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Human Beehive

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Human Beehive

human beehive-2.jpg

Sony A7iii 98mm F8 1/60 ISO 100
Click here to view larger

Today I thought I would share with you this cool feature in the New Hudson yards area, to me, it looks like a huge beehive and when I looked it up online that's what it is called by some the Human beehive of stairs and it cost around 150 Million to be built.

it was designed by British designer Thomas Heatherwick.

human beehive.jpg

Sony A7iii 85mm F8 1/60 ISO 125
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Here is a shot of it from another angle, it is part of what will be a park area and is a set of multiple stairs climbing up. In total there are 154 Staircases and 80 landings.

From what I understand it is near completion and I for sure will be going to check it out when it is open to the public in 2019

What do you think of it,? if you were visiting NYC would you go and climb the stairs?

human beehive-3.jpg

Sony A7iii 24mm F8 1/200 ISO 100
Click here to view larger

And a final shot to give it a sense of scale against the new Hiighrises in Hudson yards.

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!steemitworldmap 40.754337 lat -4.0062972 long Hudson Rail yards NYC d3scr

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It looks tiny compared to those skyscrapers. Interesting piece but I can't help thinking. What a waste of resources? More money than sense.
Well done for capturing this controversial construction.
Would I walk up it? Probably lol


Yes I do agree the money could have been better spent for sure, but I will still go check it out when it opens

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Depends on how high even going down can be a challenge. After about 50 floors up in any building I feel edgy if it is windy. You know the building move.


Yeah I know others like that it doesnt bother me, I guess the idea would be you can go up as high as feels good for you I will let you know when I go there when it opens

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I definitely would climb it but payimg $150 million for stairs like that ?? Just seems like 150 mil could be spent at well worth more projects.

Still it is really cool looking but just unnecessary.

Thanks for the great shot @tattoodjay :)


Yes I totally agree with you, but since they have built it I will for sure go and check it out

Certainly a very interesting looking structure; not sure I'd want to climb up there, though. I'm sure it'll be much photographed, though... the cynic in me ponders what they are planning to do to keep people in "unstable" mental states from jumping...


that's a good point i had not thought of, I will be visiting there when it opens and no doubt will take photos

That is really wild. Upvoted

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Isnt it just a lot of money that could have been spent better i guess but I will still go and check it out

Really cool. I would be there with a camera. Maybe even climb stairs lol


I will be going back when it opens to climb it and get more photos

Haha no wouldn’t want to climb stairs! Wooo! Too many high buildings!

That beehive building looks like deadpool’s lair haha 😆


LOL yeah I see what you mean about deadpools lair, I will climb it someday

It looks good from a distance but leave it to New York to spend money on something that looks good from a distance with no practical purpose. Aahhh !


LOL I hear you

hey JJ, I'd go and climb those stairs, that would be a good workout..but the purpose of them is what? Is it just to be an unusual landmark and exercise thing?


yes I think you nailed it just a different and perhaps artsy feature in the park, and good for exercise

Wow. That is something we don't see every day.
Very interesting. Amazing architecture, but I'm not sure if I would want to go climb the stairs there, since I can just imagine all the people walking the staris.
I think I would stick to stairs in nature or hiking in nature instead, but it is a beautiful piece of art.


Yes natural stairs and nature would, of course, be so much better, but I will go and check them out when they open

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Wow. That is an amazing building. I love to see how people come up with some of the buildings they do. It seem that there is no limit to the human minds creativity.


Ohh yes it is a very creative building some peoples creative designs are amazing

Awesome architecture.. beautiful photograph..


Thanks isnt it so cool

What is the use of such huge stairs and spending so much public money...dont you think it is wastage just to make some stairs beehive

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Yes I do think the money could have been better spent for sure


Its everywhere...all around the places...pretty showoff costs

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thats indeed so true

stanning views...very good angle you choose my friend tattoodjay.
unbelievable colors and contrast; lights are very impressive.❤😊❤ good shots. beautiful photography ❤


Thanks kindly

I don't get it, was it one of those if we build it they will come projects? 150 Million to build it, didn't they have a budget problem not to long ago.

I don't know if I would climb it or not, I guess it would depend on what the view would be like, could a picture be taken, or are there so many idiot safety devices that trying to take a picture of anything would be a waste of time. If I was still able I think I would rather climb a tree in central park.


I guess the finding came from the Hudson yards developers not the city, but yeah the money could have been better spent I do believe

The construction that's coming up these days is mind boggling. The new buildings are like you look up and it's never ending. It looks impressive but the cost of it is just too much. I wish they could put the money to better use and make simpler structures.


Ohh yeah always new construction and I think the architects and building owners are always trying to out do each other

Wow amazing photography my friend. awesome architecture.


Thanks Kindly

It looks cool! I would definitely love to go there!


I am looking forward to visiting it when it opens

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Thanks Kindly appreciated ")

Hexagonal futuristic designs are my favourite!


This is such a cool design for sure

Hey look...
So unique the building, right?
Look awesome..


Yeah it is a pretty cool feature for sure