Aethia - Play and earn Ethereum!!!!

This is for real! You play the game and get ETH. It doesn't use your browser or phone for hidden mining. Want to know how to play? Do continue reading!

Credit: Aethia

The game

Aethia is like the game of Tamagotchi. An egg will hatch and a mysterious creature will come out. You will get the chance to train your Ethergotchi to make it whatever you want. From the initial information given on their site, each character has a chance to have unique properties and even take rebirth after it dies!!

Let's have some fun playing the game by creating an account on Aethia. But we will need to install a plugin on Firefox or Chrome as I will be detailing below to connect an Ethereum wallet to the game.


In order to play, the player must have either Chrome or Firefox and install MetaMask plugin.

MetaMask is an Ethereum plugin which you will use as your Ether Wallet! Download it here.

Taking Chrome as an example, once you install the plugin from the link above or here, you will see a small fox icon on near your browser's address bar like below.

You need to click on the fox icon and then you will be asked to register and it will provide you with an Ethereum wallet and a passphrase. YOU NEED TO STORE THAT PASSPHRASE OFFLINE AS IT WILL ALLOW YOU TO RECOVER YOUR ACCOUNT IF EVER YOU ARE CHANGING BROWSER OR COMPUTER. With MetaMask, you can also send and receive ETH using the browser plugin!!

Once this is done, create an account on Aethia and wait for the start of the game!!

The game release

The eggs that we will get till now will be hatched between 9th February 2018 and 19th March 2018. The pre alpha phase is already over where the pre-sale of eggs was done.

We can still get the free eggs to start the game and it works on a referral system.

Please use my referral Dear Friends

If you found my post valuable and want to join the band wagon, please use my referral link to do so. As you can see in the screenshot below, I need at least 3 referrals to get my first egg and till now I have got none.

I got the information from another Steemian @runicar by checking his post here and used his referral link so that he has the chance to get the lengendary egg :)

If you have many friends and want them to start the game then you can share your referral link also on Steemit so that you can get the change of having a legendary egg.

Advantage of joining early!

We all know how cryptokitty started and the frenzy that followed that made some kitties worth more than 100, 000 USD. If we join early in the game, we will get a chance to both have fun and earn a lot.

So don't forget to use my referral link to get started and then make your friends use your link :)

Want to try your luck? Why not play the Steemit Lotto Game on this post to change your mind: Steemit Lotto Weekly # 17 - Minimum Pot Size 55 STEEM!!!!

Are you a science fan? Why not try your knowledge with the quiz: Science Challenge # 5 - What is turbulence?

Good luck to everyone  ? 

Don't forget to check if you are a winner every Saturday and Sunday at around 19 00 (GMT)

(adatpted from 3D Lines Steemit Logo Reveal)


This brings back high school memories. Joined on your referral. Getting an epic egg would be cool..:D

That's awesome man!! Thanks :)

You can post your referral link here if ever one of your friends want to use it :)

Thanks for the support! Need 4 more referrals for my next target, but I do feel I have spammed my friends enough. Wrote a post about it where I did plug my referral link if people are really interested, but since the referral deadline is tomorrow I don't want to come across as too pushy :D...

wow you get really cool stuff! I will check that out using your referral link :D! Thanks for sharing

That's cool man!! Thanks :)

You can post your referral link here for your friends XD

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Hey this looks kinda cool I am interested, so I made an account with your referral link. :D
Hope to see an update from you.

Here is my referral link, so if you already have 3 new people might want to use mine?

Many thanks for using my referral link!!

I gave you a small give for this help :)

I already used a refferal Link to create an account :/ but I really liked your post about aethia especially the part about metamask which i needed to install anyway.

If you plan on joining aethia maybe you could use my refferal link to do so :) it would be very nice from you.

Refferal Link:

hehe I also made an account :D! here's my referral link

I will make an account with your referral link, thanks mate! :)


That's great XD

Hope you used my referral link :)

Sorry I followed someone elses referral link the other day and signed up

but never did anything with it, I must look again

That's fine!! Let's see how the game goes as I am pretty excited for the day the egg is going to hatch!

I have voted your post and I will use the refferal. I like to promote new games as it might get more exposure to the cryptocurrency markets. Plus I am a game developer myself and I know how hard it is to write and market a game!

Great to find a game developer!!!

Thanks for using my referral link. You can post yours here for your friends to use XD

I just created an account to see what this is, I don't know if i have the time to engage more in this for now. But when I will have more time, I will try it! :D

Torrow the egg should hatch if you have a minimum of 3 referrals

Wow greate article!
You just got a 41.67% upvote from @postdoctor!
Thanks for using the @postdoctor service!

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