WOOHOO!! Elon Musk on Joe Rogan Experience!!! - 3 hours in 10 minutes summary

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First of all, you won't even believe how excited I was when I found out about this today morning. Several years ago, I've known literally everything about the guy. Read his biography, book about SpaceX, book about Tesla, bought extensive long blogposts from WaitButWhy about him and AI in general.

According to my sis @zzuzza - in the last couple of years, my existence changed to more primitive form.. I've became more concerned about punching people to the face and thousands of ways how to break their limbs or choke them unconscious (BJJ). That brought me to Joe Rogan and his podcast.

And now, things went full circle and Joe hosted a podcast with....Elon himself!! Goood almighty I'm so excited :D

Now, when I got the excitement out of myself, I'll try to calm down a bit and write a post :) The non-excited title would be:

[Podcast bits #6] Joe Rogan Experience - Elon Musk

Podcasts - a double edged sword. Several years ago, when I've discovered them, I was blow away. New information daily, during shopping or commuting. Isn't that awesome? I don't have to read all those loong articles anymore and can spare some time like this. Well, over years, so many cool podcast emerged, my lack of time problem is back. It's hard to listen to them all...If you have the same problem, I'm here for you :)

In these series of posts, I'll be summing up the latest interesting podcasts I've listened to, so you can save up some time for another ones.

Joe Rogan Experience - Elon Musk

Ok, here would be some brief introduction of the guest. But here, it doesn't even make sense + I've already had my rant in the beginning of the post :D Let's get right into it:

Here are the points I've found interesting:

  • His company The Boring Company sold all 20 000 flamethrowers in first 4 days. He publicly said - don't buy them, they are dangerous.
  • They also labeled the flamethrower not a flamethrower, to bypass some regulations. They are using a body of some standard rifle, so it technically isn't a flamethrower
  • They are currently digging tunnels under LA to ease the traffic in the city - the reason why LA is simple, it's because Elon lives there and he wants to use it when it's done. If it wasn't for this, they'd do it somewhere else as LA soil is really hard to dig :D
  • Roads don't make sense - they are 2D transportation system in 3D world. Buildings have tens of floors on to of each other. But all these people have to use the same 1floor road. It's inefficient.
  • Neuralink (another of his companies) is ready to do some announcement within upcoming months which according to Elon will be by magnitude higher than what people expect or than what people think is possible.
  • "If you can't beat it, join it" - he thinks it the right mindset according to AI. He believes the ideal way is to merge with AI while we maintain our cortex and lymbic system, as he never got a reply that someone would be willing to get rid of it. The AI "extension" would be a solution for the bandwith problem of our brains.
  • Notion of "when" or "where" is flawed when it comes to simulations. He believes the most probable scenario is that there are many simulations running outside of our world/our simulation.
  • Most of Tesla users are not even aware of what the cars can do - e.g they can dance to the music. They've implemented it because "it sounds like fun."
  • After video came out, where a guy has fallen asleep behind Tesla's steering wheel, they implemented an update to it, where you have to regularly touch the steering wheel to show you're awake. Otherwise, Teslas will gradually slow down and stop and wake you up :D

OMG, there's soo much stuff already and I'm just half into the podcast. I have to cut it here and write this one, otherwise I'll forget all the stuff+ Noone will read such crazy long post anyway,
so I just cut it into two and hopefully you people get more out of it as well

My current podcasts

On my current to-listen list are these podcasts. If you find here some overlap, you might want to keep an eye on these series :)

Thanks for reading!

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#cesky version

Uplne nazaciatok..neverili by ste, ako som sa dnes rano radoval, ked som zistil, ze Elon bol u Joa Rogana. Par rokov dozadu som vedel o Elonovi doslova vsetko. Precital som jeho biografiu, knihu o SpaceX, knihu o Tesle, kupil som si dlhokanske pdfka so vsetkymi blogmi z WaitButWhy o nom a AI vseobecne.

No podla segry (@zzuzza) - hodnota mojej existencie v poslednych par rokoch padla na nizsiu, primitivnu uroven .. Zacal som sa viac zaujimat o tom ako ludi spravne udriet do tvare a ucit o tisicoch sposobov ako im zlamat koncatiny alebo ich uskrtit do bezvedomia a este dalej :D Toto ma prinieslo k podcastom Joa Rogana

No a teraz sa kruh uzavrel a vsemocny Elon stravil skoro tri hodiny u Joa v studiu :D

Ok, ked som teraz zo seba dostal vsetko to vzrusenie, trosku sa ukludnim a zacnem pisat. Normalny nadpis v kludnom stadiu by bol:

[Podcast bits #6] Joe Rogan Experience - Elon Musk

Ked som pred par rokmi objavil podcasty, bol som brutalne nadseny - nove informacie priamo do telefonu, hocikde. Pocas nakupovania, sedenia v buse alebo na bajku po ceste do skoly. No po par rokoch som si uvedomil, ze problem s nedostatkom casu sa mi znova vratil, kedze je tych zaujimavych podcastov fakt hrozne vela. A tak som sa rozhodol, ze ak narazim na nieco zaujimave, budem z toho pisat "vycuc". Namiesto dvoch hodin pocuvania Vam tak staci 5 minut citania a aky taky prehlad mate.

Joe Rogan Experience - Elon Musk

Tu by som napisal rychle predstavenie hosta, no teraz to fakt nema zmysel - o to skor, ked som o nom uz na zaciatku postu basnil. Tak pome rovno na to:

Body, vety, fakty, ktore ma zaujali

  • Jedna z jeho firiem The Boring Company predala vsetkych 20 000 plamenometov za prve styri dni. Vpodstate ich vyrobili len pre jeho srandu. Aj verejne povedal, aby ich ludia nekupovali, lebo su nebezpecne.
  • Aby obisli regulacie, na obale toho plamenometu je napisane: nie je to plamenomet. Pouzivaju telo nejakej beznej zbrane, cize na papieroch to technicky naozaj plamenomet nie je.
  • Momentalne po Los Angeles kopu tunely, aby odlahcili nekonecne zapchy v meste - dovod preco sa to deje v LA je jednoduchy - lebo tam zije Elon a chce to v buducnosti vyuzivat. Nebyt tohto faktu, tento experiment by sa urcite dial inde, kedze poda v LA je velmi tvrda a vrtanie je neefektivne.
  • Cesty nedavaju zmysel - je to 2D system transportu v 3D svete. Budovy maju desiatky poschodi plnych ludi a vsetci tito ludia pouzivaju cestu, ktora ma jedno poschodie.
  • Neuralink (dalsia jeho firma) planuje v najblizsich mesiacoch spravit velky announcemt niecoho radovo vacsieho ako si momentalne ludia vedia predstavit/veria, ze je vobec mozne.
  • "Ak to nemozes porazit, pripoj sa k tomu" - toto je podla Elona spravny pristup ludi voci AI. Mysli si, ze najlepsie riesenie pre nas je proste sa s AI spojit, no zachovat si nas cortex a lymbicky system. Vraj, lebo sa este nikdy nestretol s nikym,kto mu povedal, ze by bol ochotny sa toho vzdat. AI rozsirenie nam proste bude sluzit na vyriesenie bandwith problemu nasich mozgov.
  • Ponimanie miesta a casu je skreslene - hlavne pokial sa jedna o simulacie. Veri, ze najpravdepodobnejsia teoria, kde to vlastne zijeme, je jedna z velkeho poctu simulacii. Nejakych.
  • Vacsina z uzivatelov Tesiel ani nepoznaju kolko funkcii to auto ma - napr. vedia tancovat na hudbu. Tuto funkciu implementovali "lebo to znelo ako sranda."
  • Po tom, co sa na YT objavilo video, ako clovek uplne tvrdo zaspal za volantom Tesly, museli doimplementovat check, kedy clovek pravidelne musi chytit volant. Pokial sa tak nestane, Tesly zacnu po spomalovat az nakoniec uplne zastanu a zobudia "sofera".

OMG, este som pocul len prvu z troch hodin a uz je toho tolkoooo, ze to proste stopnem a rozdelim na dve casti. Kym bysom to dopocuval, tak vsetko toto zabudnem + aj tak nikto nebude citat tak ultra dlhy clanok cely. Takto z toho budete mat viac aj vy, kedze precitate 2x tolko.

Diks za precitanie a 2. cast coskoro!

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I watched most of it live last night. I’m not impressed with musk, he seems like a depressed narcissist who cannot get away from his employer, the deep state


He indeed really acts totally weird here...maybe he just finds Joe not intelligent enough to turn on at least second gear :D


I think Rogan might actually be more intelligent. For sure he is a much better communicator than Elon. I’ve watched a lot of elon over the years & he seems fake to me. The long pauses of thought when he speaks + his weak body language suggest a lot of lies coming from his mouth.

Rogan has turned into a softball question asking shill. He brought up Elon’s twittering but nothing about the Thai cave diver he has accused of being a pedophile several times. He warned him about his Twitter use though which Elon seemed to take poorly 🤔

The entire conversation can be seen as one shill trying to steer another towards the company agenda.

& to see the stock price crash today & more mass executive exits, was a little surprising but not really. The more people are exposed to the real Elon human the more the carefully crafted genius savior image will disappear.


oh wow, interesting....well, it's your opinion, I'm a big Elon fan, despite all controversies etc...we'll never know if he's fake or not while speaking publicly..actually, while publicly speaking, we are all fake. We all use different sentence structures than normally, just to look good. So maybe that's the way he tried to look smart - pauses etc...But his achievements and what the companies are doing simply is not a fake. Those are results we can all see and were mostly unthinkable 10 years ago. I give him props for it as I'm a techie and don't really care about his personal controversies.

Thx for offering your opinion tho, Imma google that pedophile thingie now...

Oh and btw, it might be true that Joe is smarter than Elon here, as I'm sure he'd taken tripple ammount of Shroom Tech Onnit pills before this :DD


I agree, we are all managing our own images all the time, hard to say exactly what is real & fake.

& most definitely I have a lot of opinions & consider very little of them to be actual fact. Our individual window to reality is to small to be certain about anything.

For instance, I think there is a high probability that Elon’s business success has been due to a lot of government organization & funding behind the books.

There is also a probability that he is a super genius & does everything marketed & more, but I think that probability is much lower based on his companies accounting & access to highly restrictive places. I.e. internet payment systems (gov(mafia)) doesn’t let outsiders handle money. & then permitted tunnels under LA & Wa DC, not to mention “space” access via spacex. These are special privileges, makes me very skeptical.

Will be interesting to see if he can hang on & ride out the storm either way. I’ve been meaning to research his pedo allegations a little further as well. No shortage of that anywhere & Thailand has been a pedo center for a long time.