Reflections and Tips for International Steemit Members and Growth Communities

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Members of non-English communities, I give you permission to translate and publish any part of this post in your native language on Steemit or elsewhere (the tips are in the last part). You may post it from your own blog and keep all the rewards that you earn. (By the way, I often write “Steemit”, but I also mean that to include eSteem, Busy, ChainBB, and any other Steem-powered applications that allow you to post good content and earn rewards from it.)

How I began working with international communities on Steemit

10 months ago, @clayop contacted me for a chat conversation. We had known each other online for a while, both having been active members of the BitShares community before Steemit. Clayop had some voting power that he wanted to share with a curation project that I had helped start called Project Curie (which has evolved since then into the more decentralized Curie).

In addition to Clayop helping with the under-rewarded posts that Curie discovered, we discussed the idea of making some combined votes to support Korean language posts. At that time, there were only a handful of non-English language posts on Steemit. They had not received many votes. So the very small Korean community held an election and chose two curators who would select and review the best Korean posts to be voted upon by staff members from Curie (and later Steem Guild, when the Korean project moved under that initiative).

Within two weeks of this discussion with Clayop, @gargon and I had a similar conversation. He had not been sleeping well because he was so excited about Steemit, posting and commenting at all hours and bringing his talented family members to the platform. He and his brother @pgarcgo wanted to start supporting some Spanish language posts and asked if we could share some voting power for this.

Again, the staff members and whale supporters of these initiatives had the foresight to see that this support could help fuel greater growth in the future. They agreed that they would be glad to support both Korean and Spanish language posts; we later expanded to include German, Turkish, Japanese, and Chinese as well.


“Spreading Like a Virus”

These were my first experiences working with non-English communities on Steemit. In the months that have followed, several of these international communities have grown exponentially from where they first began. That growth is due to the hard work of the people within those communities. Confident from the votes they received and with a strong understanding of how to make high quality posts, they went forth and brought many of their friends onto Steemit, duplicating that work many times over.

As my friends in the Nigerian community like to say, Steemit then starts spreading like a virus.

A few months ago, I met two extraordinary Indonesian community members, @aiqabrago and @levycore. That began what has been one of my most enjoyable periods on Steemit, helping to support the incredible growth that had already begun there in the Aceh province. Getting to know these guys and their broadening circle of friends, in addition to longtime Aceh-based members like @teukumukhlis and @vannour, has been wonderful. Well before I started helping, these community members were already sharing Steemit the right way, growing the community there organically by introducing friends, meeting to discuss it at local coffee shops, giving “Steem” and “Steemit” good name recognition in the region.

During the period when large whale accounts were not voting this spring, @kevinwong and I realized that our votes could make a difference in distributing meaningful rewards on good posts in Indonesia. So @aiqabrago and @levycore began bringing in posts for us to vote on. And more posts. And more posts. And more and more and more. We and several others, plus @aiqabrago with a Steem Power delegation from @bhuz, have voted on thousands of Indonesian language posts that they have brought in. Even during a period of low STEEM prices, there were dozens and dozens of new members coming in each week in Indonesia.

Curating posts. Bringing in friends and acquaintances. Running a channel for the community. Posting contests and fundraising for weekly rewards. Recruiting for and holding meet-ups to train members and emphasize proper posting techniques. Creating a website and book. I don’t even know half of the work they do. To say that @levycore, @aiqabrago and their base team have worked hard over these last few months is an understatement. If you have not seen @levycore ‘s post from last week, you may have missed the fact that they just…


…broke the Guinness Book record for the largest (non SteemFest) Steemit Meet-Up: ~ 120 people last week! (Note to Steemit members anywhere in the world: I will gladly help sponsor your writing contests also if you can bring in new members and posts at a rate anything like what these guys have been doing!)

They have earned my trust so much that I gave them a posting key for my account and have moved on to focus on other work. In addition to helping with Italy along with @thenightflyer and @bhuz, my newest area of focus is Africa, particularly Nigeria. Recently, several other members and I have begun voting on the best Nigerian posts that several community leaders from there are helping to select.


Nigeria is both easier and more challenging than some other communities, because English is widely spoken. That opens up the posts to more potential voters (most of whom read English), but it also spreads out the community and gives it less of a cohesive identity. The same has been true of the Indian community, but that one is coming together very nicely also. Additionally, Africa has other unique challenges, but with challenges also come opportunities to help more people.

Fortunately, Nigerian community leaders like @fisteganos and @ehiboss have been bringing members together and emphasizing that they should use #nigeria as a common tag for all of their posts. Steemit’s Nigerian members are some of the warmest and most humble people I have met yet on here. As @gavvet mentioned in a recent post, Steem (the cryptocurrency) could go viral and challenge Bitcoin in West Africa before it happens anywhere else. I look forward to continuing to work with the Nigerian members to help them reach many more people.

Based on these experiences, here are my Top 5 Tips for International Members & Growth Communities

(1) Please vote and comment on one another’s posts.

People within a community such as #nigeria can help one another by voting on the good posts that come from others in your region. Also, making comments on others’ posts is essential to creating engaging conversations. The more engagement your community can show (via voting and commenting on each other’s posts), the more likely your community is to get support via voting power and donations for events/activities like meet-ups or contests.

Some people neglect commenting because it generally does not pay as well as posting. But by commenting on others’ posts, you gain followers and future voters for your own blog. And you help others who will help you also, bringing more conversation and more community to Steemit.

Women Steemit.jpg

(2) Please encourage women to join and post.

There is a gender divide in many countries. I understand that there are traditional gender roles in some societies, but please do not neglect the opportunity that women around the world have to post, comment, vote, and earn money just like men do on Steemit. Please invite sisters, mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters, and other women in your life to join Steemit as well.

From @sykochica to @stellabelle to @sweetsssj, the women of this community have helped put Steemit on the map. Steemit has a higher proportion of female members than some online sites do, yet the platform remains predominantly male. Both Steemit (the social media site) and Steem (the currency) can help a lot of people around the world. Women in many countries lack the opportunity to get good jobs or start businesses. Steemit gives people the opportunity to earn from posting and interacting. Steem (the cryptocurrency) provides people with a way to send monetary value to people anywhere in the world that is free, instant, and secure.

People may not know that @sweetsssj once was a humble curator for Chinese posts with Steem Guild, before she became one of Steemit’s brightest stars! That was when I first met her online and we began working together on curation. Even then, no one on Steemit worked harder on a blog than she did. Her tremendous success is a testament to her hard work and to the care with which she crafts each of her posts. She definitely deserves a regular spot on the trending page; there is no post on Steemit that I would rather new members see than one of hers.

We should empower more female members of Steemit all around the world like @jumaidafajar (Indonesia), @gloglo and @ogoowinner (Nigeria), and @aishwarya and @travel-cuisine (India). Each of them has made the platform better with their blogs and with the other people they have encouraged to join us. So please feel free to refer Steemit to your male friends & relatives, but don’t forget the women also!

(3) What do English language readers and viewers want from your posts?

Many international community members have a desire to reach English-speaking readers. This is understandable, since it can translate to more votes and rewards. Some translate posts via Google Translate. Others have friends who translate the posts. And other members try to translate the posts themselves, either posting in English or in both languages.

And in other countries, from the Netherlands to Nigeria and from Israel to India, English is widely spoken. Therefore, most members from those countries post in English.

However, using a universal language like English does not guarantee that all readers will relate to your topic or your post. So what are readers and viewers in majority English-speaking countries looking for from your posts?

Original content generally earns much more in rewards than summarized or re-posted content. It could be a poem, a story, or a picture you took or drew. It could be a long article or a short description of what you ate for lunch.

Some people like the reflective, self-help posts (e.g. “How to Keep Trying and Stay Motivated”). That is one possible areas for topics, but please realize that we have seen a lot of posts in that genre already. Unless it is a particularly well-rewarded topic area such as photos or travel posts, it is possible that readers/viewers will reach some saturation point and not want to vote as much on such posts. That is not to discourage you from making good posts in that area (please do), but also try some different things and see what works best.

(4) Some Ideas for Posts

I would like to know more about your life and what makes it unique or interesting. You mind find yourself boring. After seeing posts about others’ colorful round-the-world adventures, you might think that you have not done anything as interesting. But you ARE interesting.

I want to learn more about your country, your city, your culture, your holidays, your family, your parents and siblings and relatives, and your spouse or significant other, plus your children if you have any.

Also, I would love to read posts about your favorite teacher or one thing you learned in school that you will never forget.

What do you eat for breakfast and how is it different from what I eat? Where does the food come from? Are there interesting markets or farms nearby?

After breakfast, what do you do next? If you go to a job or a school, what kind of transportation do you take to get there? What do you see along the way? What does the land look like and what do the buildings look like near your home? If you have a camera on your phone, take a picture along the way and tell us about it. Or draw one. Or describe it in words.


Do you like music? What kind? What are your hobbies? Have you read a book or watched a movie or played a game or eaten at a restaurant that you liked and can tell us about?

If there is one person you could introduce to Steemit, who would it be? If there is one business you would like to accept Steem or Steem Dollars, which one and why?

If you earn lots of Steem, what would you like to do with it in the future? What will you do to make the world better? What fun items would you like to buy for yourself? Would you like to take a trip somewhere – where and why?

If you have the ability to take a few pictures, even simple ones that are not good quality, they can help readers visualize your subject in the post. Posts with original photos (or drawings or paintings!) generally get more votes and rewards than posts without them. But if you cannot use pictures, then show us with your words.

(5) Write, edit, and then proof-read your posts.

In many developing countries, people are posting from phones on eSteem. It may seem difficult to edit the text of your post before putting it on the site. But please take the extra time to edit and proofread. It is better to write one good post that has no errors than to push out two or three lesser quality ones in that same period of time. One well-written post can get more votes and earn more rewards.

One of the most common mistakes is that people often do not capitalize their sentences or capitalize the word “I”. This makes your post difficult to read. (for example, this is what i think those sentences look like.) They look unprofessional. Your blog is your brand, so make sure it shows your very best effort.


@sweetsssj has never posted an unprofessional looking blog post. People think it’s her original ideas, great blogging, amazing travel experiences, and beautiful looks that get her so many votes, all of which are true. But every one of her posts looks extremely professional, from the structure to the photos to the editing. If you want good results also, take the time to edit and proofread before posting. If these skills are difficult for you, find a friend who can help you proofread it.

A Bold Prediction

In the coming months, we need to continue sharing Steem/it with as many people as possible. Steem will surpass Bitcoin (and M-Pesa and other payment systems) in the developing world before it happens elsewhere. These growing communities are the key. I hope that many other Steemit members who have Steem Power will consider using some votes (no, INVESTING some votes) to help distribute rewards on worthy posts in regions where this growth is taking place.

And I hope all of you from countries around the world will continue posting great content that makes Steem and Steemit that much better. When you do, you certainly deserve my votes!

Photos: All public domain via Pixabay, except for meet-up image (Courtesy of @levycore). Video courtesy of @the-alien.

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Thank you for this wonderful post Tom!

People may not know this, but donkeypong is one of the most humble people I have ever had the opportunity to meet. Not only is he a great author and curator, he is also a terrific behind the scenes guy who puts looking out for the community as a whole above his own personal interests on the platform. That is a quality we can all take a lesson from because after all, we want to shape this platform to be the best it can be, and we can't possibly rely on a single person to do that!

I'm also extremely thankful to donkeypong because of his almost altruistic tendencies to support real talent regardless of their race, background, content and even gender. As he has stated in the post, Steemit is a wonderful place for women to grow their audience and become independent of work place discrimination - something that much of the developing world still has serious issues with (China included!). It's one of the reasons why I really appreciate Steemit for having such a diverse end user base and I believe with only more awareness, things can get much better still!

Once again, thank you Tom for the wonderful post and mention!


I think that you are looking down on others and are ignorant because I asked you to support me with a vote for bringing SBD to Mosteiros (@barjacob) and you said that you are looking into it and then never said anything anymore. It should be a normality for you to support smaller players who bring value to the community (and more votes for you) but you prefer not to. That's why I don't vote for you anymore. I prefer someone at the trending page who is understanding his responsibility towards smaller players who need visibility. At least you could make a statement and not just be quiet and let me wait forever. You can make the best blogs in the world but without having a good character you do not deserve it.


She's quite responsive to a lot of people. Hope you're doing well these days, Martin. It's been a while since we chatted.


@donkeypong you have made steemit super fun for me. Between you, @liberosist, @streetstyle, @kevinwong, @eeks, and a handful of others who are faithful on here, you have made it very easy to encourage hard work, and you guys bring out the best in people. If you are ever in San Diego make sure you message me so we can hang out in person. I just found out where there is a Bitcoin ATM here. LOL Also I could help you to get your feet off the ground #paragliding. Thanks again!


Hello, Interesting post. I'm @evgenya86, nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy my blog, I will follow your account and vote, please follow me and vote ... Good luck in everything :)


Super true! Steemit is a wonderful place. Anyone can be apart of it's magic, if they have a smartphone.

Awesome work, great news and tips for all of us in there. Thanks a bunch for this quality article, loved it! I've been teaching quite a few people on how to use the platform lately, it is growing...

Namaste :)


Right! Namaste:-)



@sweetsssj isn't a "star", she's just got a nice rack...


@sweetsssj worked hard therefore she got ranking otherwise a lot of females here with not good rank


Sure, if you consider posting shots in a bikini "hard work"...


"One well-written post can get more votes and earn more rewards."

                            That sums it up!



A selfless, philanthropic gesture and some positive comments, thanks, Andre' South Africa

Thank you so much @donkeypong 😀 You are educating people. 😀I salute you for that!
Actually, I started spreading the virus. 😀
Here is my aunt I visited her and share to her about Steemit. I am so excited for her to join the platform. She's a traveler and a blogger. 😀


Thank you very much for writing this Tom ,Our community would not have gotten nearly this far without your help and your support. I hope your project in africa is going well,Keep Steem On My Friend :D

Thanks @donkeypong for this very elaborate post guiding newbies like us, especially the tips about what to post, making sure things look as professional as possible, and posting even if one thinks their lives are "boring".

Am beginning my journey here on Steemit, and these pointer should prove really really useful. Thanks again :)


Welcome and I hope you like the platform so far!

@donkeypong- I am already involved in the Africa United project that you are supporting. I really appreciate the the tips for international community members. I would ve happy to help in an India forum as well since I am living in Africa as well as India, dividing my time almost equally. I am very new and do not have much Steempower but would love to help your efforts through any legwork required. Please feel free to call upon me anytime for any support work. Thanks.

I keep up my efforts to bring quality original content to Steemit. , I have continued focus on my passion of wildlife photo blogs with my musings as a twist. Have written a blog about Dueling Duo - How Impalas manage conflict. I would be honoured if you can take a look and provide your valuable comments. Thanks.

Thank you very much Tom, Hopefully this community continues to grow throughout the territory of Indonesia 😊🇲🇨

Today, as we see that Korean and Spanish community is growing with success, that's because of your best supporting strategy for them which proves a point that, supporting others is beneficial even for ourselves because later, we can be a stage performer for them too!

Honestly, preparation of quality content takes huge time. I admire that @sweetsssj write posts in two languages, Chinese and English. That's a great strategy. Even if your English is not that good, when you include two languages in your post, it proves that the content is original, and gives English speakers an idea of what the post is all about since they can't understand Chinese.

I will bring some talented Urdu content writers on Steemit and it would be great if they become successful! because there is not a single site which could provide incentive to Urdu content writers. Furthermore, Pakistan is not a rich country, so even if they get just few votes, they'll highly appreciate them.

Thumbs up for @donkeypong . I believe that its because of yours and other members' support like @clayop and @kevinwong and whoever worked on it, that we're seeing different communities in Steemit!

Waoh! I never wanted this post to end @donkeypong, your words are deep, and has given most people insight. Words of encouragement so full and am happy to be a part of this. Thank you for mentioning me @gloglo in your post . Thank you also for your tremendous help and your believing that women can also make it big here on steemit. Happy to have @sweetsssj and other women who are doing their best in the steemit world . We promise you @donkeypong, @ehiboss, @fisteganos and others who see to the growth of steemit in Nigeria,that we will never let this trust down. To everyone who support the women movement,thank you for your wonderful support.

Thank you in advance @donkeypong, what you convey is really very useful, because indonesian curator @levycore also has repeatedly conveyed to us in some discussions and meet up to write better to get a more appropriate award.
Just as you say, that writing with one post is much better than writing up to three posts but not useful.
Thank you also for helping us to support this community to write in our own language.

Very interesting blog adds up my blogging power on Steemit... yesterday, I created a blog somewhat similar to this, giving more motivation to continue adding values to each other... I enumerated 7 reasons why low or no payout is not the reason to discourage your journey here on Steemit... Followed you @donkeypong


This post received a 2.9% upvote from @randowhale thanks to @hiroyamagishi! For more information, click here!

Great article, I want to help other struggling musicians get in steemit, and show their talents to the community and hopefully get rewarded for what they do. Sometimes it can be very disheartening when you can't make a living from the talent or craft you have, and I know so many people that have completely given up, (wasted talent)
I'm going to create a video explaining steemit and how it can help other musicians or artists, and promote the vid with some Facebook adds to my musician community.
Thanks for your support and positive outlook.


That's a great idea. I can't wait to see it!

Thank you, and please help us promote steemit also here in the Philippines.


I would love to help more with the Philippines!

Thank you!

Good to know you @donkeypong . I'll work hard to spread the steemit virus. And. Give the community a better content. If any critics and advice. Please tell me @donkeypong . I'm working the jt tags. It's mean jawa tengah (center of java) and jawa timur (east java). I and @mirzacho already make a group for the steemit jawa tengah on fb for helping the new members like me. Thanks for your support.


Salam NakaManeH


You guys are doing great work in Java. I look forward to chatting with you more about it soon.

Thank you very much for writing this @donkeypong. This piece of writing is the most encouraging one I've read so far on Steemit. Being a total female newbie, sometimes I feel ackward here, feeling I am stranded in a planet full of men who speak about things I do not understand. But your encouragement will make female members become more confident because we will provide Steemit members with various and diverse topics. Thus, in the long run, Steemit will attract more women and be able to empower them.


This is incredible information. Although I am a newcomer to steemit in Aceh, we often discuss steemit, along with @vannour, @ejhaasteem, @keuudeip, @boynashruddin, @arfa, recently appeared @lodinsla, and others.

We are a group that agrees that we will only use English in steeemit, will not use Indonesian or Aceh.

About the character of the Aceh people, why do most Acehnese join steemit compared to other Southeast Asian people?

About that, I will say a little here, how the character of Aceh about addressing information technology and everything related to it.

The people of Aceh now, there is a consumptive society (different from the people of Aceh in the past who also producers and have creative work). Now Aceh is consumptive.

In addition, there are typical Acehnese characters who now love new things, and, without their direct command flocking to it, it's exactly the millions of thousands of ants who are milling about a honey pile that fell from a honeycomb. The Acehnese are accustomed to new, heterogeneous, moderate, and contemporary.

In the same theme, before the steemit emerged, it seems that Acehnese are the largest users of social media networks in the region (Southeast Asia), as well, Aceh uses the most CD / VCD recording to record songs and movies, Aceh also buys most Handphones and vehicles. That is, if we compare with the population of Aceh with the population in other regions in Indonesia.

It is not surprising, therefore, that Acehnese most use steemit. --- You can see in a few months more, steemit users in Aceh will be more than the total number of users in Southeast Asia ---. For example, in Southeast Asia there are 5 million users of steemit users, then 3 million users in Aceh. Yet Aceh's supporters are only 5 million people.

In fact, it is not in the field of technology that the Acehnese likes to follow trends, but also wars. That's just the thing, the biggest and most systematic rebellion of our time in Aceh, has just ended, with our defeat.

Thank you for helping us indonesian this whole time. Especially @aiqabrago and @levycore.
Since our community grow faster and bigger over time i hope you will always have our back. Because sometime our curators ( @aiqabrago and @levycore) are overwhelmed by the number of new member in our community.

I really appreciate your help all this time. You ( @donkeypong) and your team make us motivated to create a good post every single day.

We (indonesian steemit community) even plan to make another meetup in another city to get more attention of the prospective member. After having unofficial meeting with @levycore we wanna spread this community even more larger. In java we have our member ( @mirzacho) to spread the 'virus'.

Thank you, if you have any suggestion we will gladly apply it to our community.

For your hard work @donkeypong and friends.
It has helped the Non-English steemit already deliver outstanding results.
From Indonesia with the curator @aiqabrago , @levycore
I myself am very happy to spread this good news "Welcome to social media Revolution"


you are welcome. I like reading your post. Excellent steemian community follow me. I will be watching your posts

Wow I'm going to read this post step by step, it's very interesting! :) Resteemed!


@styleyfrancky got you a $0.44 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@styleyfrancky got you a $0.44 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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Good tips for international members. But from my own expirience, I would suggest to concentrate on meaningfull commenting. The most usefull thing international members can give to steemit is different point of view, as far as usually they have different background comparing with english speaking audience


That's an excellent suggestion. My post was much too long already, but if I had to give 10 tips, that one would be good to include also. Thank you!

It's very useful information and tips for all of us in steemit all over the world, i'll be practice it soon.

Thank you very much for it @donkeypong
I will be waiting your next tips about steemit.

Proud to know you @donkeypong, even through steemit.
Inspired by the way you support the community to grow, so I do it my own way.
I've tried translating something for my community hopefully it's useful for us to keep growing and moving forward.

In a couple hours, i'll do again to your post for us.

keep support us, support the world for growing up.

Even as a native English speaker I found this article very informative and foundational for what's going on here. Indeed, this is the first article I've read on Steemit, and I was very encouraged to see such an emphasis on original, creative content being valued. I write loads of poetry and have a large portfolio of drawings, not to mention all my photos over the years. So I'll be sharing plenty with this community.

Thanks @donkeypong, from your inspiration you can write in my own local language, I just know steemit after my own local language that is Indonesian language.
Before I can only to read and understand what is submitted by someone through his post, because for mambalasnya I am not sure if I can.
Thank you, because you we exist.

This is an amazing article and a lovely trip into your mind and thoughts! Thanks for sharing.

You want to know our favorite part of the entire post?

As my friends in the Nigerian community like to say, Steemit then starts spreading like a virus.

Boom! You're learning really fast. The Nigerian vibe is probably spreading like virus in you. Lol. Soon enough, you just might start to speak Pidgin!

Hi Tom! @donkeypong, I finished the translation from this post. I translated the 5 tips to Filipino. I really appreciate your efforts to help communities here in Steemit.

Well, I have brought my friends and fellow country men and women from Pakistan on Steemit. Urdu is our language but isn't being used to post on Steemit. While most of us are fairly good at English, there are many who didn't join because they did not feel comfortable with English.

I think it's time to create a community around Urdu as well so that all people can experience the awesomeness. Supporting the community through upvotes and comments is vital because there can be no growth without interaction. To help people write better posts and use Steemit more efficiently, I regularly share tutorials and tips.

Thanks for sharing your insights.


I would love to see some Urdu posts!


I have seen some but a wave of such posts will come only after we establish a community. Pakistanis already have their facebook group (by me), discord channel and Steemit Chat channel. It's only a matter of time before Urdu posts become common here.


Hi, your posts and information are very useful for steemit users, especially for new users. I myself only about 5 months joined in steemit. Really as you say, steemit is very helpful in financial problems, especially housewives who want to increase income and invest for the future of children and their families. I come from Indonesia, precisely in the city of Palembang, south sumatera province. In Indonesia, the steemit user community is mostly in Aceh, my husband's hometown. I am very proud of the development of steemit in Aceh. I also have the desire that steemit users in South Sumatra and other regions in Indonesia can grow as well as in Aceh. I now introduce a lot of steemit to my family and friends in the city of Palembang. It takes time and patience to make them understand and also teach them about steemit. This may be due to their daily activities each day. But I am still not desperate and always eager to introduce and teach them about steemit. Does not mean I've become an expert on steemit. I am still classified as a beginner who has to learn more about what, why and how it relates to steemit. But at least I can provide information opportunities for my friends and family to be able to work and earn more as a user steemit. I also often see and like every post from @sweetsssj, @aiqabrago, @levycore, @ papa-pepper and many more great and creative steemit users who always inspire me. For that I say thank you for all the information and always share in every post, especially for you @donkeypong. Suggestions and information I will always look forward to getting better. Keep the spirit for community #steemit, #indonesia, #aceh and others.

The proof-read is something i always forget and then edit 5x :-D


Hi..its me.come follow me on
Help me spread it out.

Thank you @donkeypong it is very important to help international community to reach the platform and join us. I live in Thailand and try my best to bring Thais in to steemit as they are really crazy about social network of all kind. I am nit the one who can translate it, i do speak a good Thai but my writing is so bad because of the non sense of the way the words are made. Thais need about 7 year to record in their brain the way word are made But i really try to get some into it and for the moment preferably some who can speak also English so they can be useful at translating the rules and tips. Thank you for your post ^ and follow as well as resteem it. Peace and Happiness to all the steemian


Yes, I would love to chat with you about Thai posts.


@donkeypong Today when i go out and came back home i get the surprise that my wife has sign up for steemit, not because i tell her (i didn't do) but because she get the motivation after i tell her we can help people in Thailand to get in the community (as Thais are really all about social network) so she see the possibility of development in the country. And what is even better it is she is speaking perfectly Thai and English) so of course she write Thai. So it is a big plus to have her on-board. She waiting her approval. And she has plenty of time to dedicate because she's always home So we are ready to have a chat with you when ever you have some time. So the beginning of a Thai team is ready to take off and be part of the Steemit international adventure and community and because we have also a really big community of expatriate from all around the globe. I will take care the foreigner community. Waiting to get some of your insight to do it properly. Maybe we can chat tomorrow as it is time for me to go to bed. Regards


I found your name on there. Will send you a message.


Just try to find you on steemit chat but can't find you. How can we chat?


I have to go out been back in three hours if you want to chat about Thai post

Such a wealth of information in this blog, great stuff that I am going to revisit and absorb too.

It has been really beautiful to watch steemit grow and new members join, and I can't wait to see more steemit communities grow, in as many countries as possible :)

Thank you very much for your effort to promote international Steemians. Stemmit is a global platform and your drive for inclusiveness will augur well for Steemit.
I am from Sarawak ( on the island of Borneo), Malaysia. I have been thinking on how to develop the presence of Malaysians here. Most of the posts by Malaysians are in English and so language is not a problem. One thing that we can do is to build the presence of Malaysians here. I am willing to work with you on this matter.
For me personally, I do write about life in Borneo once in a while.

Thanks for this post! I have been talking to the Brazilians that we should have a stronger sense of community here. Some guys have more knowledge than me but my posts are doing quite good here because i like to tell stories and find out new things. .. i hope soon we will have curators for Brazilians. . I would love to be one.. but need guidelines. .. have a great day x


We would like to get more Portuguese posts on Steemit and help Brazil. Is there a channel for your community yet?

Tom!! I loved this post!!

It´s been quite a ride since I started and I won't stop thanking you for your mentoring. That first comment of yours in one of my posts inviting me to the chat changed everything for me. You took me under your wing and taught me so much.

That first channel from @andrarchy and all the amazing people on, I always will always be thankful​ for it.
I also feel very proud for what we have achieved​ in our healthy community thanks to your support and advices but I think the amazing things​ are still ahead of und and we will enjoy it soo much. Yes!!!

Anyway, you are one of the people I respect the most from the whole platform and you are an example of good manners and hard work.

Steem on my friend!


We've been through a lot together and I thank you for your hard work and dedication every step of the way!

@donkeypong, you are something else. Your understanding, wisdom, and reasoning appears the greatest I have witnessed on this platform. You are detribalised, selfless, and passionate. The developing countries have key to further development of cryptocurrency, you rightly understood. They have the population, they are impoverished and looking for where to invest their slim resources.
I imagine 140 million Nigerian adults coming into steemit and requesting to buy steem, the steem price will skyrocket to hundreds of dollars, definitely.
I tried insinuating this understanding in my post. You may wish to read it sir

@donkeypong, this is a great contribution from you. Having met you only a few days here, I've come to realize how some steemians are working behind the scenes for the growth of steemit.

Thank you for this.

This made me really happy to see this.
I also agree there is no shadow of a doubt that all of @sweetsssj's posts are at such a high calibre I don't think I'd be able to replicate something of that proficiency
Thank you @donkeypong for all your work surrounding helping international bodies to build a great community here on steemit leading to multiple users across the globe to join the platform.
I don't think that the platform would be as rich and diverse as it is now if it wasn't for your superb work.
Thank you for all of your tips and suggestions and I hope steemit with the help of the large spectrum of people on the site can form a beautiful platform where people from all different cultures, traditions, and creeds can interact harmoniously.
Keep up the tremendous work!

Wow! You did a very great job for the development of this community in the world. You are a genius and efficient manpower, who have the desire to help and support the new users specialy woman. Thanks for the valuable information about how to write good post, you know my post have not been able to receive much upvotes, though they are original one. Now reading your post, I feel as if I get the way .It has energied me, thanks for sharing such a valuable lesson. If you have some time, please give a look to my post, your presence and support means a lot for me.


I enjoyed your recent poem also. :)


Thanks a lot for such a sweet comments. I don't know how I dare to make you my friend. Please visit my blog again and see my work. Your presence turns the post more alive. So please don't forget.

Steemit is a nice platform, but maybe it's possible for Steemit to make the complete platform also in other languages? In that way people who have english as their native language will not stumble across posts written in other languages..


Yes, we keep asking for that. Hopefully, it will come once the site development is closer to being complete (soon).

Thanks for advice but
High quality content atleast needs 2 -3 hours
But if that post makes nothing it hurts a lot specially when you are new comer.


It hurts a lot especially if you're really expecting for money. Try to have fun yet engaging posts, like short but bold one. Don't think on the money first. I know money motivates you to create more posts but, think on the long term on what steemit can do for you. :)


True, anyway people who do it only for money wont be there if they dont win something... but the guy who do it for fun want leave steemit even if there is no rewards :)


Yes, it's important that we try to find all quality content and reward people. It's not always easy, since there are so many posts. :)


Yes you are right sir
I appreciate you reply
I ll keep this in Mind and allways try to post good quality content ...

Thanks for sharing a great post. Your word like an head shot because what you say is true and and make My head feels that I must do what You say above. Thanks from Aceh Province.

"You may find yourself boring, but you ARE interesting." @donkeypong -

This summarizes everything we all need to do, feel and remember while we are here on #Steemit. Let us not conform to the trends, or to just go with the flow. BE UNIQUE! BE YOU!! Share your enjoyments, heartaches, your experiences to us. We would love to hear about your wonderful life, to be a part of it even in a miniscule way.

The #Steemit platform made this all possible to us, without anyone controlling or regulating what do we want to share and impart to others. Let us not be discouraged, especially to us minnows, if no one comments or upvotes our posts. Just keep on creating quality content, with a slice of your life and a generous serving of your personality, we are good to go.



Thank you. I was not trying to make a quotable quote there, but thinking that I find myself rather boring and many people probably feel the same about sharing their own lives, but we are all from different parts of the world and different cultures, so others may find your life/land/culture quite interesting.


Truly indeed. The most important thing is to interact with others. I was also a bit hesitant to share my experiences or to speak what i have in mind, but hey, i have nothing to lose. Somebody, somewhere out there, surely would be interested.

Terimakasih banyak atas kontribusi dan pencerahanmu @donkeypong selama ini untuk kami komunitas steemit indonesia, kami sangat bangga dengan perjuangan anda dengan berbagai postingan anda tentang tumbuh-tumbuhan, bahkan saya selalu ikut membacanya....

Sukses selalu buat anda @donkeypong, buat steemit dan buat seluruh komunitas steemit, baik indonesia atau luar negeri....


Keep working hard. We can help a lot of people there.

@donkeypong I need some help with organizing the @greek-trail with @rouketas I need some help if we can get some time to talk about it and get some advices of what would be the best of practices about the matter.

We are already these days have scheduled some promotional hand out of flyers at athens about the matter. either me or @rouketas would love to get some help from more experienced members about organizing multilingua content for steemit.

peace out. check me latest post about the event it will take place or just get the link

I think I am among the most reputable Greeks on steemit and I made it on the top200 most reputable of all steemians. I hope this speaks for my interests into the platform. peace out bro.


Yes, I upvoted your recent post and hope you interested some more people while handing out the flyers. Good work!

@donkeypong great thoughts on building international communities. After having a brief chat with @kevinwong one evening, I have been using what little voting power i have to support some fo the other communities as well.

I find myself echoing your thoughts about wanting to know more about the individuals writing the posts. I love personal experience pieces which communicate to me more than just your day to day. A prime example of that would be a post from @firepower from his Fire Travels series FireTravels #4—Meeting Gaddi Shepherds of the Middle Land! or some the Rssian cultural pieces put together by @aksinya and some of the micro brew/pub adventures of her husband @beertripper.

Tell me your story, make me laugh, inspire me, evoke some heartfelt emotion, connect with me as another human and most importantly just interact with me socially. That will score more points and earn an upvote from me more quickly than just content alone.

I think steemit will help people across the world to learn new language, which is very useful for new steamers and also help them to make friends in South Africa, where people do not get enough platform to express their feeling to the outer world. By reaching out to them will help them to learn English through steemit. I personally thank steemit to introduce such platform for learning , earning and lot of article which gives us ideas about various things that can be done.
Upvoted and resteemed


We have a lot of members from non-English speaking countries who like to post in English and practice it. Posting in other languages should be encouraged and supported also.

This is the inspired thing about this platform Tom. It literally brings the world together. When I return to Bali I would love to meet with some of those Indonesian rocking Steemers.


Yes, there is a group in Bali also. I haven't worked with them yet, but hope to do so.

Good evening @donkeypong.
Receive my respect and admiration for your kind sentiment transmitted in this article.
It fills me with happiness and repose to the soul, because I have been able to reach this site and find such an important reading.
I do not know if you can ever read my comment, but leave me the satisfaction of letting my feel about it.
I am very new to steemit and I little manage the technology; However I think I'm learning soon. But I really like to help with my vote and comment to those I read. A motivation to continue.
I worry and it hurts when I see very good contributions or publications of people and few read and some read and do not give upvote. I think the effort and spirit is lost. I try to advise you to better explain your article or use the tags that best result to attract readers.
Well, Do not I steal most of your time anymore.
Just I ask you if possible, read my post, posted by yesterday

Today, when reading your thoughts, I think I was not wrong with my content.
My English is based on google translator and a little common sense of Spanish grammar.
With your permission, I will translate and publish your reflection, accrediting their authorship.
Thank you for being and being.
I wish you the best of success and happiness.
Best regards.


We have a good Spanish language community on here. It is always difficult to get started, but if you keep working hard and working with others, you should be able to get more established.


Good day @donkeypong.
I am happy to inform you that I have published a translation of your beautiful post.
I have tried to take fragments that I consider to be of special importance to my Hispanic brothers. I wish that people can take their advice and that the transit through this Steemit community, be fruitful in feelings and financial rewards.
There are few lectors, but I am happy with my contribution.
Thank you for your great spirit.

Thank you for the work you do;When I lose heart it is good to see people out there building bridges and thinking of something bigger than themselves.

I love seeing all the different communities converge in the tags, specifically the ones related to art and travel. Beautiful art and photos are universal.

The value of women empowerment cannot be overstated and more should be done to encourage it. Sorry I am late to the party, @jade56, @gloglo, @illuminatus and myself have been discussing some steemit marketing strategy...the community will feel it's effect soon enough. Nice write up by the way.


You have some exciting marketing ideas and I look forward to seeing some of them get implemented!

You are a good man with these humanitarian pursuits. I have some ideas for the near future but I feel I need to get a better grasp on things here in order for me to make them work. Thanks for the like bit of history and soon to be future,

Wow, great to see all the work that actively goes into making Steemit a truly global community!

Independently of language, technically speaking every country on the planet could have their own Steemit community easily if the standard two-letter web extensions were created (hard coded?) as permanent tags... there is already widespread use of "cn" for China and "kr" for Korea; but for example I am Danish and could post Danish content with a "dk" tag and so forth.

Benefit to doing it that way? Removes ambiguity... going back to the "Danish" example, I wouldn't have to remember whether the appropriate tag is "danish" or "denmark" or "dansk" or something else.

Thanks for all your great work @donkeypong!


Soon, we will have communities also, which will be more like sub-Reddits, so it should be easier to see the content within a particular area. For now, it may be beneficial to collect common posts within one country or language tag.

Gracias Tom! La verdad que desde aquellas primeras conversaciones que tuvimos hace ya un año han pasado muchas e increibles cosas. Y lo mejor de todo, el viaje no ha hecho más que empezar. Un abrazo!
(Now you can use google translate 😂)

Thanks for the inspirational post! I'm already working hard to spread the word, but this motivates me even more :D


Yes, we're just getting started. Looking forward to seeing who else you bring onto Steemit. :)

Oh, man I am in tears before the screen! What a tremendous and valuable asset you are to the community! Thank you for emphasizing the importance of bringing global woman power and looking after less developed regions... they need Steem much more than we do. This is probably the most exciting post I have seen in a month.

As a beneficiary of the previous Chinese Guild, thank you and sweetsssj for taking care of us then (I knew I need to thank Ned but did not know about your input) ... As I have some more power in my command, I will not forget to make it go to someone who's worth it.

Thanks again and let's make this much bigger and bigger!

Hope you can also consider supporting filipino community especially bisaya. We had been conducting meetups in visayas which started last June 2017 and continue doing it every month. The no. of bisayan steemit members are increasing and the only thing I could do to help is teach them their way around the community.


Absolutely, Juvy. Would love to help more in the Philippines. My voting power is limited, though. We need more whale support for growing areas like yours.


Good to know that you are interested. Can I reach you somewhere else? How about discord? I cant login in steemitchat.

this is a great work @donkeypong. i really love your optimistic view on steemit and it is a great thing. thanks for sharing this interesting piece of work

This is a great read and it absolutely shows what can happen if a community is setup correctly.

The only thing I fear at this moment is that Steemit is not mature enough to support a really large userbase. Today I posted a post (hmmm, that's double) because of an experience I had this morning. You can find the complete post here, it is a bit too long to repeat here.

Basically what it boils down to is that there are some bots/members with powers they should not have. I consider them to basically be a threat to what is happening on Steemit, a community that corrects itself and is not governed by one person or a small group of people.

If we can resolve this issue, together with some issues with the Steemit functionality/layout, I really feel this can overshadow all other social networks in the future.


Issues remain and development continues, but we are getting much closer to a site that everyone can use and enjoy. Bots are here to stay, whether we like them or not, but I hope the community can adapt to both accommodate them and band together to stop any abuses from them.

Thanks for this amazing article Tom! I've been following @fisteganos for a while, and I had no idea there was so much collaboration going on with all of ya'll. It is so cool to see how crypto currency could effect developing countries in such a positive way. This platform is more than just making a quick buck, if we all pulled together, we could really create waves in our community. Bring positivity, wealth and knowledge to others.

So happy to hear that you are so involved in helping the community grow. Since I've been on Steemit (which has only been 2 months) I've gotten 5 of my friends to join. I'm a part of the acroyoga community in Sacramento, and I wanted them to be a part of the Steemit community. :) There is so much joy and love our small community can bring to Steemit.

Again, thanks for this post!


Yes, I've seen some of your posts. If we all think long term and row thi boat in the same direction, we can achieve great things for many people in the world.


Hi Tom! Aww I can tell your a busy man, it means a lot to me that you remember my posts. I always try my best to give quality content and a lot of my blogs are inspirational and about positivity. Words are so powerful and I hope that my words even if it only touches one person brings value to their lives.

That's the beauty of Steemit, we are able to share so much with each other. Encouragement, laughter, knowledge and wealth. There is just so much potential on this platform, and I would totally love to row in the same direction as you. ❤


Row row row this boat, gently down the steem...

Clearly, I've been starting at this screen too long. :)


Lol! Wait wait! I see a steemboat! Watch out. ⛴ 🤣

It is inspiring to see how the Indonesian community (Acheh region specifically) is doing so well here. Steemit is relatively unknown in Malaysia but the trend is catching up and we try to spread the word out. @bitrocker2020 is conducting presentations about Steemit to his local community and that is encouraging to see.

I agree that we need more women on this platform and I long to connect with those from my country. There are a few here but we definitely need more! Other than taking commission portraits, Steemit is one of my income streams. I am just starting out but I hope to do well here with hard work of course. And I hope more stay at home mothers grab this opportunity to earn some side income to support their families.

About the posts, I would like to encourage non native English speakers to use point form and simple sentences if your English is not too good. I used simple sentences like this all the time because I don't write too well and I want my message to get across without lost in translation. And please please please don't plagiarize or steal articles from the internet in hope you make some money. This is not how the platform works. Original content please. Even if you just post images, some brief introduction would be great. That would encourage people to comment in your posts.

Lastly I would like to thank @donkeypong for voting on one of my earliest posts. I just wanna let you know I appreciate it a lot 🙂

I feel like this is where reddit falls short. They lack a proper international community that uses there own language.

If I can help further this project please let me know.


We have the power to help others in a way that Reddit cannot.

@donkeypong Nice post! I am a member of the international community located in the Philippines. I am a long-time personal finance blogger in wordpress since 2008 but I am new in Steemit having just registered last month.

It is very true that the top posts which earn good amount are of highest quality. They provide value to readers. Therefore, as Steemit bloggers, we should aim for excellence in every article that we publish here.

It was really helpful Tom. But jumping into the field of blogging and sharing things about your personal life requires breaking of many psychological barriers.


True. And if you're not comfortable with that, you can write posts about other topics (see some of mine with various unusual subjects) or take photos, record music, draw pictures, or create some other medium of content.

@donkeypong great inspiring post. I learned a lot from it. I translated it in Dutch, most of us Dutchies would read it in english. But who know, for future purposes. Keep up the good work!

All I can say, is WOW! what an amazingly informative and educational post. I am relatively new to this platform (1 month) and what I just read, opened about a million doors in my mind! ... I shudder to think of the activity in yours.... hehe (that is a compliment by the way...)

That is also a pretty bold statement... that Steem will surpass Bitcoin... A very exciting one though ;) and I like BOLD people anyway!

I love all the VERY accurate advice given... I do not have anybody editing my content and I do this part time as I run a business and raise a family primarily, but would LOVE your feedback on my thread... here is a link to my latest post and (obviously) from that you can get to the rest...

I have to say - that after a month of being a part of this community, the post I just read (irrespective of intended direction) was probably the most useful and informative I have read yet.

This platform is founded around GREAT values and ETHICS - but it aint for sissies! You need an enormous amount of staying power to hike this mountain...

Definitely up for the challenge :D

Thanks again for the awesome content!!!

I have just joined this community and your post is what will help me make this a success. I have a lot of life experience, I read a lot, and have a never ending love to learn. Thank you so much.

Been hooked on this this a buddy of mine showed it to me. Thanks for all the useful tips from Hanoi, Vietnam! Follow me and I'll give you a tasty bowl of Phở :)

This makes sense. That's what a community is about lifting each other up :)

Am I allowed to translate it into dog? 😂 Sorry couldn't resist. Thanks for the tips!


Why not? If you do, please create a blogpost and share as my dog would likely upvote big time!


Hahaha...I should shouldn't I? WOOF! 😊


Woof woof. My dog is on it already. Or maybe that's his chew toy. :)


Chew toys are most important especially if it's a kitty 😉

Wow, best thing I have read on Steemit.
Engaging and exciting to see real work put in and in areas that can benefit the most.
Kudos and I hope to learn and participate more here from now on!

How can I join a steemit community?


Look for others members in tags that have common interests or are in the same region as you.


Thanks Tom !

cool video

Long read but worth it. I'm speechless right now. I can't wait to spread the word and share Steemit to all my networks online and offline. This article is amazing. You're a genius! Cheers! PinayNomad

Great posts and insight @donkeypong thanks!

I particularly agree with your 3rd and 4th points. If you're writing a post, write it yourself as anybody can lift something off the internet. Original content is what makes you who you are. Secondly, i love including photos in my post, although my photo skills are rubbish and i don't PS them, i think they can speak a thousand words and can attract more non english and chinese speaking readers.

I am working very hard on my posts, hopefully one day i will come across more readers who like reading them, till then, I'll continue to soldier on!!! 💪✍️

This is truly fantastic! @fisteganos is an awesome guy and a beautiful friend, I love that you are involved in this with him! Thank you for making everyone aware, the global aspect of this community is hands down what I love most!

What a touching post! I'm so glad that I didn't miss to read this incredible article focusing on my country, Nigeria, India and the female gender.
The issue of reading and voting on the blog post of others Steemians as you have highlighted cannot be overemphasized. The newbies , more often than not are failing in this regard. I have told them that it is better they visit the blogs of Steemians who started long before them, read their post and comment constructively. It is by so doing that they will gain followers and the much needed recognition, not by vote-begging.
Another key issue you raised, @donkeypong, very close to my heart is encouraging women to join and start blogging on steemit. The women that I have talked to about steemit, including my late elder sister's daughter, @tobimarian and my younger sister, show very little enthusiasm in joining. It might interest you to know that my 69 year old mother is the only woman who is very enthusiatic about steemit and has asked me how she can join and begin to participate. She is not the geeky type, so we are working on modalities on how she can participate fully to share her experiences with us. I was very pleased to see @stellabelle's mum in steemit. Another person too helped his mum sign up for steemit. I am going to do same for my charismatic mother.
The third issue is that of posting original content. Unfortunately, many of us believe in ''copy and paste'' approach or worse still plagiarism. When a fellow Nigerian complained in a post asking who is cheetah? He got some good answers. I saw the post, read it and sent him a private message, warning against plagiarism and the frequent visits of cheetah bot to his blog page. I even advised to take photographs of his city, events and build a true story around them. I just hope that people learn how to be original and not a copy of someone else.
Creation of the AfricaUnited group in of which you are one of the facilitators @donkeypong, tells the story of how you really want us to grow and are commited to it. Believe it or not, one of the Nigerians whom I mentor, @steve1122, asked me not long ago, who is Mr. @dokeypong? I explained to him who you are . He told me that you voted on his recent post, Steve's Top 5 daily post, and that you remain the no 1 curator of his post. He is very happy and grateful. I can also attest to the fact that you have been curating my posts, for that I am grateful. Personaly, I have good stories to tell of @stellabelle and @sykochica. They are incredible women!
The experience of of working with development not-for profit organisations to implement projects,( mainly health) has made me understand the importance of gender mainstreaming. Secondly, I understand gender and income to be important determinants of health. So I throw my weight to support anyone working particularly in these areas of interest and generally for the common good of humanity. Thank you so much for supporting us. I am indeed grateful.

Kind regards,
Mary Onah (@maryfavour).

I forgot to add that remotely (since I am not resident in Nigeria at the moment), for the love of my country, Nigeria, I have been facilitating a group I name - Steemit Nigeria community. Whatsapp group was created and there are 13 of us in there. Twice, I have organised google virtual hangout, where we video chat and participants can feel free to share their experiences in steemit. There is also a time for Q & A.

I am proud of the success of people in steemit.I resolute that I also will be success in steemit one day.
There is only a few day that I know steemit and use it.So,please help me by upvoting and following back freindly.Thank Steemit ! @thargyi

Thank you so much for your great contribution on this beautiful platform @donkeypong. I liked your post, especially your request to bring more women to this platform. Being a woman, I'll try to do my best here. Thanks...

Members of non-English communities, I give you permission to translate and publish any part of this post in your native language on Steemit or elsewhere (the tips are in the last part). You may post it from your own blog and keep all the rewards that you earn. (By the way, I often write “Steemit”, but I also mean that to include eSteem, Busy, ChainBB, and any other Steem-powered applications that allow you to post good content and earn rewards from it.)

Thank you very much @donkeypong.
Information and tips from you are very useful for me.
I @aroyl is a beginner in this field.
I want to learn a lot from you and other steemit friends.
Especially to steemit community leaders in Indonesia.
I hope you can recommend me to @levicore.
I want to be his student in this field.
Hopefully he will accept me, and willing to help me.
Because I am still very uninformed in this field.
Once again i @aroyl thanked you very much.
I am waiting for your reply @donkeypong.

Great post Donkey! I have a bot that I'm looking to get off the ground soon to help the Africa community. @Msp-Africa. It'll help curate African posts.going to put my attention to that after our website and radio shows launch. Resteemed!


OK. Please make sure you talk to me first, as there are some plagiarism issues, etc. that need to be addressed first before everyone is given automatic rewards.

Greetings also the whole community steemit. I also feel like the status you post above, many postings in the language of other countries are also a little in give a vote, as with bahasA Indonesia, and the language that is in the Asian country especially, I as the community of steemit ibdonesia expect much from all Stemian world to share each of my posts to your friends all. Follo me, upvote and resteem @adoelesteem

Hi, i'm a newcomer in steemit. I just follow and give up vote on your pot. I really like the post you created. As a newcomer, will you give up vote on my introductory post? Because that is my first post. I would be very happy if you also want to follow my steemit account @yullierush, For your kind attention and support I am very grateful.

These tips are very useful for me and open my ability to try to make more writing, as @donkeypong explains it is very challenging, I still read a lot of your post because much more science that I should learn about the paper in steemi, Over sharing his knowledge
Follow me..

This good tip sent by @donkeypong has opened my horizon and it is a challenge for me to tell about the events around me, of course I just post interesting things especially about tourist locations in aceh which are still very rarely visited whereas many tourist attractions Very beautiful here. I also like to go around Aceh, there are also many attractions in Aceh that I have visited but there is no media that can be told personally to others and is now very helpful with this steemi, thank you very much @donkeypong who has shared his knowledge and Do not forget to follow So I can keep getting more interesting tips from you

I'm ready to be a head of Russian community

Agree with point 1. Communities should support each other as much as they can. Nice post!

It's amazing how much Steemit can connect people from all different walks of life. No matter what language they speak, everyone has a story. That's why I see Steemit as the social media platform of the future, and one that will impact future generations for many years to come. Thanks for sharing :)

Great article! We are a small group of French to mobilize for Steem / it, and that grows quietly!

I love to read your post content about the growth and growth of steemit in the world that grows every day, not least in Indonesia, Indonesia's steemit growth is growing day by day. As in Indonesia we have established a solid community with the steemit name of indonesian community, the idea of ​​forming this community in the idea by @levycore and @aiqabrago as curator indonesia. We have made the first meeting or meeting at the new d royal coffe.

Thanks to @donkeypong for supporting steemit indonesian community so that progressed extraordinary

Love the effort you are making to ensure that the community grows in the right way, and to help enable quality writers to blossom and flourish on steemit!

Happy to help where possible and play my part in co-creating an increasingly awesome community and platform :)

I found your work fantastic, which I decided to translate it entirely for the Italian community! Thank you so much for your tips, I will make good use of it. I upvoted e resteem your job.

This is the post translate

That's what i call a quality post, interesting information and topic. Thanks for sharing with us

I hope there will be some project which will help to pour people!