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Today little taskmanagers, @d3nv3r and I are going to hook you up! Either for already having a bitshares account, or registering a new one. The username must contain a - in it. After you have created and backed up your wallet comment below with your bitshares username and you will be sent:
50,000 BRICS
33.333 BTS

This will give you some assets to play around with, save, sell or do whatever you wish. Sell it all and buy some OPEN.STEEM then send it over here if that's what you wanna do :)
I would save your TASKMANAGER for buyback day though, it will be worth a lot more then. You must enter before post payout to qualify.

I have started moving the steemit portion of the TASKMANAGER bitshares asset buyback STEEM to savings. This will be converted to OPEN.STEEM and used to buy back the TASKMANAGER you will be earning. Hopefully a large portion of the OPEN.STEEM will make it's way back on to steemit.
The bitshares portion of the buyback will be earned via bitshares trading. For more info about the bitshares asset TASKMANAGER see this post.

Tonight's Paying Posts!

@luzcypher - [Open Mic Week 10 - Record Your Performance On Your Phone, Enter And Win Steem](Open Mic Week 10 - Record Your Performance On Your Phone, Enter And Win Steem)

How To Enter Open Mic Night

In a well lit quiet room, use your cell phone to record your performance. See recording tips here and here


Upload your performance to YouTube or other video hosting site.

Create a post on your own Steemit account pasting the URL of your uploaded video.

IMPORTANT: THE FIRST WORDS IN YOUR POST MUST READ: OPEN MIC WEEK 10 before any other text in the title.

You can title your post anything you want just be sure the first words say OPEN MIC WEEK 10.


POST THE LINK TO YOUR POST IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS POST. This will increase your exposure and votes while increasing the amount of prize money AND WILL LET US KNOW YOU HAVE ENTERED

1st place nets 50% of the STEEM generated from the contest.

@good-karma - Day 4 - Steem Advent Calendar 2016, Win prize everyday, Leave your culinary creativity in comment section of the post and the 3 best answers get 100% of post reward (50%, 30%, 20% respectively).

@steembets - guess if the selected coin will go up or down, only vote on one comment per post

BitShares BTS/BTC Up or Down Steem Distribution Game
Litecoin LTC/BTC Up or Down Steem Distribution Game
Monero XMR/BTC Up or Down Steem Distribution Game
Up or Down Steem Distribution Game
Ethereum ETH/BTC Up or Down Steem Distribution Game

@makis84 - is giving away a bunch of steam game keys, check out their feed and try and grab one.

@allmonitors - BarCodeGame #10: Guess The Last Digit From The Barcode, guess the last number that the barcode will be, you can have 3 guesses so nice odds of winning.

Steemit Pot Redistribution #8. The Fifth Day of Christmas Pot!!! - Comment with what your true love gave to you for an even share
STEEMIT WORLD LOTTERY # 21. Minimum Jackpot is now $135.15 - The winning numbers are based on the numbers drawn by the Texas Lottery. The winner will only need to match 4 out of the 6 numbers that are drawn to win.

Old News: Featured in a previous post but still valid, in case you missed it :)

@ballinconscious - My Perfect Milestone! - Ballinconscious turns 200 (followers), 1000 posts, and 60 Rep - Celebration Picture Contest, with 85 Steem to be given away!

The rules are simple, there are only three requirements to participate

The Rules:

  1. Take a picture of yourself jumping on a trampoline with a title describing your pose!
  2. Make your self anonymous by covering your face in somehow, I chose to wear a mask.
  3. Have the steemit symbol and/or word somewhere in the picture!

Deadline is by the 9th of December

@jamtaylor - Steemit Photo Challenge - This week the theme is sunset / sunrise. Entries into the challenge usually do quite well. Top prize of 35 SBD.

@crowdfundedwhale - The join amount changes almost daily, go to their feed and check the most recent post for the cost to join. Send Steem, Steem Power or Steem Dollar donation to their account, after that the bot will upvote your posts. The project needs more repeat donations.

@chessmasters -

Chess tournaments for Steemians with steem rewards for first 3 places. Every steemian can participate. The first tournament was won by @bitsignal. This weekend will be second one. Follow @chessmasters for details. (message brought to you by @stranger27)

@steemprentice - ANN: Steemprentice Account Group Investing, Sharing, Voting, Writing, like the crowdfundedwhale project. 10.1 Steem minimum for participation. See the post for details.

@steemsports - Almost everyone already bets on steemsports bets.... but some do so incorrectly. Cast only 1 vote in the comments section or you will not qualify.

@englishtchrivy - STEEMIT Culinary Challenge # 6 : HOT Off The GRILL
Check out the post for full contest details, pay close attention to the must do section.


Special Task:

Complete the task at the top by either having a bitshares account or creating a new one, then up vote and resteem this post. Comment below with "BITSHARES USERNAME Task Complete" for an extra reward of 0.2 Steem Power and issued 0.2 TASKMANAGER on top of the above giveaway!

Example: task-manager Task Complete

Steem Power reward will be paid after post payout. Remember you must have made a blog post within the last 5 days to qualify!

EDIT: If you support @taskmanager from more then one Steemit account you don't need to create a new bitshares for each, you earn TASKMANAGER based on steemit accounts not the number of bitshares accounts.

Example: @virtualgrowth (sorry best example) can still earn 0.2 Steem Power and 0.2 TASKMANAGER per steemit account and only needs one bitshares account.


okay, I got in. Apparently the problem was with my computer's clock setting. Strange, right?

task complete...I have no idea what half that stuff is but I'm game. LOL

Coins sent, have fun learning :)

I'm sending you some COMPUCEEDS, I made almost $100 worth of BTS of of these babies the other day!
buy low sell high :)

Coins all sent

sean-1489 task complete

Check you account and make sure we didn't miss anything :)

autophone1 Task Complete

Check you account and make sure we didn't miss anything :)

Okay; thanks!

I keep getting message:
Failed to sync with the API server.

a refresh should solve that. Should...

Thank you very much, can you please explain what are BRICS,CADASTRAL, BTCPLUS, TASKMANAGER,OPEN.STEEM and BTS, now that I own some ?

wow I have been looking into bitshares this last week. I have the same feeling i got when I joined steemit, confused. Question what is the difference between openledger and freedomledger? and Is this a slippery slope?

They are two different providers to the bitshares network. There are several.
Trading can get addicting....
Buy low sell high


All task Complete

Coins sent

I keep getting some failed to create error on bitshare page
Let me know if you can help with this at all

premium names are not supported, so you needed a - in there somewhere

BITSHARES (best example) Task Complete

BITSHARES virtual-growth Task Complete
Never a need to be sorry. Keep all the great work!
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The Daily Task Manager - Today's Posts That Pay You! Bitshares Giveaway!… /

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Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Coins all sent, have some fun with bitshares.
I adjusted the TASKMANAGER amount for all the accounts and credited 25 for the steem donation. I would post some of that up when I announce an impending buyback.

I will have to mention this on the next Beyond Bitcoin Hangout as people there will be interested. You can vote for me or have a contest to vote for me if you want, haha.


TYVM, I keep meaning to make it to a talk, but he has them right when I'm about to crash from an all-nighter

Understood. Not the best time for some. Maybe I could host a talk at another time if you and some others would be interested.

Not a bad idea,
I'm gonna use the next "Special Task" to direct traffic towards the Guest Signups and voting for their favorite project. (yours is the only choice atm :P)

Sounds good and appreciated. Will make a post to let fuzzy and others know so you get some added votes and support too.

cebymaster1 Task Complete

BITSHARES virtual-growth Task Complete

BITSHARES virtual-growth Task Complete

BITSHARES virtual-growth Task Complete

BITSHARES virtual-growth Task Complete
Thank you for your contribution to #steemprentice! :)

chrk Task Complete

kalayah-thekitchenwitch task complete

I cant find that account name on the bitshares network :S

great, i set it up shortly after setting up this account several months ago. I'm pretty cyber currency stupid and never actually used it. I probably did it wrong. I'll look into it and follow. I didn't read the part at first about posting. So just getting back here now i'll just enter something else after, thank you and blessed be!

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