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Everyone who has been following Adam Kokesh over the last few weeks has seen the excitement that Adam has expressed over technology. I will not repeat the details too much here. I will provide links at the bottom for those of you who would like to see what Adam has had to say. What I would like to talk about is my opinions on where this technology may be heading and the value I see in our campaign in helping this evolution become manifest in the most effective way.

To give a bit of background, Adam has been discussing how our job as Libertarians will inevitably be realized by the world in less than 50 years. Libertarians want to see the coercive, violent, and destructive force known as government either completely dissolved or at least brought to a minimum through localization. In his conversations on this topic, Adam points to several technologies that will take government out of our daily lives. Although he lists several technologies that are in their infancy that might make us capable of unimaginable freedom, two certainly are on the verge of coming into reality.


The first technology he talks about is self driving cars. This technology goes a long way to destroying the police state. Because around 40% of contact with the police happens by being pulled over by these road pirates. Having self driving cars eliminates a huge part of the contact. Beyond that, the revenue generation that is eliminated by this, I believe, will have the biggest impact. Tickets for speeding or many other offenses go away. This reduction in money will make it impossible for the government to fund the harassment of the people.

The second of these technologies is Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Dash, or any number of rising currencies has the potential to take money itself out of the hands of central planners. The strangle hold that the Federal Reserve has on wealth simply will fade into the history books. Ron Paul’s dream of ending the Fed does not happen in the halls of Congress but in the marketplace. The free market is on the horizon.


This reality has made Adam think deeply about the relevance of our campaign. His conclusion has been that it is more important now that we have these realizations. Today, the government still has power. Men are still dying around the world to feed the monster that is the State. We must save as many lives now as we can, so that they can see the peace and independence that is about to spread across the globe. This is true and he is right that even 5 years from now is a long time and the government can destroy thousands of lives, and kill many people with the time it has left.

Recently, Adam and I had a fantastic conversation about this topic. I added to the conversation by pointing out that, we do not know where these innovations will take us. Thinking back to when the internet really hit the world, I had no idea that it would take us where it has. Before the telephone or TV, people could never have predicted the impact that those technologies would make. If you think of all of the progress we have made as a society in just the last hundred years, it was impossible to predict where we are today.

In our conversation Adam talked about the technologies that are arising, like a molecular version of the 3D printer. This would enable us to create just about anything from the particles in the air around us. He pointed out the fun idea, that this, quite literally, could lead us to becoming wizards. His vision included the ideas of artificial intelligence and robotics. I think it gets even bigger than that.

The first idea that came to mind for me is the developments that we are seeing in the study of light. Just the possibilities in communications make this exciting. Right now our cell phones and devises use signals that have been shown to be dangerous to life. Many people point to it being a factor in cancer. Light on the other hand might be an innovation away from those harmful waves to a benign one that is more efficient.

The second thought that came to mind is food and energy. If we can create things out of the air, then starvation goes away. Imagine the shock-wave that this one thing would cause. No one would be hungry. The welfare state goes away. Our time that we spend working for food and our heat bill is eliminated. This truly is an evolution.

My wife and I discussed this further. She and I are not especially fond of city life or modern conveniences. Sure, we like our air conditioned house, but we prefer to grow a garden, rather than go to the supermarket. With these technologies comes something that we have never had before, choice. This gives us the freedom to get as far away from the big silver city. Others, who like the city, can actually enjoy it. We can engage with others in whatever we choose without the government having control over our food and energy supply through taxation and regulation. Again, this equals more freedom.


Just like Adam, this made me question what we are doing. I too, see the point that we should save everyone we can until this change in the human condition comes. For me, I take a little different stand as well. The government is not going to just lie down and die. It is going to fight. Yes, these things will eventually neuter the State and destroy its stranglehold on humanity, but as it fights for control of these technologies it has the potential to cause even more harm. In Adam’s recent interview with Chris Rice on his show Rice Crypto, Adam eluded to this. We must take the power of the State to seal from people and kill them before these technologies get co-opted for the government’s misuse.

The need for people to evolve mentally away from coercion and murder is now. These technologies must be born into a world that recognizes the individual. Every human being owns themselves and that must be the computer systems view of reality as we move forward. As an environmentalist it is essential that the technologies recognize that property rights are sacred and are the only way to ensure a healthy planet. Violence is in its last days. If we are to see the rise of a robot/ human existence the largest monopoly on murder, namely government, must have been dissolved before the evolution to whatever it is we are to become arrives. It is our time to Free not only the American people, but the world. Together with technology we can see the bright, peaceful future that lies ahead.

By @marcus.pulis (Press Secretary)


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Those are some absolutely terrific points that you have summed up in the post. Great insight, particularly about the contact of police with people on road

Although in my mind the priority order is like this:

financial freedom > food > house > energy (includes transports)

Thus cryptocurrency that are the forerunners of financial freedom are going to be of prime importance. Because if our wealth is under threat from these goons we are not going to abandon this farce of a ship called modern governance.

I am currently thinking the order of events or how they would have to follow in progressive order.


You value money above food? Lol


I think hashcash ment as in if you have nowhere or no seeds to grow food, say you choose to live in a city (what will be in the future mega city \ smart city.. go to the v-chain website, that's most likely a city in the next decade :) ) Then if money gone, there would be food tokens , feeding the masses. People with financial freedom ie the rich, would most likely of course still be eating Organic food whilst the food-tokens are just for GM and horrible nasty "food" ??


@phoneinf if you see the comment you'll see that I have mentioned that I wrote this in order of occurrence of events and not just importance.
Not to mention that food can bought with money but that's besides the point because my intention of mentioning food is the quality of it and not the quantity.

(I have seen data that suggests that the amount of grains dumped by the countries is alone enough to feed the starving of the world several times over. )

With Canada on the verge of legalization. I imagine cannabis spot checks start more than liquer.
Cop : licence and registration.
The man: sure let me put down my beer and my joint
The cop: are you consuming pot and alchol.
The car: fuck off asshole im driving this bitch.
Cop: yes sir have a nice day.
The car: fuck off

Lol would be sweet


I went to see what you post about and go lost in the first thing there! Thats fucking hilerious!

Great thought .. I believe that ares always reemerges from the chaos. It will never go away. Athenian civilization defends itself from the forces of ares with metis or technology. Technology is built on science. Science is like the alchemists' uroburos, continually eating its own tail. The process of science doesn't work unless young scientists have the freedom to attack and tear down old dogmas, to engage in an ongoing Titanomachia . Science flourishes where art and free speech flourish


Science is using the Intellect to slice things up. It's a little bit cool but it can never know Life. Science wants to understand life by dissecting it. This will never work. But surely it will bring comfort.

Technology is good or bad. Depends on who has access and how it's used. I believe there is a lot out there already that we are denied simply because it can't be monetized. Now on the other hand that picture above of that glorious garden, is an example of a priceless gem. Peace and goodwill.


Technology is neither good or bad. It's just a tool that you can use.


IF you can use it and\or are allowed to use it, this is the point mate!

Oh thats a cute little car! The right one for me :) We are moving very fast when it comes to technology. But the very sad fact, is that not everyone can have or even see this reality. There are people in the world who dont even know that such things exist. Everything about our world is somehow wrong and still going in the wrong direction. We are like slaves of money and governments :( They dont really care about what they sell or cancer. All they care about is their own business and money. Just imagine if money didnt exist what a beautiful life everyone could have :)


No money - Communism. Money is freedom if you take advantage of capitalism.

It is better to think about how technology can bring us freedom and peace rather than how technology can help us build a more efficient killing machine.

every one have internet..every one have pc or future every one will have build in pc in them..physical network.


lol..we wont live at that time bro..he.he.


Brain chips are existing already,there was woman who flew a fighterjet with her mind!! But yeh your right,luckily we wont be alive when its common

libertad tecnologica impresionada

our job as Libertarians will inevitably be realized by the world in less than 50 years.

What does that mean?

Tickets for speeding or many other offenses go away. This reduction in money will make it impossible for the government to fund the harassment of the people.

LOL, for starters poor people will be the last to get self driving cars and secondly revenue from tickets is not the sole source of funding for police, if that revenue went away all that means is they will increase your local property taxes to make up the difference.


I guess revenue streams varies between the different police forces in the world.

I'm quite sure that with self-driving cars, we'll get taxi services that are cheaper than the full cost of car ownership. It may take some years though.


Very poor people ride the bus. They already don't drive. Cheap self driving taxis will be rolling out starting next year. Of course at first they will create lots of work for cops investigating the accidents they have.


I agree that the poor will definatly be shuttled to a throw the work place to the housing place.

And every day they are thinking "Fuck- Why did I leave money in the bank and not buy any Crypto!"


LOL have you seen that terrible movie where Matt Damon gets shrunk? You made me think of all those folks living out back in the trailer.


No, whats that film called?!

Awesome blog post!

That idea of self driving cars how it would reduce the interactions we have with police was very clever. And the things you said about reducing poverty. I sort of got a moment of realization with the Steem Blockchain back in January this year how I noticed I could just take a quick photo and someone almost instantly gave me value back. That was a big paradigm shift for me how this will truly change how people see things.

That also made me realize how it must almost be impossible to be poor in the world that is coming. Since a person can create a piece of content. Send it to the cloud. And someone will value it. And then that person can go buy food or whatever. This was something that wasn't even in a person's mind in 2015. Or that you would be able to upload a regular vlog and 40 minutes later someone gives you 100 dollars as we have seen with DTube.

The other thing that I see is how we will have Trillionaires on Earth in the future. And when stuff also get's cheaper to produce just having 1 Trillionaire will create insane trickle down effects in value people have access to. The concept of be able to generate new value with the computers we use is very fascinating. Since it has happened so fast that we don't remember how it used to be. This means that we also will be able to work when we are getting older since our work will become easier to do. And that will also give us more free time to consider stuff outside of survival.

One big potential danger that I see is if people try to design their life with just the Intellect. Since the Intellect is a surgeon dissect tool. It always wants to slice up stuff into more smaller parts. It tries to understand a Flower by cutting it down into a million pieces. It cannot understand life. If people just use their Intellect for all of life then they may start to think Intellect is Life. And that can cause some big problems in the future. But if we empower people a lot and give them lots of value and love then we may be able to avoid a massive potential disaster.

thank you for posting.
I like the technilogical cockroach.
and I hope that teknoloki will be more cepet launched in all the world
to make it easier for humans to memikinya
and easier on the move

Hi mr. Kokesh. Im just inquirng about receiving top comment on your post and wondering about the signed copy of your book. Im just not sure if I sent my address to the wrong email, or if it just got buried. I realize your a busy man, but having a signed book really would make my day. If you need some sbd for the shipping ill be happy to send you some. Email that I sent my address from is, also had a top comment a couple months ago and sent the email from Thank you and cant wait to write your name into the ballot for 2020!!!! Fuck the right, and the left.

The future will be most likely tied to internet.

And since we see our future online, it would be really nice if we got a currency that could be sent trough the internet.

That is why we have cryptocurrency right now.


Cryptocurrency is the future

I havn't looked into the self driving cars so much and thats an awesome point about no being pulled over (will the filth have self driving cars also?) I doubt it!
Here in Norway, I have started seeing people unlocking their mobiles with face-recognition since 2 months, and I can easily see the all self driving cars will also be opened and started with facial recognition when they are implemented on mass scale.
Maybe permission to have a piece of paper saying your allowed to sit in the car is costing money that most cant afford? Of course im skeptical, it frightens the shit out of me with this technology, I need to really become friends with it more I guess, learn abit more about what benifits (apart from crypto) that We will get from it all.. and what will we be able to own and what wont we, that "they" will be using for themselves.

The molecule 3d printer is definitely on its way! Again, who will get to own one? Just like when the self sustainable energy machines were common knowledge to those who explore, I was working on a house of a millionaire in Germany and he had one sat in the basement!! Just for the rich you know..

I have much respect for your works! America and China is where its happening NOW firstly, and I hope we can squeeze some technic revolution. I will check out more about the alternative light method to save us from Cancer.
Just before I sat down and fired up the laptop, I was stood trimming a bud , thinking that I would need 7kg of thc oil to have my own cancer prevention for 10 years of life hahahahaahahaha 21 kg if I want to live until im old hahahaha.. Not joking about cancer though, thats not the joke.

Big Love and Positive Vibes!

Hello mate hope everything goes well with you. This a humble gift for you hope you accept it and like it. This is the picture:
And that's the video:

Guaooooo... creatividad y genios en persona...

Wow, technology increase day by day ♥

Really good post, it makes me think. The future is uncertain, but it will come!

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Your post is good, freedom in work or do have meaning we can be free in all, I strongly support you to voice freedom @adamkokesh

That's an awesome mini-car. It looks much more futuristic than the current smart cars I've seen in the USA.


Self-drive car is great especially though I have driving license but have not driven since I cleared the test many years ago. Very rusty indeed! I have just followed you and I am an active participant of steemit platform. I mainly focus on educational articles but I am really interested in technology too. Not really good at writing stuff about technology but would probably enjoy reading cool new stuff more! Thanks for sharing!

I am very impressed with the amount of ideas that @adamkokesh has, I am a person with good judgment, I only want the best for your country, I think you should not lose your motivation for a second, cryptocurrencies have opened a door of hope to all the population. Technology will liberate the world