How To Get The Most Out of Your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial!

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Do you Want To Get The Most Out of Your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial?

  • Are you looking for an SEMRUSH Free Trial for 2019?

  • Do you want to learn how to make the most out of your Free SEMRUSH trial?

  • Are you looking for SEMRUSH Coupons or an SEMRUSH Promo Code for an SEMRUSH discount?

  • How would you like a Free SEMRUSH Guru Trial?

You’ll also get TWO FREE BONUSES:

  • BONUS #1 - I’m going to show you my one secret how you can start making money today using your Free SEMRUSH Trial
  • BONUS #2 - I’m going to show you how to cut the SEMRUSH Pricing in HALF!

Wait until you see these two bonuses, you’ll love them!

If any one of those above sound like you, then I have the best 7 Day SEMRUSH Free Trial for you.

About a year ago I was looking into SEMRUSH but I was thinking that the SEMRUSH Pricing of $99USD seems a bit steep.

So naturally I started searching for some sort of SEMRUSH free trial to ease the SEMRUSH cost.

There was also the search for SEMRUSH coupons, or an semrush promo code, so I could get a discount.

What I had found was an SEMRUSH 7 Day Free Trial

Now I know what you’re thinking, just what can I do with an SEMRUSH free 7 day trial?

This guide is going to help you with exactly that. By the end of this, you’ll be prepared to make the absolute most of your 7 day SEMRUSH free trial.

I’ve broken this article down into segments for easy reading, so you’ll have a nice table of contents below:

SEMrush FREE Trial Secrets - Table of Contents:

1. Get Your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial Here!
2. How To Get The Most Out of Your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial!
3. The Quick & Dirty SEMRUSH Review 2019 Packed with semrush benefits, and the best semrush reports
4. SEMRUSH Coupons, Promo Codes and Discounts! Everything you NEED to know!
5. SEMRUSH Free Trial Without Credit Card?
6. How To Cancel SEMRUSH Free Trial?


6. How you can start making money today using your Free SEMRUSH Trial
7. How to cut the SEMRUSH Pricing in HALF! Yes, half!

Get Your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial Here!


I’ll cut straight to the point for those of you who want the goods, you can click on the link below and it will take you to the best 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial.

Click here to get your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial

How To Get The Most Out of Your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial!

I’ve been a user of SEMRUSH for almost a year now and it is an absolutely AMAZING tool.

But like I mentioned before, at first I wasn’t sure about spending the $99USD/month.

So I’ll share with you, how you can get the absolute most out of your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial.

SEMRUSH Position Tracking

  • Before you get your Free SEMRUSH 7-Day Trial, you want to put aside at least 5 hours for your first day of using SEMRUSH, and at least 2 hours each day after that.

Now if you can put more time away, do it! The more the merrier I always say.

The reason I say this is because there is so much in SEMRUSH, that when you get to see it and experience it, you’ll see that the SEMRUSH pricing is actually quite cheap.

So put some time aside each day, to get in the back office of SEMRUSH and start using it.

The reason you want so much time on the first day, is because you’ll want to setup your tracking campaigns for websites. So that you can see how it works over the course of your 7 days. It wouldn’t make sense to set these up on the 5th day onward. You wouldn’t see how beneficial this is.

That’s all the Free SEMRUSH 7-Day Trial is for, is to show you just how comprehensive the platform is.

Learn SEMRUSH on YouTube

  • Another thing you want to do before you get your Free SEMRUSH 7-Day Trial, is that you want to watch YouTube videos and try and familiarize yourself with the tool.

Doing a few hours of this before getting your 7-Day semrush free trial, will save you so much time, and be sure to take notes while watching the training videos ,and don’t be afraid to ask people questions about the tool.

Don’t forget to save those videos, so when you do get your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial, you’ll be able to watch them again, while you are using the tool.

Honestly, out of everything that SEMRUSH has to offer, I probably only use about 5% of it. I’m not just saying that either, if you mastered how to use this one tool, you could be hired by some big companies just to set up their SEMRUSH account for their specific business.

You really have no idea…. Actually I have no idea because I’ve probably only seen a fraction of the tip of the iceberg.

Research Keywords Before Using SEMRUSH

  • Another thing you want to do before you get your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial, is to have a few keywords ready so that when you want to use the Keyword tool, you’ve already watched a few videos about the tool and how it works, and you have a few keywords you want to start researching.

Really get in there are research the heck out of your keywords and see how the entire tool can make keyword research fun.

There’s a reason SEMRUSH is the number one tool for SEO.

Setup Your Google Analytics & Search Console

  • Before you get your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial, Have a few websites that you can put into the tools, along with your Google Search Console and Analytics.

SEMRUSH can be your one-stop shop, instead of always having to open up Search Console, Analytics and Majestic if you have that as well.

This is such a nice feature to have and makes things so easy instead of having to open up each one for each client I have, I can simply browse everything directly through SEMRUSH.

But you need to be a user for Google Analytics and Search Console and Majestic, if you’d like to add any of those tools.

You will then want to set up these “Projects” as they are called in SEMRUSH, the very first day of your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial.

Click here to get your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial


The Quick & Dirty SEMRUSH Review 2019 Packed with semrush benefits, and the best semrush reports

Now becasue this isn’t a full on SEMRUSH review article, I’m just going to briefly give you a short 2019 SEMRUSH Review.

Like I said, I’m a full-time user of SEMRUSH, I have my Pro Account and I pay $99/month.

I have my small agency with 5 clients who I track all their progress through SEMRUSH tools like, the backlink audit tool, the site audit, position tracking and many others depending on the needs of my clients.

Not all of my clients have the same setup for SEMRUSH, because they all do something different.

Just like you, I was looking for a Free SEMRUSH 7-Day Trial, and I did exactly what I am saying to you, and made the most out of it.


I was monitoring my very first SEO client through the SEMRUSH free account.

You can actually have a FREE SEMRUSH account and setup one client.

However, you’ll be limited on the usage of that one account, but all of your position tracking and site audit and everything else for that one free SEMRUSH account will always be there.

If I could survive with 1 client, wouldn’t need to purchase SEMRUSH.

So depending on your needs, you could maybe use SEMRUSH for free.

Like I said before, there’s so much and I am still learning to use the tool, and I would love to add it to my portfolio of services to my clients.

Setup SEMRUSH Accounts For your Clients

I would want to setup their free SEMRUSH account and teach them exactly how to use it.

Then depending on their needs and usage, they might find that how they want to use it, is not enough with a free account and would want to upgrade, thus being another source of monthly income.

I use the SEMRUSH Domain Overview tool to land new clients, by showing them how poor their website is compared to their known competition who is on the first page of Google.

The SEMRUSH Metal Scrubby Method

You know when you’re doing the dishes at home, and you use a metal scrubby when you run into a tough hard to clean dish?

The SEMRUSH is my metal scrubby for those hard to get clients. The ones who are not phased by the domain overview.

I’ll then add them as a project,and do a site audit to show them just how poor their website score is.

When you have ERRORS and WARNINGS showing up, they have no choice but to talk to you further.


Click here to get your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial

Building backlinks with SEMRUSH is amazing!

On one of my clients, I have over 700 potential backlink opportunities. The best part is, they are almost all relevant websites as well.

You can have a good website link to you, but if it’s not relevant, it won’t count for much.

You can also filter through the Link Prospects by keywords that include things like BLOG, FORUM, NEWS and others.

This makes building backlinks such a breeze and will give you and your clients big results much faster than trying to find relevant link opportunities on your own.

SEMRUSH is Your One-Stop Shop

As I mentioned before, I like that I have one back office and it’s SEMRUSH.

I wish there was a way to incorporate Google Maps/Mybusiness into it, because then I’d really have a one stop shop, for checking on my clients websites.

SEMRUSH will also send you emails either daily, weekly or even monthly.

Also, emails when something drastic has happened.

I had a clients web developer change something one time, and the score dropped by 25% down to 65%. SEMRUSH sent me an email notifying me of the drop.

I could really talk so much about how great SEMRUSH is, but I’ll save it for another 3,000 word article.

Click here to get your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial


SEMRUSH Coupons, Promo Codes and Discounts. Everything you NEED to know!

Now if you’re like me, you probably went to Google and searched for things like, semrush coupons or maybe you searched for, semrush promo code. Or perhaps you were looking for semrush discount.

If you haven’t I’ll save you the trouble.

There are no SEMRUSH Coupons, Promo Codes or Discounts….

Oh wait!

If you buy a full year in advanced, I think you’ll get two months free.
Please don’t quote me on that, because I’ve never been interested in it, up until recently so I don’t know the full details of the one year SEMRUSH Pricing Costs.

There are no SEMRUSH black friday deals, or anything like that.

Because let’s face it. If you are looking for a coupon promo code or discount, that simply tells me you don’t know how valuable SEMRUSH truly is.

Because if you did, you’d be happy to hand over your hard earned money for the amazing benefits SEMRUSH brings.


Click here to get your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial

SEMRUSH Free Trial Without Credit Card?

By default, when you sign up for your SEMRUSH Free Trial, you’ll need to put in a credit card.

There’s no way around this fact. If you don’t have one, you can buy a credit card gift card from Visa or Mastercard and put that card number in.

This way if they want to take money from the card, the card is only reloadable.

It’s really not a problem, so don’t worry about an SEMRUSH trial no credit card.

If you just can’t or don’t want to, then, unfortunately, there’s nothing for you.

Adding the credit card stops many hackers and people who take advantage of the system.

Take Amazon, for example, you need a physical address in the country you want to have your Amazon prime account for watching movies. You can’t just use a VPN.

This step Amazon takes, stops many people from abusing the system.

Click here to get your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial

How To Cancel SEMRUSH Free Trial?

One thing, that annoys me a little is that in order to cancel my account if I wanted to of course, is that I have to contact SEMRUSH customer service.

I’m not a fan of companies giving you full control over that.

But in saying that, if you wanted to know how to cancel SEMRUSH trial, it’s just a matter of sending in an email, and you’ll get a quick response within 24-48 hours of confirmation of cancel.

There’s no questions, or hard sales from SEMRUSH, so don’t worry about that.

So it’s very easy if one day you thinking of how do i cancel the semrush 7 day trial?

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for


How you can start making money today using your Free SEMRUSH Trial

"How To Get The Exact Same Customers Who Are Currently Going To Your Competitors Funnels... To Start Coming To YOUR Funnel Instead!"

Now this next one is not my secret but I’m sure you’ll love it though.

In the video below starting at 1:00:04, in the example, Russell Brunson shows an amazing traffic hack to steal your competitors customers.

Except he uses a tool called Similar Web.

I only used the free version of Similar Web, and it didn’t work the same as Russell Brunson showed in his traffic hacking example.

However, during your 7-Day SEMRUSH free trial, you have the exact same ability as Russell brunson shows.

You can search for ads by your competitors and see what’s already working.

Your competitors have done the work for you and you get to profit over it!

How amazing is that?!

If you implement this strategy using your 7-Day SEMRUSH free trial, you could make money today!

Click here to get your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial

…. Now for secret Number 2!

How to cut the SEMRUSH Pricing in HALF! Yes, half!

Here’s your secret 50% off SEMRUSH Coupon Discount Promo Code!

If you’ve read this far, congratulations! This is your lucky day!

Let’s say you are looking to use SEMRUSH for yourself, or if you do have other websites or a few clients, but you won’t need much work done on them, this can work for you GUARANTEED!

Here’s how it works…

In the beginning of my SEO agency, I had only three clients. I was mainly using SEMRUSH to see what issues I had to fix on the websites. But when I was finished with the website improving, I wasn’t using SEMRUSH as often.

What I noticed is that I didn’t have to really have SEMRUSH every single month, so I emailed and said to stop my next payment.

SEMRUSH emailed me back with confirmation and also let me know that my other projects (beyond my one allowed on a free semrush account) will be deleted after 30 days.

So what this means is, you can pay for SEMRUSH cost every second month, cutting your SEMRUSH pricing in half!

They have no problems with you doing this whatsoever, because if you don’t need it, you don’t need it and it’s okay to stop payment every second month. You just have to email SEMRUSH to have this done.

Keep in mind this only works for people who don’t use the SEMRUSH account too often.

But it’s a perfect way for anyone just getting started.

SEMRUSH Discount Promo Coupon Code

So if you are looking at the SEMRUSH pricing and thinking it’s way too much, now you have a way to get a 50% SEMRUSH discount all year round.

Then, once you’ve built up your business or whatever you are doing, and you find yourself needing the full set of SEMRUSH tools all the time, you are now making money to not have to worry about the cost.

If this alone, doesn't wet your whistle, then I’m sorry but you are hopeless and should not get SEMRUSH, not even at a 50% off SEMRUSH Discount.

During my months where I was not paying, I was still able to go into my account and see my position tracking, the site audits of all my clients and search console numbers as well, plus my backlink prospects too!

I just couldn’t do the display advertising secret that I showed you before with Russell Brunson video.

Plus, I couldn’t do too many domain overviews in a given day.

So my usage was limited but it was enough to keep an eye on my projects during the month.

Then the next month I would put in my PayPal details once again and pay for another month.

Click here to get your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial

SEMRUSH 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial - Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this article about How To Get The Most Out of Your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial.

I remember when I was looking into SEMRUSH, I knew if I was going to get a 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial, that I would make the best of that.

Without that 7-Day Free Trial, my local SEO agency business would not be where it is today and growing.

Now I’m actually looking into the SEMRUSH Guru account so that I can add more clients.

Hopefully, this post helped you, it took forever to write it for you.

Anyone who purchases SEMRUSH through my affiliate links, let me thank you beforehand and tell you it is much appreciated and I'm glad you enjoyed the article.

Let me know what you think in the comments below or upvote the article as well.

Thanks again for reading my How To Get The Most Out of Your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial! article, and I hope that it helped you!


Click here to get your 7-Day SEMRUSH Free Trial


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That's so cool! Thank you so much. I hope people get as much out of their Free SEMrush 7-day trial as I do out of the entire SEO Tool.

I use the SEO tool for everything from finding easy keywords to rank for, getting local SEO clients, and so much more.

I love SEMrush and can't wait to get the Guru account as my business grows.

Thank you so much for sharing this. We are offering very limited offer for SEMRush. Begin SEMRush Free Trial 30 days today

To listen to the audio version of this article click on the play image.

Brought to you by @tts. If you find it useful please consider upvoting this reply.

That's super cool! Thank you for adding that to my SEMRUSH Free Trial article.

I prefer Ahrefs over SEMrush, ahrefs will give clear data analytics and SERP results than SEMrush. Personally I recommend Ahrefs.

Hey thanks for your reply. I actually use 3 tools, Ahrefs, SEMrush, and also Majestic.

SEMrush was my very first SEO tool to use, and I've started to use the others, especially to get my SEO clients.

It's nice to show them the data from all three tools, because they are usually all different.

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