1000 DAYS OF STEEM : The Diary Game - Updates, Tips and Reminders

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We have been busy, busy, busy the last few days curating Diary Game posts.

Hundreds of posts are being looked at every day by the Steemit curation team.

We wanted to make a quick post with a few reminders, tips and updates.

Follow The Rules !

At the start of Season 2 we were impressed how well people were following the rules of The Diary Game.

But as the season has progressed we are now seeing an increasing number of posts that are failing on one rule or another.

The most common mistakes are...

Here are the rules again for reference...

We strongly urge Team Leaders and Recruiters especially to check the posts of fellow team members and recruitees to ensure they are following the rules.

So far we have been quite lenient and still awarded points and votes for posts that haven't fully followed the rules.

However to make it fairer for those people who are following the rules we are now going to become harsher and stop giving any points or votes to those people who do not follow the rules - particularly those who repeatedly do so.

Checking posts that are not meeting the rules still wastes time for our curators so we are considering a system whereby once people have not met the rules three times then they would be dropped from our curation altogether.

We will be deciding on whether to implement this during the Mid-Season Break.

Follow The Guidelines !

While the Guidelines we have posted are optional, following them will improve your chance of getting more points and higher votes.

You will need to be reading all the @steemitblog posts to catch all the tips and guidelines but most can be found in these posts...

Some of the key ways you can optimize the rewards on your Diary Game posts include...

  • Make your posts interesting - include facts and details

  • Use images well - only use the best ones, make them large and clear, include captions saying what they are and where they were taken, and don't include more than eight

  • Layout your posts well, include paragraphs and white space, intersperse images and text, make the posts easy to read

  • Make your posts exclusive to Steem - don't duplicate them on other similar blockchains

  • Post using steemit.com

Again we strongly urge Team Leaders and Recruiters to check the posts of your team members and recruitees to make sure they are following the guidelines.

Steemcurator01's Curation Policy

We do get quite anxious that so many people 'demand' a visit from @steemcurator01 even when they have already been rewarded by one of the other steemcurator accounts.

@steemcurator01 aims to "top-up" the votes of the other steemcurator accounts where we consider a post deserves more than the smaller steemcurator accounts can give.

Sometimes when @steemcurator01 arrives we may consider the post has already been rewarded well enough by the other steemcurator accounts and so may not give any additional vote.

By extension @steemcurator01 also considers the total voting reward a post has already received from all curators.

If a post has already been well enough rewarded for the quality of the post, then @steemcurator01 may not give any additional vote.

This policy allows @steemcurator01 to share out its voting power as fairly as possible across all participants in the Diary Game.

We hope everyone is enjoying being part of the biggest event that has ever taken place on Steem.

We also hope people will follow the rules, take notice of the guidelines and have patience waiting for curation.

And please do remember there will be a Mid Season Break for The Diary Game between August 26th and August 31st. Diary posts from those dates will not be voted on by @steemcurator01.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @littledisciples in Venezuela.


Greetings @steemitblog, I think it's good that they are more strict, I always try to make all my diaries interesting, original, some days I fail in the rule of time to publish, but it was because as you know in Venezuela there are power failures, I hope @steemcurator01 come to support my diaries, without more to say I will continue showing my days✌️

I think we all needed this reminder. It always helps to refresh ourselves with the rules every once a while to make sure we're doing the right thing.

I think we could also set our rewards to the 100% power up to help reward more posts for the future too.

Thank you Steemit team.

Many people share their diaries. However, many people do not read logs shared with the #thediarygame tag, do not support upvote or comment. During the day, I provide both upvote and comment support to diaries of high quality and compliance with the rules. I get good feedback and answers, I like this. It's nice to interact and happy to know you have been read. I think comments and upvote support should be reflected in the scores. @steemitblog and @steemcurator01

Hey @steemcurator01 team,
Can you please visit on my profile? Actually my first 9 posts was checked after closing of voting window and I did not get any extra vote on my 10th post. Can you please please check it once?
It might be a mistake while curating .. Please check once because I followed all the rules but still did not awarded.
Even on my 10th diary I got only 0.38$.

Actually, I'm waiting for new post

I still haven't received support from @steemcurator01 since the second season of the newspaper game started. Please I wish you could take a look ❤️

Hi, @steemitblog, @steemcurator01

I wanna introduce cryptomission project. We have developed steem dapp. Cryptomission helps people keep good habit and get rewards.

Cryptomission has some contests for steem users. For example, "Use hand sanitizer every day" contests, and "Get up at 5am in the morning"

We held contests with prizes of 100 steem for each contest. If steemit promote our project, We are really appreciated. It is our introduction posting.



@lucerovenezuela atendiendo al llamado. Saludos y gracias por la nueva información.

¡Hola Equipo de Steemit!

Muchas gracias por el constante apoyo y por le gran esfuerzo que están haciendo.

Solo le queríamos comentar que dos miembros de nuestro equipo no han recibido recientemente apoyo, @krisconkr, tiene más de 16 publicaciones vencidas (desde que empezó la temporada) sin ser visitadas por @steemcurator01 con recompensas muy pequeñas y @imagen tiene más de 7 publicaciones vencidas con pagos muy bajos también. Muchas gracias y disculpa por las molestias.


Espero pronto nos tomen en cuenta.

Arriba el equipo roraima!

Saludos amigos, no se preocupen, @steemcurator01 pasará por allí pronto, con un voto recargado en caso de que cumplan con todas las reglas, yo tambien estaba ansioso de recibir su apoyo, pero no es fácil curar a tantas publicaciones, por ello se decide al descanso de media temporada, a nuestro amigo @jadnven tampoco le habían apoyado hasta que por fin en una sola publicación le dieron un voto de 50% con la cuenta @steemcurator01, sigan trabajando duro que pronto llegará el resultado de su esfuerzo y cumplimiento.

All you have to do is disappear from steemit for 6 months and realize something is seriously wrong -- and I don't blame it on devs, or witnesses... it's simply community problems which can be easily fixed... if there was a consensus.

It's very interesting to follow all the ideas right now even though you are very busy but still take the time to make the best for them all.

By @ana07

We should follow your posts regularly and if we don't follow, we not know the new rules. I was waiting for your post for this and for a few days you did not post. I was waiting for your post everyday

Anyway I trust you. That’s why I’m continuing my daily diary game. @steemcurator01 haven't seen my diary games and not vote my post. I would be very happy if you see my diary games.

Hi @steemcurator01 he 's been posting from the first day. He just only got one visit from you.

There are many people posting the daily dairy posts. It is clear that it is not easy to pick out all posts. But I try to ensure that all my post meet the dairy rules and regulation. I am yet to be visited though but I am hopeful. You guys are doing awesome work. More power to your elbow @steemitblog | @steemcurator01.

Thanks so much, Steemit team for these reminders. As a recruiter and a team leader, I am going to ensure that my team members follow them aptly. Will continue dropping comments on their posts as I also help them correct any mistakes made in their diary posts.


Hi, @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, thanks for the rules updates. As this will help us to be more vigilant on our posts. I keep updating my Newcomers about these rules through their comment and on our WhatsApp channels. Thanks very much.

Hi @steemblog and @steemcurator01, its a nice work u guys are doing, apparently most of my posts have not been visited yet by any of the curators although i know its takes a whole lot of time before all posts of every participants of the #diarygame will be visited due to the large number of participants in this second season of the diary game. I hope that all my post will be visited during the mid-break before we enter the second phase of the season. Thanks guys for what u doing!

Hola @steemitblog gracias por tomarse el tiempo de realizar este recordatorio de reglas y aclaratoria de políticas de selección. Saludos.

Seguí las pautas desde el principio, nunca visitaron mi blog y por ende no me votaron ningún post. Es triste!

Comprendo lo difícil del trabajo, somos muchos activos por acá, el trabajo de @steemcurator01 es mucho. Disfrutemos lo que hacemos en algún momento seremos recompensados...

Gracias #equipo-steemit

Feliz tarde @steemitblog una nueva actualización para recordarnos estas pautas para el juego del diario.

Se nota la gran cantidad de participantes, puedo imaginarme el arduo trabajo para la lectura de tantos post. Nosotros apenas visitamos al equipo y algunos amigos tanto venezolanos como de otros paises.

Muy agradecida con la visita de los curadores. Veo que han tomado en cuenta a los jovenes o nuevos promocionados.

Hacen un excelente trabajo visitando a los participantes. Creo que en ese periodo de descanso podrán revisar aquellos post que estén pendientes.

de verdad tome la decisión de dejar el reto The Diary Game es bastante fustrante ver como premian a unos diarios super cortos nada interesantes escritos como para salir del plaza y yo tomarme un buen tiempo redactando tratando de hacerlo entretenido y nada de que me valoren un poco o me hagan una curación y si la hacen apenas es unos céntimos que en la divicion de porcentajes termina siendo nada
, e decidido no seguir en este reto y cumplir con los concursos de la comunidades a las cuales sigo, saludos y gracias por todo @steemitblog


Thanks for the reminder @steemitblog

Hello @steemitblog, thank you very much for making these reminders, they are very important for all people to deliver their diaries as required by the game, personally I try to do them according to the rules, I look forward to the visit of @ steemcurator01, thank you and happy evening.

Muy atenta a las actualizaciones, y siempre pendiente de las publicaciones de las integrantes de mi equipo @vikingastopfive, amigos y demás personas que leo! Siempre haciendo cumplir las reglas del juego. GRACIAS.

Glad to see the diary updates and tips. In fact, those who are new to the tips will be very useful. Currently a big problem is many newcomers have joined. Which makes it a bit difficult for #steemcurator01 to check so many IDs. But we hope the situation will return to normal.

I am really happy to be able to join this platform. In fact, thediarygame is a contest where people can learn about the lives of others. And can experience different from here. Today's tips are necessary for all of us. I have posted 18 so far but in fact I have not received any support so far. Hopefully #steemcurator01 must check unseen accounts

Hello @steemitblog diary game Post I have been following all the rules and regulations for about 30+ days. But @steemcuretor01 did not give any kind of upvote. He may have forgotten to look at my post. So please visit my post

They really put their hearts to this event and the entire steemit team has made an effort, @steemitblog will be good this time of rest so that everything is put online again and also so that @steemcurator01 can take a break because it really is they deserve it. Thank you for recalling the rules.

Thank you so much for explaining in a beautiful way.Hope everybody is posting well.Of course, @steemcurator01 will visit everyone's port.You will all follow the right instructions.Everyone be patient.

steemit team

thanks for remind us all the rules .. we are all team member trying our best to checked all the post of our Steem Bangladesh Community ..

Hope they are working properly .. and get upvote as soon as possible

I posted 22 diary posts and never get noone upvote. It is bad work your curation team becouse of they upvote posts than brake the rule but did not give a attention for people who play the game all time. I m very disapointed.

It is nice to see that you strict the rules of diary game because soo many are wrote less then 300 words and get upvoted by @steemcurator01 and me and many others wrote 600-800 words are not upvoted by @steemcurator01 but we know that @steemcurator01 will come and visit in our post and i will do post regularly. Thanks @steemitblog for give all of us a beautiful platform.

Thank you @steemitblog for the updates. I'll try as much to always follow the rules. And also wait patiently for @steemcurator01 to visit my posts.

El solo hecho que me visiten ya es suficiente. estoy muy agradecida con los curadores sea que me vote uno u otro. muchísimas gracias. he hecho varios amigos en este diario

Thank you again for reiterating the rules of the diary game and we will be patiently posting the diary game and I request ,@steemcurator01 to vote in all the posts of my diary game,Thanks

Hi @steemcurator01, It's an humble request to you if you take a look at his blog.

Hi team steemit, you are doing very well. We need to help our recruited the matter of vote. I am telling them not to worry about votes . They will get it any way.

@steemcurator01 please check my account


Creo que todo lo que ustedes hacen esta bien y es lamentable que nos tengan que estar recordando las reglas a cada instante. ya llevamos la mitad de la temporada y es increible que todavia haya personas cometiendo el mismo error. Nuestro equipo Lucero Venezuela ha tratado de seguir al pie de la letra cada regla. Se que @Steemitblog y sus curadores tienen mucho trabajo que hacer, esperemos y tengamos paciencia que en algún momento nos pueden visitar.

You had no visit to my posts in last 2 weeks. Can you please have a look or should I share links here @steemcurator01 @steemitblog

8 of my posts gone unnoticed.
I don't think I've missed any rules.

So I stopped publishing dairy games post, I even kinda stopped using steemit.

My 2 weeks posts are gone unvisited and it's really frustrating. Looks like they're are not caring for people's time. This was my last post for the diary game. Better to spend time on something productive rather than wasting on the diary game.

Excelente mi gente. Gracias! Ojalá se cumplan las reglas a cabalidad y que todos absolutamente todos tengamos la visita de @steemcurator01. Recuerden que lo que nos motiva, es que nuestros contenidos sean valorados, eso nos impulsa a seguir!

Creo que todos pensamos que hacemos un buen trabajo, pero si debemos estar atentos a las reglas, a las etiquetas y a todas las pautas que nos son dadas. Es fácil de hacer, solo es cuestión de prestar atención a los detalles y leer con lupa, si es necesario; leer y volver a leer las publicaciones de @steemblog y anotar todo aparte, en nuestro cuaderno de anotaciones.

Buen trabajo, chicos!

Thank you for all this huge effort! :)

Thank you friends!!

A break of 5 days will definitely work a lot.

We are trying to get everyone to post according to the rules. We are 90% successful in this case. Those who post from our Bangladesh. All their posts are good. But sometimes some people make mistakes.

I haven't got a single visit from @steemcurator1 in any of my dairy game posts and I published a total 8 posts.

I have been posting since August 1. First I got the vote of @steemcurator01 for 2 days. After that he did not get any more votes.

Greetings to the Steemit team, I just read this justified notification from @daanielaa.
She is a victim of cyberbullying in some of the publications, I think it is a delicate situation that deserves attention.
Although I do not know exactly how it should be treated, that is why I come to you. Thanks beforehand for your attention.
CC @daanielaa

Saludos al equipo de Steemit, @steemitblog acabo de leer esta notificación justificada de @daanielaa.
Es víctima de ciberacoso en algunas de las publicaciones, creo que es una situación delicada que merece atención.
Aunque no sé exactamente cómo se debe tratar, por eso acudo a ustedes. Gracias de antemano por su atención.

Have you got a link to a post with the details for us to look at?

Have you got a link
To a post with the details
For us to look at?

                 - steemcurator01

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hola @mariita52 gracias por tu ayuda con respecto a esta situación, está es una persona que no conozco y tampoco la sigo ya en varias oportunidades me ha hecho algunos comentarios groseros y de mal gusto.

Aquí te dejo el enlace a uno de sus comentarios @steemcurator01 y @haikubot

Aquí hay otros más que me ha hecho.


No entiendo el por qué de sus comentarios si de eso se trata el diario de compartir tus días y eso es lo que yo estoy haciendo, no creo que esté faltando a algo a menos que ustedes me lo digan pero de una forma respetable como debe ser yo lo entendería, agradecería que me ayudarán con esto y muchas gracias por el apoyo que me dan ❤️

@zhr07 baru kali ini saya tau ide steemit blog bisa mencerdas kan kita semua dan saya sangat setuju dan akan mengikuti selalu pos demi pos nya.steemitblog.

Saludos amigos del equipo de Steemit, la verdad estoy muy agradecida con todo el apoyo que nos han brindado y siempre siguiendo las actualizaciones para mejorar nuestras publicaciones y las de nuestros invitados,
Mi hijo @daniell1 mi invitado favorito a tenido una estupenda aventura y se ha mantenido animado al realizar sus actividades para el juego del diario, esta ha sido una hermosa experiencia para el ya que lo ha ayudado a no pensar tanto en la experiencia del encierro por el confinamiento, esta muy al pendiente de interactuar con sus nuevos amigos y muy feliz por el apoyo!

Gracias por todo, Bendiciones!

Sorry, but last upvote on my blog from @steemcurator01 was 14 days ago :(

Hello @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog

I think I just have to drop this. I feel the curation has been quiet as so many members of my team already gave up hope of getting curated. I tried my best to motivate them but they are having none of it.

They are new and have created a diary post of over 16 days they gave up. They even constantly check the @steemitblog and act based on the guidelines but they gave up always as they didn't get anything.

I know a lot of people also face this and the reason is due to the large turn out of the dairy game users. I for remain committed to the course even though, the shares have not been consistent, in fact over 15 diary posts remains curated but I hope the @steemitblog @steemitcurator will seek it out and also make sure the curation goes around. Thanks for being supportive.

thanks @steemitblog
Thank you for your important information.

@steemitblog thanks for the post and great support for all the work! @steemcurator01 really everyone is waiting! And he has a really huge amount of work! I wish all the users who participate in the contests - good luck!

Gracias por la recomendación así cada día podemos mejorar en nuestras publicaciones del diario, a mi me encanta tomar las fotos y hablar de nuestro día a día mi hija @miyexi me ha enseñado poco a poco como publicar y que todo me salga bien, me siento bastante agradecida por los votos que han dado.

Your post is manually rewarded by the
World of Xpilar Community Curation Trail

join the World of Xpilar Curation Trail, info can be found here

Thanks @steemitblog for your great job and huge efforts!
I always follow the rules, so I'm waiting patiently for @steemcurator01 to visit my posts.

I have written several times about diary games, but I have never been voted on by you, I dreamed of getting a votes from you ,, smile 🤗🤗

Saludos amigos de @steemitblog, De verdad es dantesco el esfuerzo y el trabajo que vienen realizando los curadores y de antemano muchas gracias por el apoyo e incentivos lo unico que queria mencionar es que en mis blogs no hay ni un voto directo de @steemcurator01 y seria de mucha ayuda, de antemano muchisimas gracias les leemos y seguimos al pendiente. Saludos

Greetings friends of @steemitblog, The effort and work that the curators have been doing is really daunting and in advance thank you very much for the support and incentives, the only thing I wanted to mention is that in my blogs there is not a direct vote for @steemcurator01 and it would be very helpful. Thank you very much in advance, we read you and we continue to watch. Regards

Hola feliz día, entendido a estar pendiente de las normas, gracias por las observaciones.

I think I have been following the rules but not one has been looked at by you guys. That is a bummer. I will do a few more but might stop. What is the point if I can't even know if the team reads them?

Buenas tardes amigos steemians! Una vez leídas nuevamente las instrucciones y recomendaciones,he de pulir más o gradualmente mis publicaciones,a las que dedico valioso tiempo en su creación.
#el diario #reglas #cumplir #venezuela #steemit

Hello friend of @steemitblog, excellent your information, I have several publications that have already been completed 7 days and I did not receive a vote from any curator, please I hope they take that into account thanks

My Diarys follow the rules but no still upvote from @steemcurator

Most of your posts didn't reach 300 words.

I post according to all the rules of @steemitblog. But it is a great pity that @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator07 did not get votes in my post. I got very good support from you at the beginning of the post.But why can't I vote now?

Thank you very much!

Thank you @steemitblog for this update. Reposting the rules and guildlines for the diary game is a great idea.

@steemitblog, @steemcurator01 i so burdened with the fact that my post have not been visited. I wonder if you are still following this curation catch up post 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 31 - The Diary Game - Curation Catch Up #3 because it should have gotten to my name by now.

I just want to know if my post is a ghost or it is visible. No hard feelings.

Finally, all this will not discourage me from making my diary game entry because it now like a personal thing for me to do, not just a game. @lovveday smiles

Country curator team checked my post after 9 days later. Useless to create 400 words content but some creators got 10$+ upvote just for 100 words content. Try to support the all participants then i hope we will get more engagement. Just suggest from my 2 years experience. Most of the time good content creator don't get support.

From my side, I have created a post on the same point which is especially the 300 word minimum rule.

I tried to create the below post for all participants to make sure their posts have 300 words before publish.

1000 DAYS OF STEEM - The Diary Game Season 2 - Tips On a minimum of 300 words!

Hello really grateful for your work, I know you are doing your best, taking into account the great amount of entries and it is unfortunate that even at this point, the rules are still not met by some of the participants.

I always try to follow the rules to the letter, and when I read some daily that I see that they do not comply cordially I make the commentary.

I am very sorry to have to tell you, that my publications have more than 16 days that are not visited by @steemcurator01 and I know that is a nuisance for you, but several have already closed and some even with a very low rating.

Really, I am very sorry to make this comment, especially because I know you are doing your best, I will keep waiting for your visit in my blog.

Thank you very much for your support and hard work.


Thanks for your update

Greeting from @sumon02
Maybe it's really my misfortune! For your information, 25 days of 1000 DAYS OF STEEM: The Diary Game is passing, I have been posting every day since the beginning but so far I have not received any vote from @steemitcurator01. I'm really disappointed!
Hopefully, I will get a solution from @steemitblog very soon. Can you please check & get back to me.

I hope you can do something good and your skills will pay off. Continue your activities. I think the idea of ​​the season of rest in the style of television series seems great, I think it is ideal to regain batteries and work better in what is to come, from me you have my full support in this decision.Stay well with Steemit.

Buenas tardes @steemitblog es excelente que trabajen duro para que todo esté en orden con todas las personas que publiquen sobre El Juego Diario, yo trato de esforzarme en mis publicaciones del Juego diario día a día que puedo subir. Hacen un buen trabajo!

Привет! Проголосуйте за мої щоденники, будь ласка!

Que pasa cuando no votan las publicaciones de el concurso? Publique dos veces y aun no reciben votos o no me comentan como lo hacían antes. Será que no cumplen los parámetros? Aunque me he guiado por las últimas reglas. Hasta ahora no he recibido nada.

Dear @steemcurator01, please visit my steemblog

Can we use SteemPeak.com? They have a word counter built into the editor. This made it easy to hit 300 word count. SteemIt.com doesn't have a word counter.

You dropped a post saying that you would disqualify people who used dapps such as Actifit and SteemPeak. When I switched to SteemIt.com I lost the ability judge the length of the post.

Thanks for the information

Excelente muy bien, agradecida con sus actualizaciones . Seguiré mejorando ..!!

I have been posting on the diary game for 21 days. No votes yet. please check

Amazing Content and amazing Information. It was Really Helpful.

steemit poses high extol.
Support us

It is important to make the post beautiful. Those who have come to this platform through me, i have taught all the methods to those whom .

Hello if I can get upvotes From steemcurator in my recent diary post that has over 300 words in it I will appreciate it thank you

its almost 17 days i am just waiting

Dear @steemcurator01, He has just 3 diary post left and also one of team member. It would be great if you pay some time to visit his profile.

Un placer @steemitblog, recientemente me incorpore al equipo de steemit, leeré todos los días estas reglas como un recordatorio para realizar mis post de la mejor manera posible.

@Steemcurator01 You haven't visited my posts yet. Please visit my posts @rasel72.

Let's make STEEMIT big again!

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