We the chattering class

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Adam shares an epiphany about his own insignificance by way of Anarchapulco, self-driving cars, Bitcoin, and independent media.

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  ·  last year (edited)

No one can stop evolution, and most don't want to fight it. Innovation is the key to making injustices obsolete. I can totally see how the innovative class holds a heavier role in history. The chattering class however may arguably hold an equally important role in reality, as some essential innovations are likely inspired by the attention the chattering class has called to those injustices. If anything, we are a catalyst for evolutionary innovation. In a world with few powerful forces attempting to slow progression to hold their immense wealth, a catalyst is necessary to battle it. Give yourself enough credit. We are appreciated by the innovators, we assist & make things easier for them, even if history neglects to highlight it, it still matters. @adamkokesh, this is my favorite video of yours I have seen so far. Thank you for your support brother.

DTube continues to be useless. Here's the YT link:


Thanks. DTube really can't get it together - STILL. It's shameful. This is a freer market now, DLive and others are taking over. I'm likely going to stop uploading to DTube if my test run with DLive goes well.

  ·  last year (edited)

We are the forces of nature, and the movement will happen inevitably.

we could be progressive by now, if the government will support the new technologies, but they prefer gas powered vehicle rather than electric powered, because of its profitability. @adamkokesh you're the symbol of nature forces and we gonna have a peaceful and abundance society if we allow ideas and innovations flow freely. :)

Nah you definitely are playing a huge role in pushing a completely free system. I personally can't wait for automated vehicles to be here fully


Finally had time to watch the video. There's a very fine line between the 'Chattering class' and 'those who actually get shit done'. Politicians are the worst of all IMO. Let's hope you guys never forget to always back words with actions


Right, and his notions of freedom are innovative in themselves. It is possible that his concepts could form into a free system, which is ultimately the goal. If that happens, then technically he would be a chatterer in the innovative class. I believe he already is to a degree. I have to give credit where credit is due, and this man is transforming minds to a high degree, and his network is expansive. Insignificant? bah. He should stay on the path of enlightenment. It is working.

Keep on Chattering, there Chatterers. It's like air force cover on the battlefield. But please, bring some balance: focus on the libertarian warriors and the work done in the trenches. Thank you.


@adamkokesh, since you said you were unaware, this is the account which suggested a “hit” (up to and including murder) be put out on another Steemian here on the platform. Your former staffer. He’s also the one who was issuing death threats. You’ve even upvoted one of these comments, so I thought you knew, but just in case.

I have tried to reason with this individual, but he just calls me “Talmud thumper” and refuses to engage. Lol. Anyway, just wondered why you continue to upvote his account. You also upvoted commentary where he calls @larkenrose “Larken Rosenstein” (he thinks Larken is Jewish, too).

Why do you still upvote this clown?


Great video as always Adam, I am glad to see more of your work! I am writing something against CPS right now and I can tell you that I am also part of the chattering class! I am a rambler too, good job mate! I hope to see more progress from you, I am finally quitting Cannabis for a tolerance break! Thanks @adamkokesh, we are the damn chattering class for a while as we can't get rid of the federal government in just a day... We will be evolutioning very soon and I am glad to see this functioning. :D

We were born FREE and we shall die FREE.
Don't fight for FREEDOM...know that you are already FREE.
FREEDOM begins in the mind and in your thoughts


Don't fight for freedom? ARE YOU SERIOUS? do you honestly believe controlFreaks, parasites and whores will just give you liberty? Please don't tell us you are THAT DAMNED NAIVE!!! You are NOT born free! You are born as your parents' property. Assuming you get to make a smoothe transition after that, what begins perhaps in your mind, will certainly carry into this eternal battle with ETERNAL VIGILANCE. Statisft never let up on the gas pedal for your resources. NEVER, NEVER, EVER. One is not "already free", as you put it. Please stop with the juvenile delusions. All you are doing is aiding tyranny!!

  ·  last year (edited)

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Get a grip of yourself with your ineffective insults. Get it in your mind.... you are already FREE. The reason why so many people are ruled by the minority is because they believe they are slaves to a system.

Please do enlighten me and everyone how to become FREE.
Do we kill, maim, murder, bring down governments, use nice words... what? How will you FREE yourself from your mental slavery?

Go tell it on the mountains, go shout it from the mountain tops, people you are FREE, tell them until they believe it in their being and watch the walls crumble of the so called libertarians.

You are FREE.... to believe what you think and so it will be.

Peace Out.


Agreed: We hold these truths to be self evidence that "all" are created equal and endowed with certain inalienable rights of those to include Life LIBERTY (another word for freedom) and the pursuit of happiness/property.

Reading in fundamental but understanding and comprehending what you've read, priceless...


Have you seen what America turned into because we fell into this slumber of not listening to "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." ? Our Creator did endow us with Rights. He endowed us with a whole body, too. What happens to the body if we do nothing to prevent tyranical oligarchs to do what they want with it? Please try not to be too pompous in your proclamations. Thanks. There is really nothing more offputting to a newcomer to Libertavia than such posturing.

You make an important contribution in the struggle for Freedom. As a veteran who understands the nonsense of war, you have become the promoter of active freedom addressed to the layman. continued success of friends


I always support what you do

Squeeky wheel gets the grease man, But the wheel don't squeek if it ain't moving.

Gotta put feet on ya prayers. Words into action. Keep on keepin' on! You're doin' good and a lot of folks got your back!


....dont see much value in this post.


@Makesushi, You'll find MANY comments on Steemit which you don't personally find value in. Best thing to do, just ignore them. Unless they're seriously causing harm, in which case consider downvoting them. Otherwise, just focus on what you DO find value in, rather than commenting to tell the rest of us that you've seen yet another comment you found no value in.


Give it some thought, you will....

If you aren't getting angry, you just aren't paying attention.

This video certainly is an example of why I Love ya brother. This is why people like me do what we can to help you. Your heart is your strength!

Keep up the good work. Providing an alternative perspective helps engender changes of mindset.

Move forward Sir..! Upvoted!


Ya.. Freedom or Freedom........



why does this have so many upvotes?


your post is very nice,and wonderful story, i like your post.

I support freedom. Freedom for all

Keep move brother


It is important every moment in freedom!

you always mean to me and you my motivation to survive @adamkokesh
I am your great supporter and idolize you @adamkokesh.
i have seen your struggle and your work for freedom. i am a victim of the conflict of Aceh and both my parents have died in the wicked battle of the evil rulers. i become a bum looking for a bite of rice, today i make a special post for you my idol, I hope you can give a little smile for me. honestly i really need attention
Please @adamkokesh my idol

you always mean to me and you my motivation to survive @adamkokesh
I am your great supporter and idolize you @adamkokesh. i have seen your struggle and your work for freedom. i am a victim of the conflict of Aceh and both my parents have died in the wicked battle of the evil rulers. i become a bum looking for a bite of rice, today i make a special post for you my idol, I hope you can give a little smile for me. honestly i really need attention
Please @adamkokesh my idol

your post is very good and I really support you, even though I do not live in America but I still provide support through my prayers, may always be successful @adamkokesh

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Hellow guys i am new here i tell u all health tips so plzz follow me

I strongly agree with @adamkokesh, innovation is the hallmark of change, to achieve this in our generation there should be a positive effect of being free.

good video bro. Can't wait to start making good ones myself. Check out the #boombox tag for a free resteem for songs post

the innovation of ideas helps free us from governments, in my personal opinion, the cryptocurrency revolution will change the world, the libertarian gerreros of today will live, thanks for such valuable information greetings,

Great video Adam. I myself am happy to see the way things have been heading. With social media overtaking main stream media more all the time. We used to rely completely on the media to inform us of worldly events. Now we are the reporters, we are the investigators, we the people are the media!. It is absolutely amazing how easy it has become to share a world worth of knowledge.

you really are a very amazing. i really like you because you always campaign for freedom. i will support you @adamkokesh.

we really support the freedom, hope you succeed @adamkokesh

Thank you for the video. I appreciate the humility. Good topics came together in a succinct rant, nice.

Valuable input about evolution and freedom. Evolution has been linked to human lineage since its inception. And despite all the diverse cultures we share many things. The most important: The value of FREEDOM.

All systems inside governments just limp people into making fast progress and be more productive in the evolutionary chain, so to speak. Maybe one day we get to a point when we won't need somebody else to tell us what to do.

The great founding fathers of every region around the world had one dream in common and that is that societies can have the necessary common sense and sense of righteousness to conduct their own lives... to embrace the best tools (technology) for the overall good. That can be the moment of ultimate freedom.

Man I want to support you and dTube. Every time I try to watch something on dTube, I get frustrated because it is constantly trying to catch up in terms of bandwidth. I wonder how crazy it sounds to wonder if Google, et al are conspiring to slow traffic down that comes from dTube? It doesn't seem technically possible but I wonder.

Let them do the work according to their wishes ". In this system people are given full opportunity and freedom to determine the economic activities they want to do and the government does not intervene and do not try to influence the economic activities of the community. taking an important role to advance the pace of this independent system engine in free debate

Adam! Thanks to the ones like you I am alive again and determined to make a difference instead of walking into a desert and never come back... I am a "sigma" male who hates the spotlight but thanks to the idiots who were making a lot of noise with their false flags recently mainly in the UK and US I am triggered into action and I am going to play the game I tried to avoid all my life and I am going to beat the beast in it`s own game. Amen

Hi @adamkokesh nice article.....Keep writing that's like article and let's help each other also checkout my post click here

Ideas and principles ar the foundation for righteousness and innovation without these are capable of becoming tools of oppression. You are right about being humble but give yourself credit where credit is due!

Great video.
Regards ;)

DDR NVA Agitation´s Dokumentation Titel Grenzer

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good post

Yah, I see countries with very little government. No offense, but the flying cars aren't coming from them.

I can not understand why people are scared with new ideas. I am from the old.Change of response is evolution. Change of question is revolution

Good job. But I didn't understand anything..............lol

Hey @exyle, great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers ! I like this life. thanks for sharing post ! I appreciate your writing !


Freedom is a choice and in the mind. What is freedom for one person may be confinement for another.