Chocolat Grand Cafe: A Tasteem Review

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If you ever find yourself in Cologne (Germany), then one of the places that you must visit (especially if you have kids!) is the Lindt Chocolate Museum. Located within an easy public transport ride from the Centre of the City, it’s a great place to learn all about the chocolate making process and the history of the famous Lindt Chocolate company.

Of course, a visit to a Chocolate Museum is not complete without tasting the goods that they have on offer… and so the Chocolat Grand Café located in the foyer of the museum is definitely a place to have a bit of a snack or lunch to keep those brain cells learning about chocolate!

The Space


The Grand Café is located in the foyer of the museum which is on a little island in the city of Cologne. We were here during the Christmas market season, and so the view of the front of the museum is a bit obscured by the Christmas market tents that were set up all around the Plein.


As you can see, the café is incredibly popular. I’m sure that there are people who would be coming here just for the chocolate treats and not bothering with the museum part!


We were lucky to have a table, the seating process is pretty smooth. You just wait your turn, and the staff will find you the next available table. Depending on the timing of your visit, it will be a short wait or one that is somewhat lengthier… avoid the lunch rush… or the afternoon tea rush…


…but while you are waiting, you can look at these… and take your time fantasising about which one (or more…) that you are going to eat!

The Menu

If you can think of a way to include chocolate… it will be on the menu! Luckily, for those who are afflicted with the curse of choco-phobia (yes, I made that word up…), there are also selections for you that don’t have chocolate. Although, one would have to wonder what you are doing on the Lindt Chocolate Island!

Just for a bit of brevity, I’m just going to list the menu without too much comment. The menu is well presented, with lovely photos of all the things that you are going to stuff down your mouth! Funnily enough, this will be probably one of the few restaurants that you will go to where your main course would pass as a dessert in any other place! It is tempting to order one of everything… but that is the road to disaster!










With all this chocolately goodness on the menu, you are going to need some good drink to wash it all down! Luckily, there is a great selection of wines, teas and coffees… and of course the chocolate themed and based drinks!





The Food


Okay, we didn’t go with the one of everything decision… but we did get a nice savoury cheese wrap, which was the token non-chocolate item in the order.


A plain crepe with chocolate, which was very nicely presented and surprisingly enough for Germany, was actually a very good crepe!


…. And finally, the masterpiece, a chocolate fondue! This was a bowl of melted warm chocolate with a huge assortment of fruits and biscuits to dip and cover in chocolate. We actually enjoyed this so much that we ended up buying a fondue set for Christmas!

The Experience

Oh wow… this place is decadent! It is crazy busy… and it is very much a touristy sort of place, and the prices do reflect that as well. However, it is a nice place to sit down and just have a bit of a rest from the walking and learning in the museum.

The food is great, and the service is very good. They do have quite a lot of wait staff on, I guess they expect the busyness of the constant flow of customers. So, the whole experience was very enjoyable! However, it is really a place to come for a treat… it’s not your local comfy café where you can sit in silence and read or STEEM for a couple of quiet hours!

Opening Times

Everyday 1000-1800

Contact Details

Address: Am Schokoladenmuseum 1A, 50676 Köln, Germany
Phone: +49 221 93188817

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Restaurant Information

Chocolat Grand Cafe
Am Schokoladenmuseum 1A, 50676 Köln, Germany

Chocolat Grand Cafe: A Tasteem Review
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Very crazy busy place!

The menu looks tempting with nice food photography. Thanks for sharing with Tasteem.

Good review as always!


Crazy busy is really the way to describe it! But good food! Thanks for the curation!

Forget the cheese wrap! I would have that coffee in the menu photo with chocolatey goo being poured into it, then a choccy crêpe with cream, and finally a chocolate fondue, as part of my 5-a-day!

Ha ha... I would have passed on the wrap... But my wife insisted on a non chocolate option....

Oh no... Everything looks so sweet, I love it!

It's a great excuse to have an entire meal made from desserts!

Totally agree with you on this!

Now you made me wonder why they have Lindt chocolate museum in Germany as it's Swiss chocolate :) Just a thought.. :)

These places always attract people as most of us are chocoholic. I'm not sure what this museum offers but I've been to one in Prague where we could make our own pralines and eat them there, lol. That was a motivation! :)

But they didn't have such a nice cafe there :) The menu looks amazing! And I guess that you go home at least half a kilo heavier :D

Thank you for sharing! I'm not a chocolate lover but now I feel like having a piece :)

Oh, now you've got me wondering! My first thought was that I had screwed up and thought it was Lindt but was actually something else! Then I went to the museum website... And definitely Lindt! Weird!

Great review, @bengy! Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! I'd be so goddamn fat if I lived near that place! 😅

I think I'd be the same... Or at least get sick of hearing the kids wanting to visit the museum, when they just wanted to pig out at the cafe!,

Now I'm asking myself why am I reading something like this at 11:51pm...I just ate a few sweet stuff just now anyways, so probably that'll cover it, but who can resist chocolates anyway?! Proceeds with another packet of chocolate drink

I actually wonder which fruit tastes the best with chocolates for the fondue, strawberries? I would say vanilla ice cream but that isn't a fruit :P

Ice cream is most definitely a fruit!

Strawberry is pretty good, but melons, pineapple and banana work well too! Apples not so much...

Gotta tell my mum that ice cream is a fruit so that we can get them after dinner! 😂

I actually think cherries would work as well, might be even better than strawberries 🤔 apples are indeed weird, but no one tried oranges right? 🤨

Posted using Partiko Android

Orange might work... You can get candied orange in dark chocolate... But fresh orange, not sure!

Fresh oranges with chocolates, it feels weirder the more I think of it...LOL.



I felt like this might be a touristy place that is worth while the visit despite having to jostle with the crowd and the touristyness...

I love that you captured all the details, interior and exterior of the building, the menu, and the food!!! The photos are very nice and clear, with lovely colours <3

....... i want to stuff my face into the monitor to take part in that chocolate fondue so, so much XD

Gorgeous post, @bengy <3

Chocolate fondue! It's the best thing ever... I'm not fond of cheese, so this was a great excuse to be eating chocolate... with fruit!

OMG...cakes make the world go round. That just to many delicious cakes. Now I'm craving to eat one...

Cakes cakes cakes.. I don't tend to eat them at home... but when I'm out, I can't resist!

That is huge. If I would go there I would gain so much weight lol

Ha ha, it really is an exercise in self control! Lucky I don't live nearby!

Oh my goodness I am so jealous! Lindt is my favourite chocolate... well that and Galaxy! Looking through your pictures literally has me salivating at the thought of eating those deserts! I am defo adding that to my list of places to visit when I next go to Germany!

It's a nice place, and the museum is really worth the time as well! Just be careful at the gift shop!

wow that looks super delicious. if we germans are really good in one thing it is baking bread and cakes!! :)

Both things that we miss a lot here in The Netherlands! Good bread and cakes! Although, we have found a very nice French bakery... Sadly, no German ones yet!

A cheese wrap in the midst of all the chocolate? Wow. I gained 5 lbs just looking at that menu. I hope there is a lot of walking involved in the museum, to work off the chocolate calories.

Oh there was a lot of walking, but I suspect that the eating far outweighed the expenditure of energy...

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