10 Facts and 1 Lie about ME challenge. Guess and win 0.5 SBD !!!

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Thanks to @traciyork for coming up with this fun challenge.


So here are some facts about me of which 10 are true and one is an utter LIE.
I don't think anyone knows me that well here to find the lie quiet easily.So this will be more of a wild guessing for you.Even then I would love to hear some reasoning too
I might have mentioned a few facts in my posts and some in the comments.But not everyone might be aware of it.
Through this post you can also know a bit of me.So cheers.Get on with your wild guessing!!!

And I will reward the very first person who finds the lie with an amount 0.5 SBD when this post payout.That is after 7 days!!!

I know its not much great reward but still do participate😁

  1. I started blogging firstly on steemit.

  2. I suck at telephonic conversations.I try to avoid it as much as possible.I am never the one to call an old friend and ask about their whereabouts from time to time 😐

  3. I am not a foodie.But I like trying new food.

  4. I love horror movies😎

  5. I like it more when people announce their visit before coming .So that ME and my house looks a bit presentable.Lolss!!

  6. I have a problem of over thinking and worrying unneccessarily.Always!!!

  7. I have a lot of things in my mind but speak only half of it during a conversation.

  8. I eat very slowly.

  9. I totally hate it when you are with a person and they start getting busy on their phone.

  10. I love swimming and do it every weekend.

11.I have spent some part of my childhood in UAE.

Thats it.Find the lie and wait for 7 days until I come with an explanation for everything above😉

Now I am not nominating any specific persons.If you want to have some fun steemians do give a try😊

Happy steeming

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I will say #10.
You are in fact, deathly afraid of the water. :)


I love water!!But you are the winner!! I shouldn't have added that picture.Lols


Yay!! Thank you!!

I guess no 4 is a lie. From the looks of it all the other items are relatable to some extent. But I have a doubt on 4 and 10. I will go with 4. I don't
think you will watch lots of horror movies. 😊


But books can't be judged fully by its cover 😄 Thanks for the participation @bala41288

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Just a wild guess. I'm going with #8 for the lie.

I eat very slowly.


I will reveal soon😊 Thanks for participating @debralee


Now i think your right.

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Thank you for joining😊


It seems like something everone would be good at for at least one or two people, thats why I chose that one. Thanks for the contest.

Point 1: "I started blogging firstly on steemit." is surely a lie, because steemit is a community known to very less people now. Only experienced and active people in internet will come to know about steemit. So in my opinion you must have tried other platforms.


Who knows sometimes people end up in wonderful places accidently?😄
Hey fellow malayalee✋Just gave you a follow!

number 3. I know you like trying out recipes and also love food.

I'm gonna go with 10, idk why , Everything else seems just like me lol , except this one ,... Hehe I know it's a lame answer . 😋😋

Would you like to take part in my game 😋 ??https://steemit.com/games/@ashley4u/kdrama-guessing-game
I'm also a Malayalee btw 😊


Sure. Following you malayalee.😊

I think it is no 4.I love horror movies


Thanks for joining @nanu1 but the result is already out.See here 😊

Oh, I like riddles so much 👏
and I don't care that it was 5 months ago and there is already an answer written 😅
I was choosing between eating slowly and swimming. All others were written with details and emotions. Also, the first one was strictly informational. But I assumed you wouldn't give the lie so easy.
Great game!


Hehe . Those two were damn true :)