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This is our #24 Roll Call, check who's ACTIVE members and deserving to follow.
Announcement: Please support my Witness campaign, vote for me.

This is 100% Power Up.

The #TeamUSA #SteemUSA or #USA is growing everyday, new minnows are joining daily. We read new stories, photos and event but it's too hard to keep up with hundreds of followers. I'm starting the daily roll call to keep us up to date.

To all ACTIVE members, show your support to other members. Visit their posts, read it, resteem, comment and vote up if they DESERVE it.

If you don't check in, your name will continue to sink (bottom of the list). The main objective is keep an active list of members of #TeamUSA or #USA and help everyone promote their contents.

Who will be the first to reply with their promoted post? VOTE UP and RESTEEM member's post!
Ex. @yehey ---

Please see their promoted links below. VOTE UP and RESTEEM! Let's go.

#TeamUSA #USA Join our Forum
Use your existing social media account to login, no need to create a new account. Got a questions, ask for help.

@sircork @gniksivart @roguefighter420 @j-vo @pinoy @completelyanon @digitalking @gniksivart @variously @deanlogic @americana-reboot @fronttowardenemy @bobiecayao @better-life-tips @progressivechef @tesscooks4u @blogstar @krypto101 @joecaffeine @instahater @lenadr @nedspeaks @digitalking @monogrande @j-vo @o-soul @iggyg85 @vegansilverstack @tipolj @enderenrique @brucebrownftw @notoriousdjp @i-am-wade @jbutane @franzia @jwolf @thelastsage @silversmyth @walkingkeys @misticrum @swenger @royschuh @bitcoinforblonds @misticrum @metanoia @hewetthomestead @blurrylens @africangold @hamzaoui @sanchez

Please VOTE @yehey for Witness, go to and vote for yehey.

Or via the command line: vote_for_witness youraccount yehey true true

Follow me @Yehey. Please Vote Up and RESTEEM.
Thank you

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Man steemit ate my comment. Post is here. Upvoted and resteemed post and upvoted everyones post on here.

@gniksivart it's been happening for quite some time now. Don't you worry I got your back.

Haha yeah I knew it has been, but have just been realizing recently to the extent its been effecting me.

I support you my friend to this calling. We just hope Steemit will keep up and running. I voted up.

Please VOTE @yehey for Witness, go to and vote for yehey.

Follow me @Yehey,
Thank you.

Thank you so much!

We are here for a long haul. :)

I like what you're doing for your project. Keep it up and let me know how can I help.

Thanks Yehey!

What i need right now is visibility and donations for you are hope, and witness votes for myself so that I can create more funding for the charitable mission work. That's my long haul plan. So tell your friends! :D

Hi @yehey
Im rashiyume26 from the Philippines.
Im really a fan of yours. :)