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I must say that you were "tripping" dude, but haven't we all in one form or another. Great to see you putting your most intimate thoughts on paper and punlishing them. I hope you get the answer your looking for. Never give up seeking truth.

Yes, absolutely, it was one giant trip, but what hides behind it is what bugs my mind. I've never consumed any psychoactive substances except a glass of wine now and then, and my brain was full of sensations of all kind.. and the truth shall eventually come. Thanks for reading!

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This is amazing. I regret not having arrived at time to upvote this, but I can give you this !tip (besides, my vote's value is insignificant).

I can say that I have experienced inner travels similar to this one, and it's always a wonderful mystery that I'm still trying to solve: Was it an intense lucid dream or something else?

It is possible that there are several kinds of lucid dreams, depending on the strength of the lucidity, the activation of certain processes in the chemistry of our brains and many other factors. Or maybe the OBE are completely separated from the processes that characterize the lucid dreaming.

However I'm suspecting more and more, with each new experience, that the OBE, the lucid dreaming, the shamanic journeys and even the common dreams are just different manifestations of the same reality inside us.

In lucid dreams I have seen things that later that day become a reality, and then I wonder if our dreams are not just personal experiences, limited to our own bodies, but that there are many factors of the outside world that really participate in our oneiric perceptions.

I suspect this: there is a permanent connection we have, as individuals, with the whole universe, through that common source that we call collective unconscious, anima mundi and otherwise. When our conscious bonds with the outside world are weak, we get closer to that connection.

We can experience that connection through a vision while we are still awake, or through a dream, a symbolic story that is made of personal images, related to our lives. We can live that also in a lucid way, by creating the context of that story willingly; or instead we can just explore a representation of the real world (as in a OBE).

In fact, for Schopenhauer and Jung, the world is just a representation, and it is different in the eyes of a human than for animals. And it is different also when we come to another state of mind. So, for me, it's perfectly possible that you saw the real world in your experience, but it was another representation of it.

I think these are transcendent and important questions that deeply enrich our lives. That's why the inner live of an oneironaut may be so ecstatic and rich! It's the capacity to live that other life whose existence most people don't even know.

But I think that it's more important to experience all these things, than to understand them. The more we live them, the more we understand, but seems like we'll never understand everything about it, not intellectually. The real understanding of this realm of life, is a mystic understanding, that sublime shifting that we call enlightenment.

I suspect this: there is a permanent connection we have, as individuals, with the whole universe, through that common source that we call collective unconscious, anima mundi and otherwise. When our conscious bonds with the outside world are weak, we get closer to that connection.

You just got me going through my memories. I recall one of my friends asking me to shuffle a deck of cards, pull one out and put it on the wardrobe without looking at it. Then he went to sleep and the next morning he asked me (while still laying in bed, and yes I slept at his house) to check if the card was four of spades.

To my surprise it turns out that the card was indeed the four of spades. I couldn't believe him at first, but he told me that he had a camera in the room because of his sleepwalking. We checked it and he was in his bed the whole time.

I guess it would be improbable to randomly guess one out of 52 cards so I asked him and he said something like you before!

Btw, thank you for the tip and for such abundant comment! All the best!

Great! This is a very rich inner world.

You made me remember the Rhine-Jung experiments. I just found this about them, I think it will be interesting to you.

Hi @modern-trojan
Wow. a very disconcerting experience, as the form of the story reminded me of a film called "The Origin" and talks about dreams as they are built and how there can be a dream within a dream.

Now I don't know, I think it could have been that which you were dreaming within another dream...

The description of what happened to you can tell by other readings that this is not the first time I read this kind of thing.


Thank you for the reply. I had dreams within dreams, and sometimes up to four levels of dreams. I'm not sure it was a dream as I was accustomed to doing reality checks (ways of checking if you are dreaming), but I wasn't able to do any of those.

However it is sure that I had a dreamlike experience, now what is it I can't be sure...

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Once, when I was experimenting with Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds ( it's a psycho-active plant, I used to meditate on) I was having a similar experience. I was staring into a lit candle flame for about 15-30 minutes and after I closed my eyes I saw a glittery medusa floating in front of my soul's eyes. I couldn't figure it out why I have seen it until a very long time. One day, I was really busy and I was concentrating on my work, when an old forgotten friend told me the secret, that the medusa it was brought to this planet, long time ago from another matrix and thus the extraterrestrial look and super abilities a medusa has. The medusa itself is not having a brain, heart- basically is living with light and water, that's all it needs to survive for eons. Fascinating creature, that's for sure!
For me, if I see a medusa now, I feel it is pointing me to be more fluid and watery, not to try to force and control the unknown, and to believe in divine timing.
Hope it helped!
Have a lovely day!

Wow, at first I wasn't amazed as I knew about medusa lacking brains. But then I realized that maybe medusa shows us itself to remind us that we don't belong here spiritually. And it would be very unlikely that we get these "vision" by pure chance as we come from different cultural backgrounds plus the fact that I never consumed any psychedelic substances. Maybe it's all connected and maybe not... who knows...

Have a beautiful day and thanks for stopping by!

Yes, indeed. Could be that we don’t belong here, in fact we all have planetary and star origins. In my opinion everything is Connected, just there are different types of experiences telling the same tale, all traveling back to the Source energy.
Thank you for this conversation, have a blessed week dear!

@modern-trojan, Wow, you've described your Lucid Dreaming Experience so beautifully and i have to say that, I've tried to do Astral Projection while sleeping and when i waked up, In a way it was like my body faced Sleep Paralysis, it was scary but something very unique experience too. Stay blessed.

First of all thanks for reading, and yes, it is very scary sometimes, but it's definitely worth exploring..

Welcome and yes. 👍👍

hi dear @modern-trojan, unfortunately I have to admit that I have never experienced anything like this, even though I would be very curious and scared to experiment with such sensations, so I am very impressed by reading about your lucid dreaming! congratulations on your work and your curie rating :-)) all the best for you

Don't worry it took me a year of practice to get to my first lucid dream, but everyone can learn it. It can be scary and it can be difficult to do it naturally, nut it is definitely worth the struggle!

Thank you and best wishes!

so, I think I'll start by exploring this topic to better understand if it can work for me !! :-)) it's really very interesting, thank you for sharing

Hi modern-trojan,

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Hello Hello!

Woooow, it's really great how you used drawing and color, there is a very beautiful range of colors, it reflects a feeling of real no hahaha

Greetings from Venezuela

Hi @modern-trojan. I found your digital creative process very interesting. I've always loved people who can imagine new colors, new shapes, new designs. It has been a real pleasure to see your drawing and read your explanation

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