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My Story and Experience: Voting With Whale Power For The Night

Throughout this post I will be quoting some of the posts I made during my Whale experience

The following are quotes from my initial Whale Vote post...

"If you haven't heard, @htooms, the newest Steemit whale is holding a contest where you get to drive his whale votes for one night!

"I won his contest! Tonight I will be passing out whale votes like candy!"

"I will be voting with over 230,000 Steem Power!"

Now that it has been a week since #takemyvotes, I wanted to share my experience with all of you!

Having joined Steemit only in February I really wasn't sure what to expect for my night as a whale. Normally my vote never moved posts payouts and my reach only extended to 70 followers....

Boy was that about to change!

After emailing back and forth with @htooms I was all set and ready to go, he said I should upvote a post and see how it affects rewards.

So I hit the upvote button...and boom! up $0.78....this was going to be a good night!

"I am just getting used to my new superpowers.....they are awesome!!!"

"I am afraid I am drunk with power now!"

All of a sudden I had a real impact on the community and I was ready to use it!

I wanted to make sure I reached as many people as possible and curated a diverse group of Steemit authors. The Whale post got a ton of feedback and I had a great time talking and interacting with all of you. I upvoted as many comments as I could!

After that I moved into #introduceyourself and gave some new members some big upvotes! They were all very grateful and you could tell they were encouraged by the support! This was one of the most important things for me, joining any new community can be difficult, I wanted to make people feel welcomed and appreciated!

I also spent a lot of time going through sections of Steemit I do not normally post in or visit. I was able to support poetry, photography, sketching, writing and much more! One of the things that struck me was the amount of talent in the community. This inspired me to challenge myself and explore my creative side.

I was inspired to make the following post, launching a new crypto art project and seeking advice from the talented artists of Steemit. 

I spent roughly 5-6 hours upvoting and commenting on peoples posts. I did my best to reach as many people as possible but I am sorry if I missed you :) 

I was absolutely exhausted...people totally underestimate how hard it is to curate, comment and upvote that magnitude of material!

"I have been voting, curating and commenting for 5 hours!

I did my best to spread out some upvotes and encouragement to the community!

I had a great time talking with all of you and supporting your work!

I hope I made a few smiles tonight and tomorrow!

I hope I did all the minnows proud!

I will try and make a post once I rest, detailing this epic night! stay tuned!

So many votes! So many comments! I am exhausted...."

This gif was a fan favorite :)

The Aftermath

I woke up the next day to probablly 100 comments from Steemians  thanking me for sending support their way.

I was in a great mood and call it karma or universe but felt a huge surge of positive energy!

I had made a nice little sum from the posts but more importantly I made a lot of new friends!

I now have 127 followers all of which I am grateful for and many of whom joined me during #takemyvotes

It is hard to sum up my experience as a whale but I would do it in the following words...



Most of all, rewarding...putting a smile on someones face even for a second is worth it!

Ultimately the community here on Steemit will be what we make it, I just hope I was able to make it a little better.

I would like to thank @htooms for #takemyvotes and the oppurtunity

I would also like to thank all of you for making the night memorable!

You can check out my posts from that evening below

This post is 100% Steempower!

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