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Hi guys. I would like to announce a new feature on - again.
The platform got more users than I expected in just a few weeks and thus I decided to keep adding cool features and grow further.

If you visit your dashboard today, you'll see that new area in the lower right of your screen, which says "Send your upvote credits". With this field you can send your credits to other users on


This feature is the first step towards a full-scale trading platform where users can buy and sell upvotes credits. But it also has some cool advantages right now! For example one could have multiple "farming accounts" which only earn credits and then spend them with their main account. Or you can trade you credits via private channels, etc, etc...

I really hope you like this new feature :)


There are some features you still need to add like the ones answering the following questions:

  • How do I know how many referrals I have?

  • How do I know how many upvotes I have done?

  • You mentioned in your recent post how many members have joined steemvotes how do we know or see the numbers?

The site is great based on what you're projecting it to be and some of us will like these type of open information to help in promoting it. Thanks.

Hi @steemturbo,
thank you for your honest feedback. I really appreciate that. I think you got some important points there and I will try to implement these features as soon as possible. I think by the end of this or next week there will be a small stats section on the website, where you can view global platform statisctics like user count, total voting power etc. The other points (especially regarding the referal program) will most likely loke a bit longer to implement, as it needs some major changes in the platform backend. Nevertheless I know these information are very important to every user and I'll try my best to implement it as soon as possible.
And again, thanks for your feedback :)

Very good project, I want you to know that I mentioned this project in a publication.

I want to know about the automated system and why my credits do not increase?

Hi @fucho80, great article - this is the kind of promotion we need to grow!
There are times no one is spending credits, so on the other side through these times no one can earn credits. If there is no content to upvote, of course, you will not earn credits in this time.
That's why it's so important to grow the community - more users means more content means more credits for everyone :)

Very good and I am cool with it. Used my credits to gain alot of upvotes already.

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credits can be towed directly as steem?

This will be our next big goal. We will accomplish this by setting up a market place where buyers and sellers can trader their Upvote Credits for Steem.
The feature announced today only allows you to send your upvote credits to other users.

Why does it not use steemconnect for authentication?

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This question was previously discussed in the main thread. You can find all necessary information there (mainly in the comments section)

Yeah nice, this is the best idea yet, you should set something up so I can exchange votes at the vending machine, or ATM machine! Imagine if you could pull up to the atm and upvote it for some cash! Lol

I registered for the and turn on the voting, what happens now? Who exactly gets my votes? Do people buy them?

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Your upvotes will go to other users on the platform who previously upvoted other peoples content. In the end it's a 1:1 exchange.
For every upvote you make, you will get credits which are worth exctly as much as your upvote. You can then use these credits to get upvotes from other people on your own content.
You can find more information about how it works in the announcement post:

Hi I put 50 votes on my current post but they are not showing up what do I look for?

Hi. Please note that 1 credit is not equivalent to 1 upvote. The formula is as follows:
1 Credit euqals one 100% Upvote from a person with 10 Steem Power and 100% Voting Power.
So 50 credits equals a 100% upvote from a person with 500 SP and 100% Voting Power. Your specific post got upvoted by fuentesjo3006, apostle-thomas, alalahamed, cgbartow and sipahikara. All their votes together were worth excactly 51,273 Upvote Credits at the time of their voting.
I know it can be a bit difficult to understand this system and I will add more statistic & monitoring features in the next weeks, which hopefully creates a better user experience :)

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