Gasoline Stove 🔥 [Gear Talk]

in #survival3 years ago (edited)


Given to me by my grandfather, box looked dull and uninteresting. Once opened, metal box appeared.


As I pry it open it unfolds itself into the stove. Hmm. Rusty thing. Runs on gasoline you say.


So, i pour some into the tank and some onto the stove itself? Then I light it and it explodes, right? My friend stands back as he records for the youtube fail video.


So, I thought to myself, let's try this. I light the fuel on the burner, it sets aflame. After the flames start to die down, I turn the switch and the gasoline rushes out through the burner and burns clear flame! Magic! I didn't believe it would work. Date in the papers say 1982.


I wasn't even born yet and this thing starts with the first try. Good stuff. Goes into car kit as a backup! Along with big soup pot and extra gasoline canister.

Hope you like the post, will upload the video soon.🔥

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Of course it worked @juozas there was a time in this world things were built to last.

Made with pride, cherished and looked after by your grandfather, still in the original casing - Of course it works...

Now to plan that outdoor adventure, use it for cooking in the great outdoors.

Those were awesome stoves! I used to use one... There was also a Double burner version too..... they go for a good price on E-Bay!
Yeah i had the English version....almost an exact duplicate of the one in the picture....

Ahh - that would be great for long road trips or trail rides - just pull off for lunch, siphon a little gas from the car or atv, good to go. Totally agree with joanstewart - they dont build things like they used to :)

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Hey @juozas

It looks like a nice bit of kit. You just need to go camping now. 😁