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RE: 🥛 Soya Garden - Organic soy brand in Vietnam

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  1. Please write your post in English. This is to ensure that your post is understood by as many people as possible, including Tasteem.
  2. There must be a photograph of the restaurant that you yourself took.
  3. If you wish to include someone else's text or photography, please gain permission from the person or persons holding the rights.
  4. There must be a reasonable amount of information about the restaurant you wish to review.
  5. It is in your own interest to post something relevant to the themes suggested.
  6. Everyone should strive for fair competition. The usage of upvoting bots is forbidden.
  7. Tasteem may hide your post if it is not in line with the regulations set out here.
  8. If you persist in actions frowned upon by everyone, you may be put on a blacklist by Tasteem.
    The next time you enter one of our Contests, it will be nice if you could take more notice of regulation. Thank you for participating in a Tasteem Contest. Looking forward to reading more of your great reviews!
    If you're wondering what to include in your post, here are some tips!
  • Photographs of the restaurant extrerior
  • Photos of the food
  • Photos of the restaurant interior
  • Available menu
  • The taste and quality of the food
  • The overall feel of the restaurant
    Yours will be a great review with all of the above. Thank you!

Minow Support is included in voting bot category. Usually I suppose to cancel your Tasteem upvote, but as your content is good , I will just give you a warning this time. For the future, I will have to play by rules.


I don’t understand. What rules do I violate? This my post

Rule Nr. 6
Minnow Support is not allowed to use at the contest post.

I don’t use the money to rent. This is like a contract. This is the automatic vote bot because I previously registered with them. I don’t rent vote

Ban co pasted cai link nay cua ban trong minnow-support discord promote room khong? Neu ban da lam thi lan sau ko lam nhu vay nua thi minnowsupport se ko upvote nua thi phai.

Vâng. Vì trước đó em nghĩ bot này giống bot teamvn của mình. Đều không phải dùng tiền mua vote. Nên e nghĩ k sao. Từ lúc bị bắt bài này bài sau e đã k dùng nữa rồi ạ

Minh nghi @tasteem se list ra may bot nao duoc xai may cai nao se ko duoc som thoi, ban cu' nho moi nguoi khieu nai di. Minh cung co mot thac mat la neu ai ghet minh roi di mua vote cho bai cua minh thi se bi. lam sao ta? Con neu ko sao he't thi nguoi ta dung account thu' 2 mua bots lam sao biet' chung 1 nguoi hay la nguoi ghet' nhau hihihi. Minh hoi bay ba thoi nha, chu' nhieu khi ngoi tuong? tuong? nhiu qua' lol. Chuc ban mai man nha!

Công nhận nghĩ ra thì cũng có nhiều trường hợp thật @@ khó kiểm soát quá ạ

Just be aware of this, if this happens again, you may exclude from the contest.