😍The Block Party - 2020!🗽(+ Posts You May Have Missed👀)

Setting Things In Motion

The Block Party is all about putting faces to names and spreading the good word of our cryptosphere. There have been some people setting aside funds to attend The Block Party next year. They have been sending it to @dreemsavingsfund set up by @dreemsteem to help facilitate a safe place to keep our stash. Those currently that have made a deposit are @enginewitty, @saffisara, @snook, @dreemsteem, @shadowspub, @prettynicevideo, @bluefinstudios, @jayna, @ange.nkuru, @crescendoofpeace, @bethvalverde and @mariannewest. Thank all of you for your contributions as that account will be powering down in just over a month. Which leaves a void.

The Void

There still needs to be a savings account for The Alliance. Witty and Dreemy were on the same page as they both created such things roughly about the same time. From here on out, consider @thealliancebank open for 'business'. This account will be used primarily to gather funds to be spent on The Block Party for anything from accommodations to activities to help for anyone that needs it in reference to the gathering. A post will be coming soon outlining the specifics. All of the posts made from STAX will now have a 50% beneficiary reward sent over there. I'm sure Witty will start building it and be sending some too, HA!

What Now?

A few things have to be decided upon and we are looking toward the community to assist us in these decisions. Most importantly, the when and where! When should be first as we can plan around that and taking in to consideration what others have told me they are doing, these are the possible dates that are most suitable and need to be voted on:
  • June 23rd - June 28th 2020
  • July 7th - July 12th 2020
  • July 14th - July 19th 2020

When & Where?

Once we nail down a suitable date, we will have to decide where in the world Carmen San Diego is and go looking for her. Ha! There have been suggestions for 3 different places so far - near Niagara Falls, New Orleans, and California. Any other suggestions are welcome as well, but it is most important we nail down a date first. So that is the goal in the next few weeks. Just drop a comment below as to when is best for you and we'll go with the majority. Similar posts will be out during the course to gather a good 'answer' for us!

A Quick Picture Show

I figured it would be nice to reminisce a bit! I pulled out some pictures from last year that various people had taken and am going to post them up here! So, before we get to the next section of this post, I have to ask, do you remember?
image0.jpgimage0 (1).jpg
@enginewitty & @snook (taken by @jayna)@rakkasan84, @scarletreaper, @dreemsteem & @mariannewest (taken by Marianne)
@snook, @jayna, @dreemsteem & @mariannewest (taken by Dreemy)@davedickeyyall, @bethvalverde, @scarletreaper & @rakkasan84 (taken by Witty)
@jayna, Witty & Snookie (taken by Jayna)@bethvalverde, @mariannewest, @davedickeyyall, @rakkasan84 & @scarletreaper (taken by Jayna)
Witty horsin around for Jayna@ecoinstant, @ecoinstante, Dreemy, Marianne, Rakks, Scarlet, Dave, Beth, @michaeldavid, @prettynicevideo & Witty (taken by Jayna)
Witty, Snookie, @crescendoofpeace, & Scarlet (taken by Jayna)@davedickeyyall (taken by @jayna)
Witty n Dreemy (taken by Jayna)Michael, Jayna, Dreemy, Marianne & Witty (taken by Eldon)
Dreemy, @prettynicevideo & Jayna (taken by PNV)PNV, Dave & Rakks (taken by PNV)
Dreemy & WittyMarianne & Witty
Pretty & WittyPretty from Witty
Diamonds in Dreemy's EyesDreemy & Witty

In Case You Missed It

For this next part, I want to shed some light on some great posts that fell under my two favorite tags that you may have missed! Those tags are #thealliance and #steemsilvergold. I picked three from each category that I feel are undervalued or have left me scratching my head as to why there were so few comments. None of them are more than 5 days old in the hopes that you all show some love over there on 'em (if you haven't already)!

From #thealliance

From #steemsilvergold

Let's Get This Party Started!

Go visit those posts y'all. Pay attention to @thealliancebank as a post will be out soon going over all the details moving forward with funding it receives for The Block Party. Finally, thank all of you for stopping by and giving your attention to this post! STeeM oN my peoples! - Witty

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Ah! I love seeing these pictures again. "Pretty from Witty" made me laugh, and is a pretty shot, for sho. I have no idea if I'll be able to commit to coming to the next one, but it would be such a fun time! I might be able to make a meetup in California if the kids are out of school. Maybe do New Orleans but whoo-man would it be hot there for any of those dates. Still, always a pleasure to go to NOLA. Wherever and whenever it happens, I know it'll be a great time!

That was the sunset where I just sat there and did nothing for about 2 hours but watch the sunset and smoke a few cigarettes. Was nice to unwind for real for a change. Never been to NOLA but if you have any ideas, throw em out there!

You know I'll be there :P

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Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
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I love the latest date and of course - California!! If we don't drink and/or smoke, we could meet at Dreemies camp. That would be easy for me, but I think not so much for anybody else lol
If you want to camp it, we could meet at my house and save a bunch of money :) No luxuries here 😂
And I forgot I am logged in as sand - but it is me, Marianne.