And the story goes on.. Part two!!

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I woke up at around 7:30 am and I was thinking how I would make time to write the second episode of my life and take care of the things I have to solve today. But somehow I managed to find some time to write this post because I care about the people who read my latest post and found interesting my approach.

By the way, here's a link to my latest post for those of you who are interested:

As I said last time I haven't decided yet how many articles I would write in this series, but I guess that this depends on the audience and the amount of interest they will show!

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For all of you who will read this post and hopefully the first part too, I will continue from where I left off 2 days ago in my last post.

So, I was around 16 years old. By that time I had already made a lot of stupid stuff, and on top of that, because I got arrested, I got a criminal record and I was going to come before court for stealing. I forgot to mention that in the meantime, over the years I developed a strong personality with huge will power, a lot of the times being stubborn, even with my parents. Many times I made mistakes because I wanted to do it my way, ignoring my parents advice in many cases. You know what they say, the best lessons are learned the hard way ;)

I will also mention another little story I remember since I did my tattoos! Same story here, I haven't even asked for my parents opinion about it before making them. And guess who was the person doing them? Yeah, if you guessed my cousin you were right!

He improvised a tattooing device using a old motor from a cassette player. I remember we were 6 guys that tattooed themselves, all this happening in my house, while my parents were at work. This is what happened when I did my third tattoo. Because the tattoo I chose was bigger and complex, I was left to be the last one that will get a tattoo. 2 and a half hours into the tattooing session and my father left work and came home to check out on me, due to a hunch he had concerning me.

His feeling turned out to be right on the spot and he caught me in the middle of the operation. That was one of the few times when my father hit me. When he opened the door, stepped inside and saw like 4 strangers ,5 with me he got really upset and, without controlling himself, he gave me one slap. That's is! No, no, let me make it crystal clear, he asked me what's happening, I said I'm getting a tattoo, he got mad, slapped once and then left!

He did because he got upset I decided to get a tattoo without asking his opinion about it, or my mom's opinion, but in his defense he felt bad about it and I know that's a fact from my mother. She told me few days later.

This is the famous tattoo I was talking about. Feel free to tell me what you think about it in your comments! I got this idea from a tattoo catalogue,I liked the design and decided to implement it into a belief in which I live my life. I know you already probably heard it many times, but I strongly believe in it and that was enough of a reason to get a tattoo with it. The tattoo says: "Only God can judge me" and is on my left forearm.


The other two tattoos I have are on my calves. This one is on the inside of my left calve and it's almost a year older than the one from my forearm!

This one I did it myself after learning how to build a tattoo machine! I was around 16 years old.


And the third one. This was the last one I did, showing a climbing panther and it's called the passions of life. Same case with this one, I saw it in a tattoo catalogue, liked it and decided to get it. Feel free to tell me what you think about it!


And this was the little story of my tattoos!

Because my cousin was a bad influence on me, by the time I was 16 I would already had done a lot of stupid things that I'm not proud of.

When my second year of high school finished I was really thinking about dropping school.

I was only thinking how I could fix the problem with my coming trial because I didn't had money to pay for a lawyer and for this kind of case, a lawyer was a necessity to hope at a chance to get out of this.

I had the whole summer vacation to try to find a solution to this problem and since I didn't had enough money to hire a lawyer to represent me, I decided to abandon school and leave the country to work in Italy to get the money to hire a lawyer.

In the beginning my parents were against it because they wanted me to finish school because they knew it would be a real struggle for me if I didn't.

Somehow I convinced my parents that I was will drop off school and that there's nothing they can do to stop me.

And, as usual, I choose to do it my way and dropped school when the third year of high school started. I just stopped going to school.

Short after that, in about 3, 4 weeks, a friend of mine, actually a neighbor of mine that was in Italy for like 3 or 4 years said I could go to stay and live with him, and he will try to find me something to work. I spoke with a good friend of mine and decided we would go together to this neighbor of ours in Italy.

So, I went to somebody here in Sascut, loaned 500 euros and made an appointment to a company from Sascut that was transporting people to Italy.

Even today I still can't believe that the guy from whom I've taken the money from didn't even asked my parents before giving the money! Keep in mind that I was only 16!

In fact, I was planning to go to Italy with this friend of mine without telling my parents about it. They knew I would go to Italy, they just wouldn't knew I was going to go with this guy.

I started a whole drama because my parents found out about it and my mother made sure I will leave alone because she didn't wanted me to give money to my friend to come with me. She always said he also is a bad influence on me.

I guess she never liked him to much.

I left in Italy at the end of September, beginning of October. When I got there I was amazed by everything I was seeing, thing being somehow normal keeping in mind that it was my first time outside Romania's borders.

I soon got used to it, and in a few days after my arrival there I was already walking relaxed on the streets looking for something to work.

I was lucky because my friend was living in a city by the sea side and walking on the streets there was a real joy.

A month would have past and we still haven't managed to find me a job. But we didn't lost hope and we kept looking. After a month and a half, one day while looking for something to work, I met 2 Romanian guys that were making money stealing clothes from shops and selling them. So, we could say their job was shop lifting. After talking for a few minutes with them, they asked me how old I am. I told them I'm 16 and immediately they saw in this a business opportunity for them. They asked me if I agree to sell the clothes they will from from now on, telling me that this is a good strategy because if I get caught selling clothes, the police couldn't arrest me because I'm underage.

Because I couldn't find anything to work I decided to do it for a while at least until I would find something to work. I would meet with them every two days and they would bring me a bunch of clothes for me to sell. My friend, the guy I was living at would help me sell those clothes asking his friends if they want to buy them.

We sold clothes like this for about a month and a half. During this time I managed to save over 3000 thousand euros. In fact, I raised the money I needed so badly to pay for a lawyer for the future trial I had back home. But, after seeing that, despite my and my friend's efforts, we haven't been able to find a job for me, I decided to go home to take care of my situation.

Three months later I was home again looking for a good lawyer that could represent me at the trial. I managed to find a really good one that asked for 2000 euros. From there on, this was a stress less for me.

And so came the Christians of 2005,a happy Christmas for me with little bit less problems.

I remember that I was just happy to be home and to know at the same time I can take care of my problem.

Few months have gone by. Until April 2005 started. In that month, when I wasn't even imagining life could throw something else at me, I got to live one of my worst life experiences!

On 14 April on a Saturday night I was out with some friends at a disco and I saw the ambulance. I recall I was asking myself in my mind who's the unfortunate that got sick this time. Fifteen minutes later my mom called me to tell me my father got sick and she called the ambulance.

I left home immediately to see what was is all about. When I arrived home I found out that my father's back got stuck and because of that they called the ambulance.

And now let me tell you how it works in our hospitals, as I believe that's the case with other hospitals in the world, if you don't have money you are left to die! I believe that's wrong on so many levels, but those are the facts!

And to prove my words, coming back to my story, when my father got to the hospital he didn't get some blood tests or any other kind of analysis. The only thing he got was 2 perfusions the hole night. That's it! In the morning was filing better and the doctor decided to let him go home. As you can see a lot of lack of interest, but all until a point, money. When you give them money they treat you like a king. In other words, when you bribe them they treat you right. Unfortunately in Romania corruption is present in almost all the institutions and it's a sad thing especially because of how things look right now I can't see any changes in the near future.

As I was saying, the doctor said my father can go home. And he did. You can imagine that I was really scared and confused at the same time about all this, but I was really happy and relieved when I saw he got better. It looked like it was going to be ok, but after 2 days his back got stuck again. We called the ambulance and they took him again to the hospital.

Once we got there same story, they tried the same thing they did first time and in their opinion, worked and they made him 1 perfusion. Few hours have past already and they still haven't done any kind of tests or analysis! Then everybody got really confused I think first of all, and started panicking claiming that my father's abdomen together with his belly started to swallow and the doctor decided he needs to operate him to save his life. All this before having some results from any kind of tests.

During the surgery they discovered the real diagnosis and they found out that is was actually a kidney tumor that needed to be treated with strong antibiotics before even thinking to operate on it. But because of the lack of professionalism, it was already to late and now this infection was spreading into his blood, provoking complications inflicting him septicemia.

After the surgery they gave him some drugs to induce him into a coma for 4 days. He woke up very confused after 4 days wanting to leave the hospital and go home. Of course this wasn't possible since he was in intensive therapy.

Five more days passed going back and forward visiting him at the hospital. Some days he was better, some worse. In the evening of fifth day, my uncle Marian, his brother, called me to ask me if I could go with him the next day to visit my father, because he didn't had the power to do it on his own. I said yes, and we agreed to meet the next day in the morning.

Next morning, I remember it was Sunday, on 30 April we met and left to the hospital. My father was hospitalized in Bacău, a city at about 45 kilometers from Sascut, the town we live in, as I said in my last article and the journey is about an hour. But, after about 10 minutes into our journey, my uncle got a phone call and looking at his face I understood something was wrong. After he hang up, he said he doesn't want to go to the hospital anymore and that we should head back home.

I asked him what's happening and what was that phone call in fact about. He replied to me with tears in his eyes that unfortunately my father died that morning at 6 am.

In that moment my entire world collapsed. I couldn't believe what I was hearing while I was tried by mixed emotions. I didn't even want to try to imagine life without him but it seems that life has other plans for me. For a good number of days I would often find myself remembering moments with us growing up and a lot things he thought me. It all seemed to be like a dream, which I thought I would wake up from. I just couldn't accept the fact I had to go on with my life without having him around. But, at the same time I wanted to try to man up and support my mother because she was the most devastating from us all and I felt I needed to be there for her. I also have a sister and she was in equal measure affected, but she was lucky enough to have a boyfriend, at that time, to support her emotionally.

I realized then, that a chapter of my life finished and another one was just starting. This was something new to me and I admit it was kind of scary.

All that being said, I would like to take a moment to say rest in peace dad!


This was the second part of my life story. If you like this article and you find it interesting then be sure to check out my latest posts for more exciting stories and show your support by upvoting it! Thank you!



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