Science Challenge # 5 - What is turbulence?

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Weekends are really good for relaxing and enjoying instead of writing heavy posts. Don't you think?

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To add on to the lazy Sunday, I have created this science challenge to soften the Saturdays also. Interested in the challenge? Why not check out if you have the knowledge to win the prize.

What is turbulence?

A - It occurs only in gases

B - It is not a natural phenomenon

C- It can occur in our blood flow

D - None of the above

How to play?

  1. UPVOTE this post
  2. Just write a comment with either A B C or D with no other words as the result is done through automation.
  3. There are no other rules!

The prize

The liquid reward of this post will be distributed among all the winners.

Next week when announcing the winners, I will also provide the explanation which option was the correct answer.

Enjoy your lazy Saturday :)

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Good luck to everyone  ? 

Don't forget to check if you are a winner every Sunday at around 19 00 (GMT)

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What is turbulence?

C- It can occur in our blood flow

upvote Done
Thanks for support

Answer is C

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