My Great Spiritual Journey - Astrology, Mushrooms & Ayahuasca (SWC)

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Wow! Mesmerizing! Followed!

Thank you for sharing your beautifully deep journey with us @flauwy and equally thank you for your kind mention, I very much appreciate it.

We seem to have very similar stories around the meeting and subsequent marrying of our first wives .. as hard as it can seem at the time, life has a tendency to hide it's greatest opportunities amongst it's harshest lessons and it's darkest moments. Unfortunately this can only be observed in hindsight.

I have always found that Ayahuasca fascinates me on multiple levels, even it's production defies belief. The precise balance of the ingredients, the knowledge required to understand that the consumption of said plants/vines would act as an MAOI inhibitor .. thus enabling the DMT to enter the system as a slow release drug. Of course if you ask the shaman they will tell you that mother ayahuasca gave them the knowledge in order that we commune with her .. I've learned to believe what they say.

This experience sounds like a profound one and equally within you there appears to exist a strong and powerful energy .. perhaps at the time it was an energy that needed to be focused and directed. Within that instant of self realisation and the appreciation of our connection to the moment you were freed from the shackles that life places upon us and thus free to follow your path.

Thank you for sharing this moment I was really drawn into your words. Pure love is indeed the glue that binds the entire universe together.

I am glad this story find its way to you and resonated so well. There is much I can learn from the knowledge you have aquired from your studies and that you share so beautifully here on Steemit.

...within you there appears to exist a strong and powerful energy .. perhaps at the time it was an energy that needed to be focused and directed.

That's exactly how it felt like. I don't feel very skilled handling my energy normally but in that moment I knew what to do.

Of course if you ask the shaman they will tell you that mother ayahuasca gave them the knowledge in order that we commune with her .. I've learned to believe what they say.
Maybe the got help from _the little helpers_ which connected their mycelium to the plants allowing mother Ayahuasca to speak to them first.

Thank you my friend,

Equally, there is so much knowledge that we can obtain from each other. Indeed an innocent child is capable of inspiring the greatest lessons we could ever hope to learn. Each person we meet has both a message and a lesson to teach us .. alas many amongst us have grown deaf. Personally I'm all ears ;) .. again thank you for sharing your journey.

Brilliant post, @flauwy. It's so well articulated.Man, do I relate. First in sharing the sun in Libra as well. I have had several very similar experiences in my life, several with magic mushrooms, when I was deeply into charismatic Christianity and many other sorts of similar deeply spiritual experiences and rituals, usually with a very similar vision of purpose as you too.

Ayahuasca is about the only thing I haven't tried in my life and I wish sometimes I had tried it when I lived in Brazil for 7 years and studied with shamans native traditions and spiritual visions. All things in their due time, though. I was struck deeply with the call back in that direction when the indigenous shaman from Peru, Olivia Arévalo Lomas, was killed a month ago. I really want to find one of the locations near me where it is legal to do sometime this summer to do a shamanic vision quest and reconnect with it all more clearly.

I first did magic mushrooms when I was a teenager and the trip was the most profound trip I had ever had. Much of what I have experienced most profound in the following 40 years or so was seen on that trip, and so much more too. I saw my amazing past lives, which I later went further in detail to review through various rituals. One was of a Mayan grandmother shaman elder. Probably the most profound was as a priest in Atlantis, which was later seen in other shamanic rituals by others with me I had in Brazil. That helped to validate what I sometimes had grown to think I must have dreamed it up. I saw this huge change humanity and earth are about to pass through.

I absolutely know you found me on my New Would Currency post for a greater purpose to validate my clear calling of late to return to the path of my heart more seriously. Thank you so much for following your path into crossing mine. Who knows maybe one day I will visit you in Costa Rica too. Much to chew and reflect on here.

I would always welcome a good conversation over dinner. Should you ever come to CR - and in times of temporary darkness this is one of the best places to be in the world - please let me know and we can meet. :)

I would love to go deeper into shamanic visions and everything as I feel strongly connected to this kind of work and realms. For now I trust that everything will come in due time and I concentrate on financial freedom first.

That would be awesome. Who knows, maybe one day... I too concentrate on financial freedom first, while trusting the universe, great spirit, mother earth and father sky. If you ever go back to your homeland to visit let me know, as I'm just south of the Alps for now, where many Germans frequent quite often and maybe our paths may meet in this area as well. Watching your video, you remind me a lot of a German friend I once met down in Lignano beach.

Thanks for sharing all of this, as it really has me psyched up to go deeper into shamanic visions, as I feel strongly connected to this kind of work and realms too. Friday I'm meeting a friend to discuss planning a trip for the ritual I mentioned to really go deep into it. I really feel it connects also with current world events/powers, the whole New World Currency change on the horizon and crypto space as well somehow. These are very exciting times indeed.

How cool is this?! I was just listening to that exact same Icaros music a few days ago. #spirituality is my favorite conversation topic, and I'm happy to see you hinting at it here. I relate with you, brother, from the game you describe to the Work, with ayahuasca.

I belong to a line that reveres the sacred plant medicines, and so I'm happy to know our Paths have some intersecting lines. I resonate with what you're saying and at the same time my circles have different ways of saying it–everyone is entitled to their own interpretation of the divine. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin. I honor you as my Relations, and I wish you well on your Journey.

Aho! I feel like we should share a mutual ceremony one day that unites the eagle and the condor in the land of the hummingbird. My journey on Steemit will hopefully allow me to buy some land in the jungle here and create a center for sacred plants and healing without the usual squeeze of money. I dream of a place that is surrounded by nature, constructed with sacred geometry and blessed by the elders. A place for healing for all human beings and magic to enfold.

Amazing. Yes! Good Work, brother. I'm really happy to learn about this Vision of yours, and I promise to do my part to support you in fully realizing it.

oh that is so cool and i would love to be a part of journeying to this place and meeting you all in a space like this <3 blessings! & visions :D

How perfect. Yes, let's meet there!

There is so much to this story that I have to leave out most of it or else start writing a book here.

I read up to here, and just from your post up to this point I think I'd read that book!

Just thinking about this now makes me rock my body again...

Do you remember everything that was physically happening as well as mentally? Because you talk about a lot of things that are physically happening: you sit up, stretch your arms out, rock back and forth. But also, concurrently and mostly, the mental aspect of the experience... Are you "conscious" during it and aware of both your physical and mental states?

We are being blinded and manipulated by dark forces and we all have the power to wake up and change the world. Every person is significant and every experience is important. We are now living in a moment of universal history where something magical is happening that has never happened before. A moment of exponential change through technology and spiritualism. But rest assured, pure love is the substance of it all.

Truth! Too bad more people don't think this way and/or act on channeling these thoughts into positive energy and actions!

Was this something you planned extensively? Did you have specific connections/contacts? I'm asking because it's inspiring and something that I'd consider doing, with more research.

Are you "conscious" during it and aware of both your physical and mental states?

Personally, I was mentally fully aware of everything around me as well within me during all Ayahuasca sessions I had. It is a state of great clarity about yourself and the universe.

Yes, I planned that ahead and I still have contacts in Iquitos. In fact, i am going there in less than a month from now again for the first time since that experience I described here. Let me know when you need more info.

Hey @flauwy I watch your steem show and I wanted to know something and this could be an idea for another video and what i wanted to ask you is do you think YouTube is a bubble?
I made a post about why I think it is a bubble and i want to know how you feel about it Please leave feedback and tell me do you agree with me.


That experience sounds crazy. I’ll keep you posted when I’m ready for more info! Thanks dude.

Thank you for taking us on this journey. I think in the darkest of times is the biggest opportunity to find the light and magic in the world. We sink deep in the abyss to find the clues of how to turn our life around.

I think it was very brave of you to go on this journey, but no doubt has it enriched your life and it was the right thing to do.

I definitely think your life story could be written as a book - I have never heard another story like it ! Resteemed

I definitely think your life story could be written as a book

Maybe when I am old and grey I consider it. ;)

Very good stuff @flauwy. I connected with it a great deal.

While never going down there to meet the shamans, I have heard from those who did. What you describe is an incredible experience. To feel that connection to all things, to be able to identify the source of the entire see the oneness has to be amazing.

I agree we are on the cusp of a huge shift for humanity. Through the advancements of technology, I believe we are going to see the merging of science and spirituality. Technology is only a tool to enable us to reclaim our true powers. Reading the great spiritual texts, we see many references to powers which are not available to use today. Yet they are within us...we just lost touch with them.

Thanks for opening up this part of yourself to us.

I think that the we are experiencing a change more profound than anybody can imagine today. In 15 years the world will be very, very different to today. In 50 years we will not recognize it anymore compared to today. And this is all happening in our lifetime.

I do believe that we are not alone and that they eyes of many beings are upon us as we speak. Something big is happening and it is more than just amazing and scary tech.

What a glorious journey you're on Mr @flauwy. I wanna dare you to read this book my sir:

And once you've smashed that one due to its fewness in pages hit:

You'll realize that the dark forces from the evil one have been blinding us from seeing the truth of the perfection we already have. It's done. You are already perfect..

Wow, thank you so much for the book suggestions! Something like this is gold as every information always comes in the right moment of time. I really appreciate it!

Tis my pleasure my sir..

This might also save you time:

@flauwy this was an incredible read. It was a pleasure to meet you and your father and experience both of your energies in the flesh, which has allowed me to feel the words so much more as I read through your spiritual journey. The beautiful chant continues to play as I write. I am so grateful to have met both of you. Love is the scintilla of energy. We exist in a strange realm and very few of us sense the truth. Thank you so much for your special message and friendship.
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Life is but a dream, a dream of the lower-selves.

I am just as excited to have met you and I believe we met for a reason which will yet have to reveal itself to us. There is much I want to learn from you and I am looking forward to the day where our physical paths will cross again. You are an amazing human being and I am glad to know you!

Great story and post flawy. I am new to Steemit, but am finding myself right at home here. I relate very much to your story. I am an astrologer (finding astrology saved my life quite literally). I am also a poet, philosopher, medium, and for lack of a better word... a "mystic". I am on a spiritual path too and it's a strange day that I do not have some potent connection to the "other side". I have not done ayahuasca but am attracted to it. However, strange as it may sound, I am so totally sensitive to psychoactive substances that I am thrown into visionary and sacred knowledge with the simple use of weed (once a day. one puff. thats it.). My sacred journey has been the most important part of my life, and will remain so. I'll follow you so as to keep updated on your journey. OH! and I am seriously considering a move to Costa Rica! I'm harassing my family up in the States to consider such a move too. I am certain there will be very trying times in the near future. I'd like us all to be relatively safe in another country. Blessings.

Thank you for sharing that with me. I am following you to find our more about your path.

Costa Rica is amazing and many US citizens become expats here.

"I am so totally sensitive to psychoactive substances that I am thrown into visionary and sacred knowledge with the simple use of weed (once a day. one puff. thats it.)."


Yeah, I don't know of anyone quite like me. I use weed for sleep. That's it. But the bonus I get is the deep visionary state I go into. It's not a high either, its an actual shift in consciousness. Funny I didn't smoke weed until I was 57! Then I discovered it's benefits. Yes indeed, I am lucky.

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