1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 25 - Catching Up and Getting Better

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We are busy, busy, busy with curation at the moment.

The Diary Game posts really are pouring in.

We are loving it!

Catching Up

We are curating dozens and dozens and dozens of great posts every day - both for The Diary Game and The Shopping Game.

Tomorrow we should be finishing the final Shopping Game posts.

We hope you all enjoyed that game.

It was a fascinating one to curate - particularly as it included Eid al-Adha.

We hope to bring the Shopping Game back again if there is sufficient interest - maybe for one week at a time - later in the year.

Once the Shopping Game posts are out of the way, all our curation attention will be focused on The Diary Game posts.

You will not necessarily get your posts curated straightaway - we have up to 7 days in the voting window.

If posts do not follow the current rules of The Diary Game we reserve the right not to vote or comment on them at all.

So now is a good opportunity to double check that your posts, and if you are in a team those of all your team members, are meeting the rules.

Getting Better

One thing we hope to see during Season 2 of The Diary Game is continual improvement.

We want to see posts getting better and better each day.

This should particularly be the case for newcomers to the game.

We hope to see team mates giving helpful tips to each other.

Especially we are looking to the Country Representatives to be leaving useful advice in comments on Diary Game posts from their country.

Those sorts of comments will definitely improve their chances of winning in the new Country Representative of the Month contest.

In a recent Diary Game post Colombia based @openmindedtravel wrote...

Its time for us to take responsibility as a community for upvoting good content, and pushing back if only via comments, against bad content - which isn't easy or comfortable. It is the only way we are going to make this platform viable.

We totally agree on this.

The Lucky 10s comment rewards contest is still in operation and we are particularly looking for good, helpful, friendly, polite comments giving people tips and advice on how to improve their posts.

Everyone, including the Country Representatives, can win those 10% upvotes for the best and most useful comments.

Remember when you are commenting on posts it is good practice to vote on them as well.

You will be earning curation rewards if you do.

If you want to know more on that read @remlaps very useful recent post on the value of curation...

Thank you,

The Steemit Team



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon and @littledisciples both in Venezuela.


Hi @steemcurator01 @steemitblog As the @italygame team that is taking care of the Italians on the platform we wanted to make a post in Italian with the rules of the DiaryGame. In this way we think we are a valid support and reference point for Italians on Steem.
I hope this is useful and is to your liking.

Thanks Steemit Team for doubling up your steps to curate the #shoppinggame finals by tomorrow. I think the Diary game posts keep coming day in and day out. The community is busy and because of that the curation of the Diary game post has been slow. Most of my Newcomers from 4 days, their posts haven't been curated. But I am not worried since the 7 days hasn't reached. I really trust @steemcurator01 for his good job doing on the curation. Yes!, We are also alongside giving tips to our team members both here and our newly created platforms such as Whatsapp chat page. We hope to see a great improvement in our Diary Game. Thanks for this updates.

Cool! Thank you very much!

Thank you so much for this update @steemitblog. I strongly agree with @openmindedtravel. It is incumbent upon us all to try our best possible in engaging fellow diarists in the comment section as well as upvoting good contents. I'm only a month old in the chain so i obviously cannot distribute enough rewards from the reward pool. But I try to engage the diaries I read. I've also set rewards to 100% power up to help give good upvotes. It seems people are forgetting the whole point of the diary game is to learn about each other, connect and create lasting healthy relationships on this ecosystem.

As for the curation of the diary game posts by @steemcurator01, I'm not really worried as I've noticed some of my posts get upvoted on the 7th day. We highly appreciate the huge upvotes.

We are all here to make this system work -it's not perfect, but The Diary Game feels like we are finally getting a voice on the community side too.

I totally agree with you.

Thanks very much @njaywan for leaving a very healthy comment here. It's really true to if we keep engaging people on the block chain that they will also feel good to be here, especially my friends Newcomers. Thanks for your follow up with this updates.

Super update! How many contestants are playing in the diary game?

5 contestants are playing in the diary game and 4 times repeatedly i posted in this community to check my team formation post but has not been checked till now . This turns out to be very demotivating sometimes @vipnata

Greetings @steemitblog I know that you have a lot of work ahead and have shown that you have also fulfilled and that is excellent, I would like you to have the opportunity to do an update of the standings of both teams and individual at least once a week I think this would help the competition so that those who leave behind are looking to improve, well it is an idea, I know it is a bit difficult since it has too much work but I present this idea only, but anyway thanks for everything They are making it quite motivating and it makes the platform fully active. We keep working.


Great work you're doing. Keep it on. However, I run a Physical Training Hub and I ensure all trainees in my hub join steem and are part of this Diary Game. I sometimes take to tutor them on the use of the Steem ecosystem, is it too late to create a team?

@steemitblog, thank you for this update. Though i have been wandering why non of my #thediarygame post has been voted, including that of my team members @steemalive. But since you said it was caused by the ongoing #theshoppinggame curation, we will exercise a little more patience.
But all the same i am really enjoying #thediarygame, it is bringing the our steemians closer to each other via the daily activities.

Personalmente, creo que #Thediarygame no estaba preparado para reiniciar, llevo 7 publicaciones de las cuales solo 2 han recibido voto, entonces me pregunto ¿realmente van a sumar los puntos si ni siquiera se leen los diarios? Obvio que esto se trata de calidad, me esfuerzo en tomar fotos, en contar mi día a día, pero ni siquiera hay suficiente gente leyendo estos trabajos y eso, eso es desmotivante.

Agradezco que estén trabajando en ello, porque no es fácil, pero si deben reclutar más gente que pueda leer, que comente las publicaciones, hay mucha gente participando y todos quieren ser valorados.

Hola @marpa estoy de acuerdo contigo en mi caso ya llevo 4 diarios que no han sido votados, el 2do, 4to, 5to y 6to, la verdad creo que las recompensas no están siendo lo más justas posibles, además de que hay a quienes le dan mayores votos y a otros que merecen lo mismo le dan menos recompensas. Como dices todos hacen el esfuerzo de tomar sus fotos y además seguir las reglas "que son varias" y no somos bien recompensados. Es mas ni han visualizados nuestros diarios. Espero que recibamos respuesta de @steemitblog porque como bien dices sino son votados como aculamos puntos como equipo?? Es como difícil.!!


Thank you!

Considering the dozens of posts that flow in everyday, I'm sure it's not gonna be an easy task curating every one of them before the seven day payout window elapses.

I'm not sure if there are any methods put in place but I'd advice to focus on the earliest posts first as some people who have gotten subsequent posts voted worry they have violated the rules in their earliest posts.
Again, we are very much aware it's not an easy task and we commend your collective efforts towards the diary games challenge.

Steem on

doppley :)

@steemcurator01 and @steemitblog Please check my post, none of my post have been upvoted in #thediarygame

I always knew that this season two of #thediarygame is gonna be an explosive one, especially with the inclusion of teams. You guys a really doing a wonderful job trying to find all posts.
Well done.

Greetings friends, I see that you have not gone through my profile, it would be so kind to do so and tell me that I am doing wrong, it would be great to know and correct it, thank you in advance!

Hey @steemcurator01 & @steemitblog

Hindi translation is ready:- 1000 दिन STEEM : दिन 25 - Catching Up and Getting Better

Rewards are also distributed in charities and post promoters

One upvote so many great things pls consider profile visit @steemcurator01 there a lot to curate

Thank you so much @steemitblog for encouraging new members to join on steemit. I love to post on thediarygame as i missed out the shopping game but i ensure you that I'll give my best to give fresh content on steemit. I'll try my best and I'll work hard to be the next representative. Thanks

Hello @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 , thanks for the post, I would like you to support me with your vote in my first publication #thadiarygame , please, this is my link. Have a nice day.


Thanks team steemit for running all these awesome contest/game. A lot of people from our country take part in the shopping game contest and that get rewards and some of them gives us treat after getting curation from you.
Day by day they are improving their diary game. We are trying our best to read their all post and leave there appropriate advice to help them. We hope and believe all of us will complete the season successfully and learn a lot from here.
Thanks for being with us.
greeting from @tarpan

Thank you so much!!!

We saw a lot of people interested in working at Shoppinggame. We got a lot of members from the shopping game who are currently participating in 'the diary game' I hope you will relaunch the shoppinggame soon.

Seems intersting, thanks for sharing information.

I agree with my teammate @openmindedtravel particularly we have seen that not all publications are voted the same way or the same way, also in my case my second diary has not been voted yet like several of our team members, then we would like to know why? Is it because they will be voted later or they were not seen? Because some of the latter have been voted on. @marpa @josevas217 @helengutier2

They probably won't be able to cope with all the work. I guess. But yeah, there are things that need to be improved. There certainly are.
In order to guarantee the permanence of those of us who are here participating.

Truly. Been a week and my posts were not visited either. 😔 they should have mentioned that vote from @steemcurator01 is not guaranteed so we’ll not expect.

Especially we are looking to the Country Representatives to be leaving useful advice in comments on Diary Game posts from their country

We will try our best! And make our work visible!
Thank you for continuous support @steemcurator01 @steemitblog

When i played #theshoppinggame i also tried to curate the tag as much as possible - typically refreshing the tag every hour would show maybe 2 or 3 new posts, sometimes more.

#thediarygame tag i can refresh every 10 minutes and there are sometimes 5- 7 + new posts!!

Sería una muy buenísima idea traer el juego de compras navideñas.

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