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RE: 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Four More Country Representatives

🎊Congratulations to the newly appointed Country Representatives.

@adeljose [Venezuela]
@filinpaul [Russia]
@girolamomarotta [Italy] 😃 finally!
@nazarul [Indonesia]

Please say hi to me at steemingcurators discord server so I can add you to CRs discussion channel 🤗


Thank you so much @cryptokannon😁

Thank you my dear friend 🤗😊

Thank you very much friend @cryptokannon. sent by Discord my greetings.

Hey @cryptokannon! How do you become country representative?
Can I become a Japan representative?

Hey @tomoyan I started with being a Steem Greeter back then when @steemcurator01 The Steemit Team initiated the STEEM POD Project then they integrated this Steem POD member into the roles of Country Representative based on where they residing now.

You can apply to become CR for Japan, by commenting on their latest post your intention.

We also do not generally consider people who regularly use bidbots or delegate to any sorts of vote buying services, or excessively self-vote.

But first, you have to fix your delegation to upvu and gotogether account as this is one of the factors they look to consider when they want to appoint a new CR. Else I think you are a great candidate for a CR.

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