It's ON!!! The Date Has Been Set - Perth Meetup is Happpening!

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That's right everyone... Us Perthians actually managed to organize a meetup, and it hasn't taken much more than a week's worth of not talking about it!! We have a date. We have a time, and we have a venue... AMAZING ISN'T IT!!!

It even looks like we're ahead of Sydney... Come on slackers... get yourselves together!!!

Here it is:

perth meetup 2.png

So whoever is in the Perth (Western Australia) area on March 4, 2018 (I know.. it's even happening this year!!), come on down to Whiteman Park in Caversham from 2pm, and meet some of your fellow Steemians there for a bit of social chit chats, and a chilled out afternoon.

What to expect

Leave your expectations at home....Bring the family if you like, your own snacks and drinks, and we'll just let the afternoon go its own way. No agenda, no keynote address or celebrity appearances (except @ryivhnn is kind of a celebrity here in Team Australia, and certainly an A-Lister on the Team Australia Discord), just a bunch of Perth Steemians having a chill under the tress and talking about whatever topics come up on the day (probably a lot of STEEM-related talk).

Why do we do this?

This is a great opportunity to get to know the people behind the accounts who you interact with, and who you chat with on Discord. It is just another great way to strengthen the community spirit within Team Australia, which is already such a great community to be involved with. Steemit is about community, and why not take that community spirit out into the real world and meet new people and make friends.


So far we have quite a good number confirmed to come, none of whom have ever met each other in "real-life" (except for those who have partners coming who are also on Steemit). So don't be afraid.. we're all in the same boat.

Spread the word

If you see any of these great Team Australia members, or anyone else you know from the Perth area, hit them up with an upvote and comment on their latest post, and tell them about the meetup we're having (point them to this post for details). Let's get Perth on the Meetup Map with a big one!!

Talking of maps... Here is the map of Whiteman Park (courtesy of google maps):
Whiteman park map.PNG

Perth Steemians we know of so far are:

@bmj, @nathanmj, @ryivhnn, @gorc, @pixietrix,
@shai-hulud, @cryptodog, @milobits, @back2basics,
@gary-smith, @zaggysteem, @watch-chronolog, @ch00fy,
@shadowlioncub, @gio6, @webcoop, @dwongch, @insideoutlet,
@jonau, @pdng1975, @cassteem , @adventuroussoul, @thecreativerebel

Here are the details again:

Date:Sunday, 4 March 2018
Time:2pm onwards
Location:Whiteman Park - on the Whiteman Park Pool Playground
Bring:Your own food and drinks, maybe a chair or 3 or a picnic blanket.
How to find us:Look out for @ryivhnn's STEEM Hairdo. Thanks to @gio6 for volunteering to do some signage for us.

Hope to see you all there!!


Team Australia Banner by @bearone
My awesome UpboKs by @ryihvnn

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I would be there with bells on if I hadn't lost my bell! :< And I...wait...I'm a what now?! RoFL I don't think so! XD

Anyway look out for my steem mohawk, @gorc's curly mop and possibly @pixietrix flipping everywhere or striking boneless poses :D


Is it true there's going to be a special guest performance from Men at Work?

This is awesome news. Now we are just waiting on Sydney to get their act together.
And it's been added to - for future reference.


Awesome! Thanks mate!

Will be there mate. see u all soon

Awesome!! Glad to see Steem meetups getting it on in Perth! Sadly I'll be away that weekend for work.. so all the best to the rest and see you at the next one!

There is a good chance I will be able to make it, look for the bruised and battered old bald guy.
I'm competing in the National Japan Karate Association competition in Halls Head, Mandurah that weekend. If I survive, I will be there!!


Great stuff!! Will be great if you manage to get over to the meetup after your comp. Have a good one!

Hop onto Discord and chat if you get a spare moment too. You'll meet some really cool people on there.

Please vote me 😅


Try making a comment of at least some relative value (words value... not money value) to my post, and I may consider it. I'll let you off because you're new, but begging for upvotes will eventually get you flagged out of existence... Do it right from the start and you will go a lot further, a lot quicker on this platform.

Oooh, what an exciting development! Same day as Brissy. Who will win in terms of numbers?