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I have joined Steemit in the August of 2016, and that is almost one year ago. Since then, I have enjoyed blogging at this platform. I have not really put in much effort to promote Steemit although I have shared the concept of Steemit with a few close friends and have also shared my Steemit posts in my facebook. Recently I have been wondering what I could do either individually or as a team to build up the Malaysian presence at Steemit as well as to get more Malaysians to join Steemit.

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Coincidentally I came across a post by @donkeypong Reflections And Tips For International Steemit Members And Growth
. I am inspired by @donkeypong efforts to promote Steemit to international members and to promote both diversity and inclusiveness in Steemit. The potential of Steemit will skyrocket if more people around the globe joined Steemit in huge numbers. I just can't sit on my ass, I need to do something especially for the Malaysian Steemians.

In my effort to do some research on the number of Malaysian Steemians , I discovered this post by @gavvet, I found out that Malaysia with 6,479 users occupies the top 22th spot in terms of ranking by countries and Kuala Lumpur with 3,382 users occupies the 20th spot in ranking by cities. Malaysia has around 6,500 users and if we can work together there is so much that we can do to build Team Malaysia.

@bitrocker2020 had organized a Steemit promotion gathering in Kuala Lumpur to share about his experience with Steemit. That I think is a great effort on the part of @bitrocker2020. With Kuala Lumpur being the capital of Malaysia, it is not surprising that about 50% of the users are from them. In fact throughout almost 1 year period, I only know one other user who is from Kuching, which is where I am from.

Therefore, I will first of all start off by following more Malaysians.

As you can see from my profile, I have 883 followers and I am only following 200 users only. So it is time that I follow more people, and this time I will be giving priority to Malaysian users. So just write down in the comments section, why you think that I should follow you.

A chat channel has been set up at discord, it is called Malaysian Steemian Community (MSC). This is the invitation link athttps://discord.gg/ncuyB9z . Therefore I would like to invite all Malaysian based Steemians and those who blog about Malaysian issues to chat here. This channel was set up by a user from Miri @awesomianist

This is only my first step, and I post in here what other actions that I will take to build up the presence of Malaysian users here and just as important to get more Malaysians on board Steemit.

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Spreading positivity one post at a time.

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Team Malaysia

Long live team malaysia

Thanks for the mention bro @positivesteem ... The east Malaysia side will rise .. that's my ultimate goal !

I am thinking of some promotion in Kuching but only after I come back from my Trans Mongolia trip

Very proud to be part of all of us in #TeamMalaysia!

So stoked to get together in droves and be a force to be reckoned with.

We already have the numbers. We only need to think of how.

Wow... That gives me goosebumps right there!

You are right though. If we just can turn the traffic into actual groups of people with a mission.

There is so much we can do. We should promote the use of teammalaysia tag. Please resteem if you can.

Another positive project you are starting! Super!

Thank you. I hope more Malaysians will join Steemit.

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Thanks for dropping by.

Welcome to Steemit @positivesteem ! Hope you will enjoy your stay here! I am also looking for fellow Malaysians to work together and I have started a discord to look for peers to brainstorm for a sustainable eco system in Steemit for Malaysians.
I also just learning here so let's all support each other and make it great!

Malaysia Crypto Boleh (discord)

Thanks for the resteem. Following you now, if you think that my posts do offer some value, please follow back.

sure. I will check out your posts :)

Hope you will like my posts

Thanks for the comments. Following you.

Because different is good (:

Very true, we should have more diversity here so that Steemit will be more interesting. We can make Steemit into a global phenomenon.

Hey there! Nice to meet more Malaysian here! Followed :)

Thanks for your support. Following you.

Hi welcome to the steemit community. please post with great contents. Cheer up. I am post about Japan in 3 language (in english,Japanese,Korean). If you have any questions about S.Korea and Japan, Please let me know. I do my best to response with steemian especially. Good Luck with Steem. @steemitjp you can get inspiration with posting Regards David.

comment for steemian

Thanks for dropping by and for commenting. Have followed you. You are so talented to be able to write in 3 languages. Do follow me back if you what I write is of value to you.

thanks i followed already..keep in touch eith me

Yes do keep in touch.

Following you as well my fellow Malaysian. Upvoted this post.

I have followed you. Thanks for your comments. Together we can do so much.

buen post broo

Thanks for dropping by.

Hi there fellow Malaysian :)

Wishing you success at Steemit. Followed
Do take a look at the newbie nuggets series which I have created for newbies and minnows alike. Do
follow if you like my post.

Thanks dude. I've already followed you from the FB Steemit group earlier. I'll check those out thanks!

Thanks for dropping by, have followed you.

Thanks for sharing this ...

Follow @steemupvotes

You are welcome my friend. Thanks for stopping by.

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Hi @positivesteem ...I believe you are from Kuching? If yes that makes two of us. If you are doing promotional work here in Kuching do let me know. My time is not flexible but I would love to help in anyway I can.

2 people can do a lot of things. Glad to meet another Steemian from Kuching. My daugther @gearup is in Miri studying. We do what we can. You are a talented artist and I have followed you.

awesome! for the best!
hi from penang! upvote for char koay teow!

Thanks for your kind comments. Following you and the photos you took are great. If you liked my post, do follow me.

This post has received a 5.01 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @positivesteem.

hi fellow malaysian!

Welcome to Steemit and thanks for dropping by. Following you. Together we can build up Team Malaysia. Please do consider using this tag in your post.

Hey man! New to Steem here but I may be dropping over to Kuching with another Steembro of mine, never been to Kuching before and we're staying there for 20 odd nights. Got any recommendations?

Not a sure thing yet, all depends on JKR Sarawak. @positivesteem

So which part of Malaysia are you from? There are various options available, it all depends on your budget for the hotel.
Following you now.

I'm from Kuala Lumpur. We're looking to stay at Pullman. The only worry now is what to do on weekend nights hahaha. Plus the Premier League is starting on my second weekend there and I HAVE TO WATCH. I am totally unaware of the football scene/culture there, is there any mamak place open or are we talking sports bar? I'm fine either way.

It's a ritual of mine for 10 years now. Never missed even once. Can't afford to do it now that my team is on the bounce.

Pullman is a good hotel. Just pop into one of those sports bar that have a large TV screen and you can enjoy your game.

upvoted and following you a fellow Malaysian

Welcome to Steemit. Do use the #teammalaysia in your post. Following you.

heyy found my Malaysian team. count me in ok... I have been searching like crazy lol

Welcome to Steemit. Following you. Please help to resteem this so that more Malaysians can see this post. Please use the tag #teammalaysia for us to find posts to vote. If you like my posts, do follow me as well.

Cool, is rare to find a group of steemit member who from Malaysia. Support :D

That's why we need to work together.

Yeah Malaysian are rare here. Follow me! :D

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