My Official Resignation from Team Australia

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After 174 days and almost making it to minnow status on this platform, I've come to realize this 'Team Australia' thing just isn't working for me.

So it's with a heavy heart that I officially resign from Team Australia. (I guess since I had to 'apply' I also have to 'resign')

Admins, please remove me from the @TeamAustralia, @Centrelink, and @MrSquiggle Curation Trails. And I have undelegated my SP to MrSquiggle.


To be honest it feels like being on a football team where nobody kicks you the ball. Although all the BEST teams make sure players pass the ball around to ensure everyone feels like they're in the game.

Afterall if you're good enough to make the side then getting those early touches ensures you play out the rest of the game with confidence, which ultimately benefits the whole team.

Anyway, as you may previously be aware I took a break to work on some bigger picture projects for 'Steem the Blockchain' and thought a break would have done me some good.

But it didn't take too long to realize that something 'Made in Australia' by members of 'Team Australia' still wasn't worthy of this "Teams" attention.

I took it personally.

We did get a few donations of SP to get the ball rolling and I'm appreciative of those donations, but sadly the ball has stopped rolling and it's taking more time than I'd expected to get the support we need to take this to the public.

That said at 'Random Drinks' (it's now officially suspended) on the weekend, I was stopped by a 20-something girl who was curious about the Block Deals homemade T-shirt I wore.

She asked questions and was engaged in the conversation, and actually had the website up on her phone before I even had time to verbalize the website name.

She said "I'll be into that"

I then when onto explain how embarrassingly hard it is to join Steem, but she still seemed keen. We finished with a fluffy cloud fist pump and parted ways.

Blockdeals had made their first sale. Woohoo!

These are the moments I cherish, and I need to spend more time looking for these people outside of the Steem Circle, because these are the interactions that get me up in the morning.

And I had imagined this is the sort of encouragement you'd find at 'Team Australia'.

Sadly, I've been wrong, and despite a few solid pillars in the 'Team' I've been very underwhelmed by the rest of the members of the tribe.

You see when people stick their heads out and spend their time to do something for the 'team' you back them 100%, even if it's something you aren't totally into.

Because 'The Team' is still playing for everyone, even if you want to sit on the sidelines.

I've already seen this lack of team play too many times when members of this team have a new thing and bravely share it, looking for support only to find people are too tight with their time or 'votes' to make that person feel valued.

Perhaps this is why Team Australia fails to maintain a critical mass.

I keep seeing them come through the TA doors and then are never heard from again.

Anyway, this isn't for me anymore.

I'll still participate in Steem Australia events, but I'm done being a member of this group.

Good luck and I hope to keep in contact with a few of you, and it's not for the votes, but rather because I value genuine relationships and appreciate the support you've given me over the last 6 months.

Adios Amigos

PS: This the last time I use the 'TeamAustralia' tag and I will be upvoting this post for visibility
PPS: I'll still be on the PAL discord but please lower my colour back to grey.

Image: Pixabay

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J2R. I am just going to put it out there and ask what did you expect from Team Australia exactly? What were your expectations upon joining the team and what have you done to directly support Team Australia and help build it's profile and community SP for the good of all members?

The community is there as a collective of users who may, or may not, share a common view. If they support a cause, or they don't, then so be it.

To be honest, I read this post as a 'Dummy Spit' as you feel you aren't getting the support from a community that is essentially free to join and asks for nothing in return. Yes, I agree with your view that TA members are sometimes not very active when asked to support a cause, but we all have other lives and causes that we support and if something isn't supported by the community, then maybe it isn't hitting the notes it needs to to be successful? IMO, I tend to fully support initiatives that are put out there to benefit the whole TA community, such as Centerlink, etc. rather than projects that aren't going to have too much direct benefit for members of the community. That's my opinion, you obviously feel differently.

Your decision is your decision, but I for one, am grateful to the Team Australia community for everything the members have done for me. I wish you luck in your future ventures and hope you find a community that better suits your needs.


I think the term you were looking for is 'Rage Quit'
And to be honest I was looking for a 'Team' of people working together towards a common goal.
I get it, Team Australia is just a name.

The people are great it's the handle I'm quitting from.

We're all playing on different fields here, kicking our own ball around the Steem chain trying to reach our goals. Sometimes someone will see your ball and say "hey, nice ball!" And give it a little kick to help it on its way to the goals you're trying to reach.

Team Australia is a very supportive community when it comes to community-driven projects, which benefit everyone. The community support accounts, and members, are a privilige to get support from, and should never be seen as entitlements. That you never got 100% support from everyone makes you the same as everyone else; another team member carving his own path, with consistant support from some, and occasional support from others.

If you bring something to the table that benefits the TA community as a whole, or even a project off-platform which helps a community in need, then you will see another side of TA; a very close community of caring and supportive people.

I hope you find some good support for your personal projects you're working on, and pop back in to TA Discord to have a chat sometime when you've cooled down from your disappointment.


It will be sad to see you no longer part of the "Team" mate. But I'm sure that we'll still be catching up now that we're virtually neighbours. :)


Yeah for sure.

Lone-wolfing it hey? That works too :)
Hope to see you at the Jade at some point, mate.


It's one of my goals, so I just need to plan a trip around the end of the month. Maybe when the weather picks up a little.
See you there.


We'll save you a seat.
Last Thursday of each month from 6pm.

At least you'll still on the steem chain, adding value.


I only want to focus on Steem, and not be distracted by the other crypto rainbows. Maybe that's whats going on around here, people aren't as committed to the one platform as I am.
Or maybe not.
I just need to find the tribe that is.

I understand where you are coming from. I've seen it too, but TA is not something you really need to resign from.

I hope you find a community that is more supportive for your interests.


Yeah, I did it for dramatic effect. lol
But since I had to "apply", then I thought I also should also "resign".

There are 1+ million accounts, on Steemit so I'm sure there are some others who think like me. It's easy to get caught up in the TA bubble, but really wasn't a smart move by me.

I should have lone-wolfed it (as Matt calls it) a long time ago.

And I was lured by the group effect, but on Steemit unless it's a real circle jerk, it just distracts you from finding your real tribe.



Seems like you might fit well with the utopian-io crowd but give me a poke when you do find your tribe. I might join you :)

And removed from teamaustralia votes and feed too..

You've been unsubbed from centerlink as requested.

I've removed your role on PAL as requested.

I've held off my reply but I feel I need to say something in defence of the Team.

First, thank you for your fundraising effort for the Christmas Party. It may not seem that it's appreciated, but I really do appreciate the thought and effort you put in.

Second, as I mentioned to you earlier this week, it's not so much that we don't support you, it's more we didn't see your post in time. I know I saw it hours later when I woke up that morning and immediately resteemed and upvoted it.

You have built friendships and connections in TA in your time with us. To quit now because we missed a post is sad. Because unlike many others, you are a contributing member. You help out and do what you can. I see that.

Another thing to point out and I even think this, is compared to a lot of other events people are raising funds for, a "party" is somewhat frivolous when compared. That considered, I'm not surprised if we (not just you) don't get a lot of support.

That said though, how much support do we each think we're entitled to?

I've made countless footers and graphics for the Steemit community, not just TA, and do you think I get support from all those people?

I don't. But I don't let that define my allegiances because people here come and go. And people have lives, sometimes it takes me weeks to get a reply from people.

So please don't think too bad of the Team. We do what we can when we can. And this doesn't just relate to you, it applies to all of us in the Team. We just have THAT many people now it's getting harder and harder to keep track of everyone.


As I've said before I'm quitting the idea of 'Team Australia' it doesn't make sense to me. I'll continue to build relationships with individual Steemians if they're interested.

To quit now because we missed a post is sad.

It's obviously not just about this post, as that would indeed be sad, but this is the straw that broke the camels back.