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Hello everyone !!!

Today is Nikini full moon poya day. How are you? I hope all you are doing well. Monday was very heavy rainyday and cold day. As well as very bored. Because , whole day i stay home.


I waked up 7.30 pm. I late to wake up because very cold day . My aunty gave me a my bed tea. It's cold too than another day bed tea. I swept my home.


I went washroom and brushed teeth. Just i was shaking. Because water was very cold. Like ice cube water. I went my room and watched my favorite cartoon movie . It is Secret life of pets. I like snowball character that is so cute. I had breakfast while watching movie 🎥 .


After o listened my favorite songs . Next i went to kitchen to prepare meals for our lunch. I had lunch while watching T.V .then after i watched movie next part . I delivered my new batch t- shirt.



Later i visited my home garden when stopped rain🌞 . I plucked flowers for worshipping to the Lord Buddha.


Next, we prepared our dinner . I helped to mother for cutting carrot ,leex. We prepared vegetarian Pasta. Yummy yummy . Its very delicious with 🍅 tomatoes souce. This is our Pasta dish with tomatoes souce


After, i watched Kandy perahera. After i slept 11.00 pm.
This is Me


Hi @dasuni.ayashmi I am very happy about you sharing your daily diary perfectly. You have caught up everything quickly❤️. Hope @steemcurator01 will visit you soon to give a good appreciation for your work as a new member.

Keep it up. Post-it daily. You will thank me later

Hi.. @randulakoralage .
Its pleasure to me. Thank you for doing everything . Again thank you soo much.

Hi @dasuni.ayashmi
Nice diary sharing. 😍 Keep it up!

Hi..thank you @anusha96❤️ .sure i'll do.

Nice day 😃, Hoping to see more .......

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