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Hello my dear steemian followers and all Steemit users! How are you in this beautiful Sunday?

I wish you all a great day this weekend with a lot of fun and great time!

I bet most of you are asking themselves already, "ok, so why the catchy title?" Patience my friends because you are about to find out...

It all started with a chat between me and one of my closest friends last night. Me and this guy, we go back long time. To get a better idea, we know each other from first grade. We became friends then and we remained friends since then. My friend's name is Andrei. I'm going to upload some photos with me and him in a few moments.

Anyway, so I was talking to Andrei about this platform, last night and he was telling me he red my blog posts and from that, he got this outstanding idea about what I should write about. He said "bro, why don't you just write about your life? Until the age of 29 you got to experience a lot of stuff which will awaken people's interest and would be way more exciting than the stuff you're posting right now! I bet people would get a lot more interested if you show them what you have to offer to the world and therefore they will get more involved if you write about all the adventures you have been through, combined with your drawing talent!", his words. Kind of... In fact it's how I recall it now, at the time of writing this.

This is a print screen of that conversation. It's in romanian, my native language, but it basically says exactly what I just said earlier.


And the photos I promised few moments ago with me and Andrei.. They were taken few months ago, around 3, if I'm correct, in my car (this was when my car was still working, because it broke up in the meantime) while we were going to a city called Adjud that about 15 kilometers from where we live.





The third one, I also posted it on Instagram,so, feel free to to give me your opinion on how you find the filter I used to modify it.

And these ones were taken in a different day while we were coming from another city that's a little bit further, at 60 kilometers from where I live called Focsani. Same place, my car...





I have to admit, after seeing again this photos, I kind of miss my car... Anyway, this is the guy who convinced me to take a chance and make this step, encouraging me that this is going to atract a lot of attention as a lot of things that happened in my life by now are very exciting and, a lot of people would find them to be really cool and will enjoy reading them.

I will say it now, that, despite the fact I'm not really proud of some of the things I have done, I still don't regret anything I did, that including the consequences that came as a result of my actions, as all of this shaped the way I think and act, and helped me become who I am today.

But let's get back to my discussion with Andrei... To be perfectly honest, I thought about doing this before, write about my life experiences, but never tried to actually do it. Until now! I have to let you know that I cherish a lot my friend's advice, given our history and that really made me thinking...

And after all this thinking, I came to the decision that I should try to write about my life experiences because I believe people need to be motivated in believing that somehow when you mostly think there is no solution, or a way out from a situation, you should never give up, and above all, you should never lose hope, because in life, there a solution to everything if you are patient enough. I've been experiencing this first hand many times now.

My friends and followers, what if I tell you that I decided to give you the opportunity to find out my life story?

But, if you think my life was a quiet one, then you have absolutely no idea how wrong you will be about it! 😄

Over the next posts, I haven't decided how many exactly yet, I'll tell you how I got to enter the underground world, in the criminal society, having the chance to meet some really interesting people, getting to know their life perspectives, get in contact with guns, drugs, thieves, criminals of all kinds, and experience first hand life in prison!

Yes, I know it sounds umbelievable, but believe when I tell you that you will be blown away by the things that I'm going to tell you about!

Are you anxious to find out more about this umbelievable adventures I'm about to tell you? Then follow up with my posts and prepare yourself to be amazed because you are about to find out one of the best life stories you will ever hear!


so there it begins...

My story starts around 19 years ago when I was 10 years old. At that age I discovered dancing, to be more exact, break dancing and I immediately felt in love with it. I started to learn gradually becoming every day better and better. I was doing it every day from Monday to Saturday in sessions of 2 hours.

After a while, when I become more confident in my dancing skills and more experienced, I founded a dancing crew. I was combining all this stuff with my drawing/painting talent and I will admit, those were some of the most happiest moments of my life. I simply felt accomplished as a whole, because I was doing what I like and what I enjoy doing the most, and in my opinion, that is the hole point of life and living.

Doing what I love and at the same time what I am meant to do, creating art. Because now, when I look back, I can clearly see that this is my meaning in life, and it took me a while to get to have this beliefs.

And, as I was saying, I was painting everywhere, I even did it on walls of the building I live in! I will be sharing some fresh photos, just taken few moments ago to get an opinion, maybe, if this kind of article will attract more attention... :)

I would like to mention that I'm living in a small town, called Sascut, that is about 242 kilometers north from Bucharest, in Moldova, at about 45 kilometers south from Bacău, the nearest biggest city. In this small town, a thing like this, back in '98 was catching on and I got to attract a little bit of attention while having all that fun!

This is where Sascut is situated on Romania's map. I would also like to mention that the map you're seeing are map's of Europe, but I guess you already know that!




Here are some photos I managed to get from the web of Sascut, the small town I live in!


The reason is written welkomen on the board when you come to Sascut is because we are in somehow related with a small town in Nederlands!











I apologize if by downloading these photos from web and uploading them here on my blog, I infringed copyright, I really didn't mean to do it!

Looking at this photos, you will get an idea of what kind of place I'm coming from.

As I was saying... I founded a dancing crew and I was drawing/painting at the same time. I had a blast to be honest... I don't really have photos from that time and that's because recently something really funny happened that led to the loss of my other phone. I won't get into details and say more about how all that happened right now, but if I caught your attention enough for you to read this article until this point, stay tuned for my next posts because that's a story I will tell you more about in the near future. At this point I will let you know just this: I hope faith will smile to me and I will be lucky in the next few months and I will get it back...I hope...

On my other phone I had some old photos of me from back in the days when I was around 12, 13 years old and I had a crew already. Those were times when I had a lot of fun. I had a good friend called Cosmin, who was in the crew. I remember that I was practicing with him all the time, trying to get better despite all the hits we took in the entire learning process. We just wanted to get to pro really bad and we worked hard to try to get there.


I found some photos, actually Andrei found some photos of us dancing from when we were in like 3 grade. I remember it was like a anniversary, or something like that;) Enjoy!




After about 2 years we were participating in dancing contests and in all kinds of celebrations at school and we were quite popular in this small town. We had a blast all the way!

And, as promised, here are some photos with the so called paintings I did 15 years ago on the walls of the building I'm living in together with 3 more photos showing the street I live on!








They got warn by time as you can see, but they are still there!

When I was 16 I was already pretty good at break dancing and we had went to a few contests, some of which we even won!

In my first year of high school I was a pretty good student, with high grades, dividing my time between school, dancing and drawing. Everything was great.

That was, until a cousin of mine moved from Constanta, a city situated on the sea side of the country, next to the Black Sea, to Sascut. When he moved in Sascut he was around 22, 23 years old and by that time he already had been in jail for stealing. As you probably already predict, he has been a bad influence on me and he played a important role in kind of turning my life around, sort of speak.

This event meant the finish of a chapter of my life and the beginning of another. I started to get around with my cousin, starting to slowly neglect the dancing aspect. I was happy that, keeping in mind he was older than me, he was willing to go around with me without feeling ashamed and I was, in other words proud of myself that I could accomplish this at that moment. Blame if you like, but in my defense, I was young and stupid, I can see that too now, and I wanted to feel I belong somewhere, as I think almost every 15, 16 years old adolescent wants at that age. Plus he was having some cool friends, some of them even looking like mob people, and because I felt that if I make friends like that I could get protection and be cool at the same time, I immediately was attracted to this entourage.

And, since my cousin was specialized at that time in stealing from cars radar detectors and stereos, I did it with him a few times. In the beginning I was thinking that I would only do it a few times and stop, but after seeing the kind of money I was making, I got confused and kept going. Keep in mind that I was still a kid being around 16 years old, and 50 - 100 euros that I was getting each time were a lot of money for me.

This went on for about a year or so, until in one evening when I was 17 years old I got caught breaking the side window of a car in Bacău. Before I got caught I got chased by 14 people that were around that block at that moment, who all made a squad and started look for the law breaker! My cousin ran into a different direction then I did, getting to the car we came there with. I managed to loose those people for few minutes, but I was spotted by a child who was part of the same squad, that felt a bit behind and saw me in a darker area. He started to scream to alert the others as loud as he could. My bad luck! I restarted the run, but it was already to late, most of my chasers being just behind me!

I decided to stop between 2 apartment blocks and try to get myself ready for what was about to happen. Because I knew from the get go they will beat me really bad. In the beginning nobody had the courage to hit me, but they soon got the courage to do it. I got a lot of hits and kicks before the police came and took me to the station.

You will never guess how glad I was when I saw the police officers that came to arrest me! I knew that, from that moment on, nobody could hit me anymore and I felt so relieved for that reason. The truth is that I got beaten really bad, my face being unrecognizable. And because I had 3 broken ribs, I was constrained to lay in bed for a week!

Like this started the first trial I was involved in. After I realized the magnitude of the things that were happening to me in that moment, I decided to stop with everything, as I wasn't planning to go to jail and I was risking this big time!

But I think this is enough for one day, as I don't want to kidnap to much of your time.

If you like the beginning of my life story, then I invite you to follow up with my next posts, as I intend to let you know a lot more spicy details and exciting things that happened to me! I guarantee you this will catch your attention like no other story did until now!

So stay tuned for the posts that will follow...

with love,
Costel Orboiu


Great narrative...excellent artistic drawing...beautiful photos and places @benjy87 you did great in this post and my regards to your friend

Thank you for reading my article and I'm glad you find it a good read. I appreciate the shown interest!

Sure @benjy87 your post is nice... Do also find time to check my blog posts...

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Nearly everything you do is of no importance, but it is important that you do it.

- Mahatma Gandhi

Good quote, heard it before, but nonetheless is really interesting!

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Please share more of your life experience!!! I highly enjoyed reading this well-made and open-hearted post. Thank you for taking the time to write your story and post it for all of us :D

I will! Be sure to follow my next posts! I'm glad you like it, but I can assure you this is just the beginning! A lot of stuff happened in the meantime!

Looking forward to it :)

Very interesting stuff!

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