds for removal and MOST will be asked about your intentions. Notification will depend on the level of commitment you had shown PRIOR to getting put on the chopping block. Some may start strong and trickle off, some may not even graft themselves to the family tree at all. If you are or have been removed, feel free to re-apply at any time. All new and re-applying members are subject to the same entry process, regardless of your STEEM Power or Reputation, and will be reviewed by our Officers.

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It is imperative that you vote for #witnesses. They are the ones that basically let Steem exist. They write all your transactions, all your comments, posts, upvotes, you name it - to the #STEEM #blockchain. From #Steemit itself to @partiko, @esteem, @dtube - you name it - we 'record' it all. We have ten in #thealliance that have dedicated resources to doing just that. They are @enginewitty, @guiltyparties, @jackmiller, @ura-soul, @thekitchenfairy, @c0ff33a, @helpie and @adsactly-witness. This is not mandatory, but since you are an ally and we all support each other, we feel you should spare those few votes to #witness teams and people that have both the family and STEEM's better interests in mind. Please go vote if you have not already done so.

Support Accounts

Several of our members have decided to create support accounts for the family. @thealliance is one of them. We do this so we can spread even more love to our fabulous allies. We have many others from curation accounts to #support bots. A few of those would be @themothership, @a11y, @silvergoldbotty, @stsl, @tyedyefirepower, @killerwhale and several others. Our support structure is in place to help everyone. There are #delegation links to a few at the bottom of this post for people that would like to help a little more.

Thank You

To everyone, family or otherwise, that have taken the time to read this and learn a little about #thealliance and what we are. We are a conglomerate of many communities all striving toward a common goal. We really do care about each other and will get to know you on a personal level if you so choose to do that. Let it be known - We Care. And one last thing - REMEMBER TO BE YOU!

A rising tide lifts all boats!
If one of us lifts up, we can all lift up!
We simply help each other. Like family.

~ @bluefinstudios ~

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Sup Fam! 😎 Testing this app right quick. Have an Awesome Day Peeps.

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Hecks ya! Good to see ya embracing forward progress.

Well said Boss... I still only need one word to explain #thealliance... HEART ❤️ LOVE!
OK two words... Lol
Your vision is the heart of our family ❤️
And the people in it the heartbeat!


Thank you sweetness, you so good at loving peoples😎🤗😘

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People make it easy to love em ❤️🤗❤️
So I can't help myself... Lol

sending a little love to the fam since I've been absent for quite a while! standby for some love ✌️😎 and hopefully I'll be able to regain traction and get back to normal here!!! Miss the #family fun


Gracias hombre, glad you gettin back to normal - if that's a real thing😂

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I'll never be normal but getting close scares me! 😆


Bwahahahahhahaa! I hear ya man☻

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Heck yes. Steem only works if we support each other...


So very true sweets!

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Just delegated, and following curation trail. Happy days. I love your passion and enthusiasm @enginewitty. 😊🙏🏽☯️

Well said big boss! Castle rules are duly noted.. i just love the how the family support each other.. rest assured you will all feel my little upvote love and comment blast.. i hope.. hahahahaha.. 😄

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Giving this Post a big two thumbs up with my Dolphin Support Initiative.


Don't know what Dolphin Support Initiative ?? Check it out here


Awesome man, thank you!

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Thank you so much for mentioning us!

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You guys have given STEEM a true social presence, for that, we can only thank you a hundred times over and again.

Bookmarked... until I learn the ropes.... and thank you for having me in the family <3

Good reminder to us all. Sometimes that has to happen. Love my Alliance fam and couldn't do what i do what i do without ya'll.

thanks for the invitation @enginewitty :)

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Fasho my man, thanks for dropping in😎

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Number 3: Consistency. 😩 Thank you for being patient with me.

Nice to have rules all set out in one place for reference, thank you.

You want to take a crap, go find a bathroom, or an outhouse, or maybe even that quiet patch of trees. But, honestly, nobody really wants to see it ;)

Ha!!! True. As curious of a person as I am, I've no interest in crap. (Well, unless someone wants to do an in depth analysis of the pathogens in crap or how different types of crap are helpful to the ecosystem, then I'm all in.) But crap content? Nope.

Engagement is a necessary and understandable rule. There just isn't enough time in a day to comment to every single post made but (barring holy hell happening in our lives - which does go down) a few comments a day to the content we're reading/watching/listening to anyway isn't too much to ask for. I've had so many posts that didn't receive any feedback and can say honestly that it feels so damn good to have someone drop a quick reply to say what they think so I try to spread that feeling around.

Consistency: Have been doing at least once a week (recently) but will be working on posting more.

As with so many things, the more that we all support each other, the further everyone can go. I've not much, but I'm able to vote and to chip in a little.

Well written. I have about 4 hours into the next Lore post. I am new but am glad to see the rules and will be as supportive as possible. Thanks for the opportunity.