[Dev stream #1] Wondered what it's like to be a programmer?...join me in the office! [ Audio, keyboard + screen]

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It's 7am and I'm alone in the office. Came here to do the stream and do some talking as well. We have an open-space so I'd be bothering the others later :D

It's Tuesday and we have a sprint meeting today (new tasks are given). I've already finished all of mine for this sprint, so I'm going to do just some peer tests of completed tasks till I get new ones...Let's see if I'll need to write some testing scripts :)


Cavte! Je 7 rano a sedim sam v office. Dovalil som sa sem skor s tym, ze spravim moj first-ever stream :D Mame open-space, cize pokial chcem rozpravat, tak by som neskor ludi rusil :)

Je utorok a dnes sa rozdavaju nove tasky. Moje uz mam hotove a v takom pripade clovek vzdy ide testovat veci, ktore robili ostatni. Uvidim, ci bude treba aj nejaky kod pisat, alebo to bude len klikacka :) Budem rozpravat anglicky, no napadlo ma, ze Vas to mozno zaujme tak ci tak. Nabuduce dam nejake pure programovanie :)


My live stream is at DLive

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Worked just fine!

I would have watched live and told you so but I think 7am your time might be sleepy time for me.

Coders and their brains are beyond me. Good work nephew!