U.S. Funding Terrorism Again, This Time in Western China

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When one super-power 'threatens' to dethrone another's long-standing position of power, you can likely count on some dirty shirt to be pulled by the latter on the former. This is what's happening with the U.S., as they sponsor more terrorism around the planet, this time in Western China.


Don't ask the mainstream media for the real scoop though, as they are just giving out scoops of bullshit. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a big deal for the Asian region, where China is building and huge global infrastructure. But they have some problems in the area. Business Insider reports this as China who is "China is oppressing more than a million Muslims."

China’s mass detention of Uighur Muslims is driven [not] only by Islamophobia but also by the centrality of their Xinjiang region to China’s Belt and Road Initiative.


Beijing has been cracking down on Uighur life in on Xinjiang. Officials say its repression is a necessary counter-terror operation, but experts say it’s actually to protect their BRI projects.


China’s government has for years blamed the Uighurs for a terror, and say they saying the group is importing Islamic extremism in Central Asia.

But there’s another reason why Beijing wants to clamp down on Uighurs in Xinjiang: The region is home to some of the most important elements of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), China’s flagship trade project.

Is that all the story? No, the Western media is twisting reality.

There have been "high-profile terrorist attacks" across China in recent years, and the Xinjiang region is a hot target. So while BI wants to paint the picture that China is only targeting the region because they want to build their BRI project, which lead to terrorist activities, the opposite is true. It's the terrorism that has brought the governments activity in the region.

Other regions are also part of the BRI project, yet, so where is the oppression of the Chinese government against Muslims, if it's only about the BRI project and "Islamophobia"?

As the US State Department-funded and directed Voice of America (VOA) said in an article titled, “Analysts: Uighur Jihadis in Syria Could Pose Threat", the problem is really the Xinjiang region, and it's been so since at least 2008, long before the BRI project:

Analysts are warning that the jihadi group Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) in northwestern Syria could pose a danger to Syria’s volatile Idlib province, where efforts continue to keep a fragile Turkey-Russia-brokered cease-fire between Syrian regime forces and the various rebel groups.

The TIP declared an Islamic emirate in Idlib in late November and has largely remained off the radar of authorities and the media thanks to its low profile. Founded in 2008 in the northwestern Chinese region of Xinjiang, the TIP has been one of the major extremist groups in Syria since the outbreak of the civil war in the country in 2011.

The TIP is primarily made up of Uighur Muslims from China, but in recent years it also has included other jihadi fighters within its ranks.

And now the West is supporting terrorism in China, while the Chinese battle them. It's not only mere disinformation campaigns like the BI article. One of the sources used by BI is Rushan Abbas, a "Uyghur activist in Virginia." What they aren't telling you is that he's "a long-time employee and contractor of the US government". Her biography has admitted that she has:

has extensive experience working with U.S. government agencies, including Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Justice, and various U.S. intelligence agencies.


She was also employed at L-3, as a consultant at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, supporting Operation Enduring Freedom during 2002- 2003 and as a news reporter at Radio Free Asia.

Ms. Abbas has also worked as a linguist and translator for several federal agencies including work for the US State Department in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and for President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush.

Fabricated human rights claims are being generated by U.S. employees to paint China as an aggressor. The US government-funded organization, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), is also involved with interfering in this regional politics in favor the terrorists.

There are subversive organization who are plotting to spread separatism in China. They receive money directly from the U.S. government. Like the World Uyghur Congress (WUC) as well.

Why? The BRI project. That's a trillion-dollar motivation. If successful, it will boost Chinas economic power. Therefore, by consequence, this will weaken the hegemonic economic power the U.S. has held for decades, but is slowly losing grasp of in recent years.

The U.S. is sending not only money, but arms, equipment and other material support to the terrorists around the world. They fund terrorists in Syria and Yemen, and many include Uyghur terrorists in the region who seek to channel aid into their religion overthrow of Western China.

The U.S. uses terrorists to destabilize governments. This is what they are doing to Syria and now China. The terrorist activities are acting as a roadblock to the BRI project, and stalling the economic growth of China on the world stage, keeping thew U.S. holding on while it can. Of course China would fight against it. The U.S. would do the same in their own backyard.

The media is playing along with the agenda, as they paint the terrorists as suffering "human rights abuses". The threat of economic expansion from China is something many in the West take seriously, and they are doing all they can in their disinformation war and literal war-efforts to prevent it.


Thank you for your time and attention. Peace.

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While a party that provides funding and materiel for terrorists is clearly a bad actor, that does not make their opponents virtuous. I have not ignored China in recent decades, and I doubt you have either. They do plenty of their own fomenting of terrorism, and may perhaps be the regime most oppressive on Earth today in sheer numbers of hapless civilians harmed.

Do not neglect the Falun Gong, as well as the Uighurs. Just like Tibet, Xinshiang was long independent of China, and it's Uighur peoples have never just acquiesced to be conquered. There have been separatists in Xinshiang as long as China has projected power there, and native revolutionaries/terrorists have acted to discourage China's occupation.

Therefore it is disingenuous to claim that the West is fabricating tales of human rights abuses against the Uighurs. You know as well as I that China doesn't ask politely for such groups to just give up and play nice. The conflict that simmers there is endemic, and that doesn't mean the enemedia is making it up. If anything they've long ignored it.

I can well believe the US is stepping up their provision of training and materiel to radicalized Muslim Uighurs, for the reasons you state, as well as to fertilize the field of terror in the Middle East, where no few Uighurs have appeared and taken hand, as you note in Idlib.

All I'm trying to say here is that dirty deeds by one party do not clean the hands of their opponents. If there are any good guys in this story, it is the hapless Uighurs, whose homeland has been annexed by China and is being turned into a turnpike for globalism. The Uighurs are fiercely independent, of similar stock to the Mongols whose imperial forays across Asia have left some parts yet with lower population today than prior to the Mongol horde's invasion.

Neither China nor the US is playing nice, and no one has to make up any stories of atrocities there against the Uighurs.



Certainly, China isn't. But the U.S. is still backing terrorisms anyways :P China is scary, blueprint for one world control grid if you ask me ;)

They might want to tread lightly with this. China is not one of the smaller nations they are used to toppling. Imagine if China decides to return the favor.


Yeah, super powers are super dicks, don't mess with them :P

Thanks for the info and clarity. The world is getting tired of the USA interference and fake news to hide the militarism globally, including proxy wars and funding the opposition. Their seems to always be divided opinion - like in Venezuela - as to whether the regime in power is good or not. Sometimes they are a bit oppressive themselves like Zimbabwe, Venezuela and China, so the oppressed choose the lesser of the two evils in their eyes by favoring the opposition backed by the USA. But with all the fake news and propaganda it's hard to tell which side is the villain. Sometimes both sides are a concern. The Chinese superpower will not make a glorious leader of the globe either, nor will the American/Zionist current leadership, so I prefer anarchy and decentralised self-sufficient sovereign entities, though that is a utopian dreamworld lol.


Yeah, not that the regime is necessarily good, but it's more about the U.S. trying to bully their way into dominance by lying and manipulation. True moral anarchy is best indeed ;)

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Thanks for the support.

USA,they only want bring democracy to all Countrys, which owns Oil. All other countrys need something else.

Posted using Partiko Android


We need more OIL! I mean, DEMOCRACY!


Your good ol' tax money hard hard at work...


Very hard at work. We need to give more money to our wonderful government!

I fell for the initial narrative hook, line and sinker. Then when the fight to publicize the plight of the Uighurs was taken up by NED (National Endowment for Democracy), it caused me to be rethink.

Another geo-political story that falls into a grey area. Stories from both sides of the argument need to be looked at as at least influenced by propaganda. This could be a completely fake story or overblown statistic.

Some of the stuff that broke the narrative quickly for me:


Hehe, it's good to see the bs ;)


This would imply some kind of 'starting' and 'stopping'.
I see no evidence of this ever happening, it's just one ongoing strategy!


Yes, well again, another case of it

LOL. Would you rather live in a world where the CCP dominates the geopolitical agenda? If supporting "terrorism" would destabilize and weaken the CCP, then more terrorism in East Turkstan ought to be celebrated.


Yes, more terrorism, wo0o0o0hho0o0o! We can never have too much of that.

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