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RE: My Great Spiritual Journey - Astrology, Mushrooms & Ayahuasca (SWC)

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Brilliant post, @flauwy. It's so well articulated.Man, do I relate. First in sharing the sun in Libra as well. I have had several very similar experiences in my life, several with magic mushrooms, when I was deeply into charismatic Christianity and many other sorts of similar deeply spiritual experiences and rituals, usually with a very similar vision of purpose as you too.

Ayahuasca is about the only thing I haven't tried in my life and I wish sometimes I had tried it when I lived in Brazil for 7 years and studied with shamans native traditions and spiritual visions. All things in their due time, though. I was struck deeply with the call back in that direction when the indigenous shaman from Peru, Olivia Arévalo Lomas, was killed a month ago. I really want to find one of the locations near me where it is legal to do sometime this summer to do a shamanic vision quest and reconnect with it all more clearly.

I first did magic mushrooms when I was a teenager and the trip was the most profound trip I had ever had. Much of what I have experienced most profound in the following 40 years or so was seen on that trip, and so much more too. I saw my amazing past lives, which I later went further in detail to review through various rituals. One was of a Mayan grandmother shaman elder. Probably the most profound was as a priest in Atlantis, which was later seen in other shamanic rituals by others with me I had in Brazil. That helped to validate what I sometimes had grown to think I must have dreamed it up. I saw this huge change humanity and earth are about to pass through.

I absolutely know you found me on my New Would Currency post for a greater purpose to validate my clear calling of late to return to the path of my heart more seriously. Thank you so much for following your path into crossing mine. Who knows maybe one day I will visit you in Costa Rica too. Much to chew and reflect on here.


I would always welcome a good conversation over dinner. Should you ever come to CR - and in times of temporary darkness this is one of the best places to be in the world - please let me know and we can meet. :)

I would love to go deeper into shamanic visions and everything as I feel strongly connected to this kind of work and realms. For now I trust that everything will come in due time and I concentrate on financial freedom first.

That would be awesome. Who knows, maybe one day... I too concentrate on financial freedom first, while trusting the universe, great spirit, mother earth and father sky. If you ever go back to your homeland to visit let me know, as I'm just south of the Alps for now, where many Germans frequent quite often and maybe our paths may meet in this area as well. Watching your video, you remind me a lot of a German friend I once met down in Lignano beach.

Thanks for sharing all of this, as it really has me psyched up to go deeper into shamanic visions, as I feel strongly connected to this kind of work and realms too. Friday I'm meeting a friend to discuss planning a trip for the ritual I mentioned to really go deep into it. I really feel it connects also with current world events/powers, the whole New World Currency change on the horizon and crypto space as well somehow. These are very exciting times indeed.

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