The Nightly Task Manager (12.02.2016) - Steemit Posts That Pay You!

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This may be the last night with a reward of 0.1 Steem Power each for the special task, without an increase in income it may have to be reduced to 0.05 for a while. With a little luck maybe some STEEM will find its way into the taskmanager coffers for rewards.

Tonight's Paying Posts

@englishtchrivy - STEEMIT Culinary Challenge # 6 : HOT Off The GRILL
Check out the post for full contest details, pay close attention to the must do section.

@nanzo-scoop - SOCCER SWEEPSTAKES - Round #12 Post your score predictions in the comments section. Also post your predicted time of the first goal (in case of a tie break).

@bola - Sentence Unscrambler #76, Unscramble the sentence for a chance to win. Resteem reward available.
Guess How Many? #74 - How many Sweet Tarts are in the jar, person to guess the exact number wins! Resteem reward available. Hint: Check previous posts for incorrect guesses....

@chessmasters - ChessMasters: Announcing The Second Steemian Chess Tournament - Mass SP Distribution Game Included!

This will take place on December 4th at 7:00 PM (UTC) on This event will last about 2 hours and will have a time control of 5+2. In order to play, all of the participants must register an account on and we prefer if you use yout Steemit username.

@riosparada - Steemit Pot Redistribution #6, comment with what "my true love gave to me" for an even share in the Christmas pot.
STEEMIT WORLD LOTTERY # 20, The winning numbers will still be based on the numbers drawn by the Texas Lottery. The winner will only need to match 4 out of the 6 numbers that are drawn to win.

@safecrack - Crack the Safe #25, guess a 4 digit number over 0000 for a chance to win.

@makis84 - is giving away a bunch of steam game keys, check out their feed and try and grab one.

@allmonitors - BarCodeGame #06: Guess The Last Digit From The Barcode, guess the last number that the barcode will be, you can have 3 guesses so nice odds of winning.

@ats-david - Steemit Winner-Takes-All Football Picks: NFL – Week 13 I don't understand exactly what's going on here, I don't do football. if someone wants to explain please do.... But it has a nooice prize of 5 SBD and 50% of the post STEEM rewards.

Old News: Featured in a previous post but still valid, in case you missed it :)

@jamtaylor - Steemit Photo Challenge - This week the theme is sunset / sunrise. Entries into the challenge usually do quite well. Top prize of 35 SBD.

@papa-pepper - PAPA-PEPPER'S WILD AND STRANGE CONTEST - Round 2 - ART, create a piece of art based off of that photo. The artwork can be in any medium.

@crowdfundedwhale - The join amount changes almost daily, go to their feed and check the most recent post for the cost to join. Send Steem, Steem Power or Steem Dollar donation to their account, after that the bot will upvote your posts. The project needs more repeat donations.

@robyneggs - Winners + Poetry Dice Challenge 5, poetry challenge, read the rules carefully. Winner will be awarded 10 STEEM, 5 steem to 2nd Place, and 2.5 steem for third place.

@chessmasters - Chess tournaments for Steemians with steem rewards for first 3 places. Every steemian can participate. The first tournament was won by @bitsignal. This weekend will be second one. Follow @chessmasters for details. (message brought to you by @stranger27)

@steemprentice - ANN: Steemprentice Account Group Investing, Sharing, Voting, Writing, like the crowdfundedwhale project. 10 Steem minimum for participation. See the post for details.

@steemsports - Almost everyone already bets on steemsports bets.... but some do so incorrectly. Cast only 1 vote in the comments section or you will not qualify.

Payouts for The Morning Task Manager (12.01.2016)



Special Task:

Upvote and resteem this post, then comment "Task Complete" below for a minimum reward of 0.1 Steem Power! Reward will be paid after post payout. Remember you must have made a blog post within the last 5 days to qualify!


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Always comforting to see the likeness of @papa-pepper attached to a post

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Resteem required for task completion :)

task complete hopefully this can be worth the work for you in the end

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