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RE: Chocolat Grand Cafe: A Tasteem Review

in #tasteem3 years ago

Now I'm asking myself why am I reading something like this at 11:51pm...I just ate a few sweet stuff just now anyways, so probably that'll cover it, but who can resist chocolates anyway?! Proceeds with another packet of chocolate drink

I actually wonder which fruit tastes the best with chocolates for the fondue, strawberries? I would say vanilla ice cream but that isn't a fruit :P


Ice cream is most definitely a fruit!

Strawberry is pretty good, but melons, pineapple and banana work well too! Apples not so much...

Gotta tell my mum that ice cream is a fruit so that we can get them after dinner! 😂

I actually think cherries would work as well, might be even better than strawberries 🤔 apples are indeed weird, but no one tried oranges right? 🤨

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Orange might work... You can get candied orange in dark chocolate... But fresh orange, not sure!

Fresh oranges with chocolates, it feels weirder the more I think of it...LOL.

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