ChainLegends the new blockchain MMORPG game exclusively on Steem

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For the past few years, Blockchain users and Blockchain enthusiasts have been acknowledging the fact that gaming is the way to open the blockchain gate to the mass. However, up until now no blockchain game was able to attract tons of new users.

Unlike other Blockchain game, ChainLegends won't use the earning argument to attract new players, in fact the game will solely based on the gameplay as a marketing way to welcome new players.

We believe that Chainlegends will be able to tackle this issue and will onboard tons of new users.


The world of ChainLegends consists of three empires and a neutral zone. The empires go by the name of respectively: the Bitcoin Empire, the Steem Empire, and the Tron Empire. You may have guess by now, but the core story is the war between the three empires. The player is visualizing himself as an adventurer in an Asian theme.

The player will have the possibility to choose between 4 classes of characters: the Sura, the Warrior, the Shaman and the Ninja.

Based on this choice there will be quests to complete in order to advance in the game. The quests are based on "Blocks" which are actually evil stones that have fallen from the sky making it dangerous for the villagers.


Different classes of characters equals different equipment. Not only Each class will have its own ability and specificity but each level of the character will also bring other surprises. Moreover men and women will have their own equipments. There are some exceptions though; shoes, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and shields can be worn by all the different classes.


Furthermore, at the start of the game you will be granted a warehouse that you’ll be able to use it to store and organize Your inventory when you character reach a certain amount of carried equipment.

By the way Will the equipments be different in the different Empires? For now no.

Special object

There are two ways to gain special objects:

  • Become a fisherman
  • Become a miner.

There is no need to choose though as any player can be both. Also, The third way would be to directly buy from other players.


Items selling

There isn’t any auction house in the game however the players will have two different ways to sell the items.

  • Exchange between two players
  • Opening a store.

The player can open a store to sell the items that he wants to get rid of. In order to do that the player has to set a character in the store which means that specific character won’t be able to quit the store until it closes. That very character is specific in the way that it should be a low level character that the player won’t necessarily care of leveling it up, it was created with the sole purpose of staying in the store (that means multi-account available). Now the store will be open only when the player is playing so you should be careful with your electricity and internet consumption though.

Couple advantage

Mariage is available on Chainlegends for two characters. That will Open the posibility to teleport one next to the other in most areas, there are some exceptions though that you will discover once the game will be released.

As you can see, Chainlegends is focusing on the gameplay. It's essentially the first real MMOPRG on any of the Blockchain out there. ChainLegends is made from the most stable source of Metin2 a well known game.


Release Date

Chainlegends will be released in 7 days. At the time, the gate will open and we invite you to test out things first and then we will answer your questions under a special FAQ "post". We don't want to spoil too much so we will leave it as that for the moment.


Great to see another new game on Steem.

We would be interested to know more about the team behind ChainLegends.

Are you existing Steemians?

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Hi Steemit Team,
You can contact us at [email protected] for any inquiries.

Thank you for the email address. Do you have a Discord server for the game?

Will you be making a post to introduce the team behind the game?

That would help build trust. And trust is all important when starting a new game on Steem.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

I guess you meant 'exciting'*.

Typo happens.
When you fix the comment,
I will remove this one.
No worries. ;)

Have a nice day! @steemitblog

It's quite amazing seeing the astonishing inventions by steemians

This is Metin2. I know this game very well because I spent years playing it before the game was bought by Webzen Games.

Can you clarify a bit?

Please read our announcement one more time.
For more clarification you will need to wait the release.


Wow thats amazing this was something I was hopeing it will happen!
I also wanted to ask if you making more mmropg games could you do one game similar like 4story?

If you do that one day you guys would be my heros and also the savior of a big mmropg Game wich is going to die slowly in the next months and years.

Wow this is exciting! 🤩

this looks very amazing

A bit more details of the classes; strengths, weaknesses, etc please?

Estaré pendiente para jugarlo, se ve muy interesante.

Already posted on STEEM Hunt!

Hope you'll do well with user on boarding and creating more buzz for the STEEM blockchain. Games can be a unique and effective way to get people's attention into web 3.0 :)

Judging by what I see, the ChainLegends Game looks awesome, hope it also has an amazing experience in Gameplay.

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