Bullies In Need Charity Dog Show

in thealliance •  2 months ago

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of helping out with one of the local dog charities that I support, ‘Bullies in Need’.

This is one of my girls that came along to help too...


Bullies in Need help to rescue all kinds of bull breeds from being PTS or abandoned, and re-home them in suitable forever homes.

They had literally just rescued 2 french bulldogs (ex breeding dogs) from the vets who had been asked to put them to sleep because they had growled at another dog.

Fortunately, the vet could not bring themselves to do it as there was absolutely nothing wrong with the poor souls medically.


The vet called the local charity and the charity came running to save these sweet babies lives.

The more likely scenario and one that is seen on a daily basis in England, is that they are not able to produce any more litters and are no longer useful to the ‘greeders’ that owned them, so they have been tossed aside as though they are nothing more than leftover trash to be disposed of.

It breaks my heart that people can treat animals this way.

But yesterday was a happy day! We got to have fun with the rescues as well as meeting some lovely pet owned dogs too.

This stunning baby is an ex breeding dog too, luckily she has found her forever home with a wonderful lady and lives her days out being pampered like a princess!

She didn't have a name when she was rescued, so she is famously known as 'The French One' <3 I just love her :)


I was so happy to be asked to be the Steward for the Judge in the show ring (basically I was trusted with a pen and a clip board to tick names off) and it was so much fun! :D

There we other breeds in the show too, not just bullies...


My husband entered one of my girls into the ‘Prettiest Pooch’ category, and she came 5th! (Not bad to say we probably shouldn’t have entered as I was in the ring with the judge, but it was all for a good cause and not a serious show).


Her brother was also there and came 1st in his category! Yey! :D


I was also fortunate enough to be able to wander around with my camera and capture some beautiful pooches! I will share some pictures with you...


I love their little expressions on their faces when they think nobody is watching... shhh!


There were lots more dogs there to see, but I couldn't fit them all onto 1 post! So sorry to those I missed out, but you were all beautiful bullies (and non-bullies) in my eyes!

Bravo to Bullies in Need (and indeed all the dog rescues around the world) that do amazing work, tirelessly raising money to help save these fur babies who ask for nothing in return but love, warmth and nourishment.

Bullies In Need is a non-profit organisation based in the UK.

Much love to you all, @beautifulbullies xx

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Oh my, they are so lovely, handsome and beautiful! Your girl is a real beauty right there!

That is a great charitable event to have and I applaud all the efforts for rescuing dogs in distress too :)


Thank you! 😁😁

OMGosh those photo's are soooooo cool and cute. as for the first part about taking dogs in ............yeah......NOT good. Scary how people can be.


Yes some people can be so heartless. Thank goodness for charities like these they are amazing at what they do. One lady there had 18 rescues being fostered in her home! 18!!! I wish my house was big enough lol 🐶🐕🐩

What a wonderful selection of dogs from the show, such a shame that people will dump their pets at the vet to be destroyed on a whim - especially when they are so obviously full of life.

Your Bulldogs are very fine specimens - I am not surprised you did so well with them. And I do like the little black pug he is super cute.

Looks like everyone had a good day in the end.

#thealliance #witness


Yes, it was a brilliant day. the charity managed to raise over £400 and there wasn't even a huge turnout due to the rain so that was a nice amount to be raised on the day. £400 will go a fair way to help with vet costs etc.
The little black pug was sooo cute! I think she was the smallest dog there!
Thank you for your comments about my babies, I do love them :) They may be slightly spoilt though... hehe
I might try and add some more of the other dogs onto the post tomorrow, but I need to resize the images and my brain hurts tonight! xD

We rescued our li'l gal seven years ago from a dog pound.
She was about two months old and is my life. When I see people who abuse and neglect animals, my heart breaks too.


It is awful when people abandon their pets I really dont know how they sleep at night! Thank goodness you found her 😍🐕

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How cute they are looking!


IKR! 🐶🐕🐩

I like dog shows. They are usually the most well-trained and well-mannered dogs out there.


Yes, the big dog shows generally are, however the rescue charity dog shows are usually just fun shows so you do get some that aren't that well socialised as they may have come from bad backgrounds where they haven't come into contact with other dogs socially before. But we have a yellow ribbon policy for dogs that need a bit of extra space :)

What a wonderful cause and all dog breeds I love: bullies, Pugs, French bulldogs, doggy heaven. :)


Yes it is a fantastic charity and I get to be surrounded by dogs all day... heaven! 😁😁

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Such greta shots of the dogs from the show :)


Thank you! 😁 I love taking photos of all the dogs. They are so cute!


Most welcome and you got some really great shots of him

They are soo cute. A man's faithful bestiend indeed!


I just love them all! 😁😁