🥛 Soya Garden - Organic soy brand in Vietnam

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Hi steemit friends:

Today I would like to introduce to you a restaurant is getting hot in Hanoi. This is the first organic soy brand in Vietnam, Soya Garden is getting closer with people through the delicious and healthy soy drinks.


I think, Soya Garden will be more popular than milk tea now because of its benefits , sooner.
Let me visit a garden restaurant in My Dinh, come on ^^


Located on the first floor on the My Dinh Bus Station. View is very broad. It's easy to find it



The entire restaurant is decorated with cool blue tone, spacious. The space is wide with plenty of natural light, cool air conditioning. The restaurant has only 1 floor but very spacious suitable for relaxing, furniture is also pretty.


There are seats for sit flat on the ground, seats for the couple, seats for the team. Very reasonable. There is a fake tree in the middle that makes the room cool. Store also have to Uno, Comics. . . for guests to use. Don’t worry boring







I drink Soya Granita Mango and a piece of cake. See how they put out a wooden tray looks beautiful, very polite. I like the way this decoration.


Soya Granita mango contains soybeans, mangoes and even corn kernels. Instead of Pearl, it is corn. I like eating corn. This dish is exactly what I love. Just good for your health ^^


Cake is quite soft, also made from soy, light aroma 😍




Mainly related to soy foods: soy milk, soy coffee , soy milk tea, waflle cake ,... Next time I will definitely try Bean curd green tea. Heard very much loved it ^^



The prices here are a bit high but I find it worthwhile to use organic soybeans. Average prices range from 30,000 to 60.000 vnd. Equivalent to 1 cup of milk tea
I like soya more milk tea. ^^



The staff here is very gentle and cute and enthusiastic, always smiling, always pay attention to the garbage on the guest table. Feeling polite and professional at ease. Enjoyed it


Organic soy is good for the body, so it's good so I'll come back here many times. Soon I will become a fan. Since soya has opened many establishments around Hanoi. Love soya ^^


Thanks for reading!
By: @thanhquyen

Restaurant Information

Soya Garden
2 Nguyễn Hoàng, Mỹ Đình, Nam Từ Liêm, Hà Nội 100000, Vietnam

🥛 Soya Garden - Organic soy brand in Vietnam
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