Thailand End of the Year School Show

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Yesterday was the end of the year show at my daughter's school in Bangkok and I thought you might be interested to see some photos.


Schools in Thailand will be closed around the 10th of March, but this school seems to always have their end of the year show a bit early in order to have the students concentrate on exams after it's done, I believe.

Here is the school she is going: Siriwat Wittaya School - English program

Thailand End of the Year School Show

My daughter is in KG3 this year and will be in Grade 1 in May. She started in KG2 in Siriwat and we have immediately seen great progress in her language abilities. That's the best education that we can give her.

On a daily basis we deliver academic enrichment in a family-oriented and loving atmosphere. Our hand-picked foreign and Thai teachers bring a kind-hearted presence to their classrooms while instilling scholarship and moral integrity.


I really like this school because they have a solid curriculum, good teachers, and they spend their money for the students' benefit, not for buying themselves Mercedes Benzs or build a multitude of other schools.

The school is Muslim with Turkey owners and administrators, and students of every religion are welcome.

That said, let's show you the photos of that evening.

As you can see, this was very crowded.


Let's see more from the ground.




That's us!


Let's see my daughter (left) and a friend (right) prepared for their show.


Now this is the opening show by older students that was very good, too bad I don't have the music that goes with it.





Now let's have a look at the menu and don't laugh at the translation!


Now some photos of the food.







Time for my daughter's show, KG3.


She is the one at the left.

Here is the video:

Flowers given at the end of the show.


A couple of other shows, other classes.



Two Eurasian girls going home.


I hope that you enjoyed this post and the photos.

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Michel Gerard


Wow... It reminded me my school days. Hope you all enjoyed there. Thanks.

Thank you for commenting @lovecreativity.

Michael i really appreciate you this is a great post & most important you spend whole day with your family.Family is really valuable for us.Thanks again for sharing....

Thank you @tanveerali for your comment and I am glad you like it.

schooling structure look good. This type of activity is very necessary for building confidence in child. love it.

Thank you very much @imran-aslam for your comment and I am glad that you love it.

I actually smiled going through all the beautiful pictures. Your daughter is so so pretty and active in school activities.
I also love d food menu, hahaha but the meal you selected look sumptuous.
Now your daughter can seat and prepare for her upcoming exams, all the best to her.

Thank you very much for commenting @eunireal1 and I am glad you enjoyed my post.

I always enjoy your post @gmichelbkk always got good content.

Yeah i have always wanted to go to Thailand.

Thank you for commenting.

Your daughter is very talented! Such a wonderful family!

Thank you very much @emdesan for your kind comment.

You have a beautiful family! And wow - I wanna come and eat food in Bangkok! Looks delicious! Are you learning the language? What do they speak?

Thank you @lumbridgecity for your kind comment. I learned Thai at the University in Paris and then contibued to learn it as I arrived 25 years ago.

very family oriented father...your daughter is so much blessed to have you at her end of the activity activity...a once in a life time...long term experience of the child...😊

Thank you @fabio2614 for your kind comment.

Talented girl. Food looks delicious.

Wow, such a lovely daughter, you are really bless Sir, and the school looks very beautiful.
Please here is my entry for SWC
Thanks as you go throgh it.

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