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RE: My Great Spiritual Journey - Astrology, Mushrooms & Ayahuasca (SWC)

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How cool is this?! I was just listening to that exact same Icaros music a few days ago. #spirituality is my favorite conversation topic, and I'm happy to see you hinting at it here. I relate with you, brother, from the game you describe to the Work, with ayahuasca.

I belong to a line that reveres the sacred plant medicines, and so I'm happy to know our Paths have some intersecting lines. I resonate with what you're saying and at the same time my circles have different ways of saying it–everyone is entitled to their own interpretation of the divine. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin. I honor you as my Relations, and I wish you well on your Journey.


Aho! I feel like we should share a mutual ceremony one day that unites the eagle and the condor in the land of the hummingbird. My journey on Steemit will hopefully allow me to buy some land in the jungle here and create a center for sacred plants and healing without the usual squeeze of money. I dream of a place that is surrounded by nature, constructed with sacred geometry and blessed by the elders. A place for healing for all human beings and magic to enfold.

Amazing. Yes! Good Work, brother. I'm really happy to learn about this Vision of yours, and I promise to do my part to support you in fully realizing it.

oh that is so cool and i would love to be a part of journeying to this place and meeting you all in a space like this <3 blessings! & visions :D

How perfect. Yes, let's meet there!

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