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Not very long ago I got in touch with steemit and the underlying blockchain technology. Since the end of 2018 I’ve recognized the full potential of the whole ecosystem and decided to build something big. Of course I had (and still have) to learn a lot about the inner mechanisms of steem and the whole api, before I can start a 'real' project.

That’s why I decided to start this small kickoff project to get deeper into this awesome technology and learn the basics, before developing the other project I got in my mind.
And now here we are.


steemvotesis a platform where steem users can earn credits for upvoting other people’s content. Especially this is meant for people who temporarily haven’t got the time to always use their full voting power (for example if you’re in vacation, are writing your exams, or what ever). Then you can login to steemvotes, enable auto-liking and earn credits for your every upvote. These credits are calculated based on the steempower you own and your current voting power. You can spend your credits later to get upvotes on your own content.


It just takes three simple steps to use steemvotes

  1. Log-in using your steem account name & your private posting key
  2. Go to your dashboard and enable auto liking
  3. Spend your credits on any post you want

If you like steemvotes and/or are interested in my future work for the community, upvote this post and follow me. If you don't, don't😄

We're now offering a referral program. Earn credits by referring us to other people.
50 credits per new user

More information on your steemvotes dashboard.


How this service is different from @UpvoteBank? Why this one is better?

To be honest I didn't knew about Upvotebank. But it seems like their system operates as a bot only, while is a website with an user dashboard. The rest seems pretty much the same :D
Edit: Now we're offering a full-scale upvote marketplace, where you can buy / sell your upvotes for Steem, which is way more than upvotebank offers.

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This sounds interesting I will have a quick look on the site thanks mate!

Great! Thank you :)

Hello, saw your invitation to
I signed up but there are NO INSTRUCTIONS?

  • Do you put @ before the usersname?
  • credits to withdraw? wtf does that mean?

Very frustrating ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? i wish i never saw your comment in my wallet!

I will wait for response before I DOWN VOTE

Hi, I'm very sorry for your inconvenience. To your questions:

  1. You can put an @ infront of the name or not, it should work both ways
  2. As steem weights upvotes not only by quantity, but also by how much steempower a user has. The credits in your account are also measured based on how much steem power you have. The exact formula can be found in your dashboard directly under the Credits label. In order to keep things fair, a user with more steem power earns more credits on - these credits can be used to get upvotes on your own posts and will always have the exact same value as all upvotes you did before.

I hope this could clear things up a bit.


Sorry, I must be a little slow. Still Not Clear?

I am at


  • POST AUTHOR box?
  • POST Credits to Withdraw?


Your credits will be withdrawn in form of upvotes.
So you have let's say 500 credits and want to promote this "" post with the full amount of your credits.

You have to put the following in the fields:

Post author: georgontech
Credits to withdraw: 500

Then click submit.
After a few minutes you'll get upvotes on the submitted post worth equally to 500 credits.

Thanks that's very helpful. I'm Digging it!

Is there a time frame to CLAIM and/or to USE?

So, with each post I make DO I need to post it to ?

You're welcome.
There is no specified timeframe to use your credits. You decide yourself when and on what posts you want to spend them. The credits remain yours until you spend them.
If you want upvotes from on your post you do need to submit it via your dashboard, if you don't want upvotes from on your post you obviously don't have to submit it.
Hope this could clear things up for you :)

Thanks Again, Clears up everything.
Can you please verify that I am properly signed up?

So one can get less interaction and still drain the rewards pool. Somehow I don't like the idea of having a bot do the curation for you. This just kills the social element in the platform and is fucking up the whole idea of curation and rewarding quality posts, thus lowering even further the value of Steem.

Yeah, you're kind of right about that. But you have to admit that, like everywhere, it depends on how you use it.
Many new users on steemit provide excellent content, but just don't get bigger. For these people my platform can really help to get a boost in the beginning. And instead of spending on theese curation bots (which actually do the same, but taking money for it), they can use this platform for free.

Is Steem a market for votes or a social platform? That's all I'm asking. The rewards distribution is broken, because people are gaming the rewards. This is the reason why the best authors will never make it on Steem, they need to pay for attention. Bots care only about profits.

This is the loopwhole of the design of Steemit which has not consider the human nature at the very beginning.

Looking at the way @ned and his buddies are taking away money from the plafom, I think they considered human nature reall good. We gave Steemit too much trust, that they neve deserved. Go and buy votes, but when you spend all your Steem on bots and have zero interaction with real people, ask yourself is Steem a social media or a market for votes?

you are right. Not much interaction here.

Its an interesting project. Just have few queries. What makes your project sustainable? How you as the developer will earn from it?

Mainly this project was done just for educating myself - and it's really not that expensive to maintain (about 5€ a month for server costs + domain).
So at the moment I'm not earning from this site, but if the project succeeds and has more users, there are many possibilities to earn money from (like ads, coinhive, selling the credits for money, etc, etc), but as mentioned above that is not my main intention :)

Thanks for answering my query. I just noticed you have added referral program but your post didn't describe how it's done. Maybe you should make an instruction about the process so we could understand and probably help promoting the project or refer to other users. Thanks

I'm going to add a FAQ and a few more how-to's to the website in the next days. But here is a short summary about the referral program:

-Invite new users by giving them "Your personal referral link"
-You get this link by clicking on the button in your dashboard
-When a users visits steemvotes through your link, he gets "marked" for 24h
-If the invited user registers within these 24h, you (the referrer) will receive 50 credits
-You can invite as many perople as you want, there's no limit
-You will only receive credits for NEW users

Hi, is it safe to fill in my private key into the site? I just wonder whether it is a scam.

The site is designed to only work with your private posting key, so even if I'm a scammer your funds would be safe as this key only allows posting and upvoting stuff.
In the end you have to decide if this is worth the risk.

Thank you, for giving it a try :)

I wish you the best of luck with this project and also with your other projects. Makes a big difference.

Nice job... Well I will join . thanks

Thanks, I appreciate it. The more people join, the better it works :)

thats the same for any revolution!

I can't withdraw. My credits. It say check your input.

Are you sure you entered the post data correct?
For example if this is your steemit link:
Authour must be:

And permlink must be:

Make sure you're not typing the whole link (I'm going to improve this in the next days)

Very cool site. I'm already using it!

I can't login, is it down or it just me?

No it's up and running. You need to login with your private posting key, not with your steemit password. This post explains pretty good where you can find your private posting key. If you still got problems logging in, come back to me :)

Hey @georgontech
What is the way to get a credits ???

In your dashboard you need to click "turn auto like on". Then your account will upvote other users content and earn credits for every upvote.

Is this code open source for verification? Since it doesn't appear to use SteemConnect it resembles a phishing site.

No it's not open source and yes we're not using steemconnect. For some projects steemconnect might be a good choice to get user trust. But I really don't like the way their centralizing all user accounts in one platform - that's not really the goal of steem :D
Since steem already has some really good security features for exactly that matter, you can use with your private posting key. This key only allows us posting and upvoting stuff on your behalf. We can never get access to your funds or change anything in your user profile.

I understand and agree with you.

Just so you're aware, there is phishing with similar links going on right now. Keeping all advertisements out of comments is advised until it's over.

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz:
Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @georgontech
BuildTeam wishes everyone a bullish new Year!
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how many votes do you take in a day ? no proper info in the website

This highly depends on how much votes are requested from the other users. But if you have less than 30% voting power you are set in a "sleep mode" so that we wont make any more upvotes on your behalf until your voting power recovers.

This post has received a 31.06 % upvote from @boomerang.

hi. How it works?
I have some questions about
Can you talk with me in SteamChat to explain better how it works?

Hi. Basically, when you log in and enable auto liking a bot starts using your account to upvote other user's posts. For every upvote done with your account, you get "credits", which you can later use to get upvotes from other people using steemvotes.
So it's really just exchanging upvotes with other people.
If you got more questions you can sure write me on steem chat. Username is same as here on steemit.

"enable auto liking a bot starts using your account to upvote other user's posts" who chooses posts to upvote , and what %s use for each upvote, and how many upvotes made daily… ???

you are not registered yet on SteemChat ;)

Each upvote uses 100% weight, you earn credits based on your current voting power and your total steem power, to make it fair.
Only posts submitted from other steemvotes members are upvoted. Upvotes are made as long as auto liking is enabled, or as long as there are posts from other users to upvote, or until you run out of voting power (in that case your account is set to sleep for 3 days to recover).

I hope I could answer your questions.
I just registered on steemchat a few minutes ago. Maybe it takes some time :)

hi, i already registered but i am lost. i don't know what next to do, how does it really work? Will the voting be automatic? And who will i be voting for?

Here is a Quick Overview - hope this helps you :)

After logging in, visit the your "Dashboard", here you will see your standart steem/steempower wallet. Besides that you see a value of "Upvote Credits", these are basically Credits which you can spend to get upvotes on your posts. To earn these Credits you need to enable "Auto voting".

If auto voting is disabled, click "Turn Auto Voting on". Now you we will start upvoting posts with your account (you can specify how much posts we upvote on your behalf with the slider next to the "Turn Auto Vote On" Button - Higher percentage means less upvotes, means less credits for you).
You can keep track of all upvotes we've done for you on the statistics page. For every upvote you will receive credits, the amount depends on how "strong" your account is (means how much steempower you own).

After you earned enough credits , you can spend them on one of your posts with the form in the lower left of your dashboard. The Amount of credits represents the strength of one (or multiple) votes.

1 Upvote Credit is worth one 100% Upvote from a user with 10 Steem Power.

How to work?

This is a good way to help new/smaller users who don't earn much on their posts.

Please do us a favour and stop spamming @minnowbooster users with a memo after they send a memo to us. That is dodgy customer poaching tactics and does not bode well for the reputation of your service.

Should this continue, we will add the @steemvotesio account to the GINAbot blacklist and Discord notifications from steemvotesio will have an orange warning next to it.

I wouldn't consider it spamming as every user will only get the message once. It's just the easiest and cheapest way to get a bit of attention for this platform. But as you asked kindly, I will rethink my 'marketing strategy' :D

Just went through my recent wallet transfers. Nothing more to say ;-)


i can´t register to your service :(

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