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Believe it or not, we've got quite the commanding presence over there in India. From our lovely @nainaztengra to the ever helpful @jatinhota and our friendly @steemflow, our fam is rooted well there. The one that has been with us longer than any of them however, is @arunava. He has been pluggin along with us for almost a year now and his dedication has never been in question.

Who Is @arunava?

He has many interests and upon visiting his blog, you're sure to take notice. Mostly, he posts about cryptocurrency and his true passion is traveling. I remember before summer started he had gone on a trip and was considerate enough to tell us he wouldn't have service.
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We Love You @arunava!

You've been with us for quite a while my man and your consistency is definitely admired. Your dedication to the family here is treasured as is our friendship. I look forward to you reaching your milestones buddy, then I can say, "I was there." :) I am honored to have you in #thealliance and on behalf of all your brothers and sisters here, let me say thank you for being you and WE LOVE YOU @arunava!

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