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This is my first post in what felt like ages. You must have been very worried as to where I have been. Well, what happened was my mother passed away peacefully after a long battle with lung cancer. Prior to that, she was in and out of the hospital. Thus, I didn't have the physical or emotional energy to write posts consistently. Eventually, I stopped writing altogether. I have since withdrawn myself from all Steemian communities while I took my time to grieve.

Truthfully, grief never really goes away. It comes in waves. Sometimes it is a thought, a song , a taste or even a smell. Something that reminds me of the only person I have truly loved in this life. Then, realising that she is gone. It is a gaping hole in my chest that I feel will never truly be full.

I have been trying to think of what to write. However, I have since decided that my personal life is my privacy and those who know me on other social media platforms have read my tributes and eulogies. I feel that posting such a thing on this platform wouldn't do my mother any justice. I hope that is understandable.

Overall, my future postings will be lesser but I will do my best to write when I can. Till then!

Tad Strange

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It’s terrible to hear about your loss and I express my sincere sympathy to you and your family.

Sorry for your loss. Love and hugs to you and your family.

my sincere condolences to you and they family . may she rest in peace and will forever be with you from the heavens.

My deepest condolences to you and your family on the loss of your mother. May her soul rest in peace. Pls take care @tadstrange and reach out if you need any help or a listening ear. Hugs

Hey brother, I know what you're going through.
My father passed not too long ago and I have battled the same emotions as my family grieved.

Sincere condolences to you and know that you can come back anytime and we'd still be here to welcome you with open arms. Take your time to mourn readjust your life (I know it's not easy) and if you need any help at all, you can always come to us.

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