Support minnows , Date 11.4.2018 promote content on Steemit

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Hello Steem friends
I vote for 4 people who posted impressive posts every day.
The VP will be about 50% on each post of the selected minnow. This is in order to promote quality and good content on
What are the settings for minnow?

reputation 60 and below
-I will now check comments from my last post and upvote the best commenters posts in my opinion. please paste your -preferable post link in the comment
-The posts have to be relatively good (informative, not plagiarized , not just pictures).
-will not upvote same user post twice in a week.

List for today:

Congratulations to the winners!


This is a cool initiative that I sadly had no idea existed until today! I like to think that my "long" posts are good quality that is at the least a somewhat interesting read.. I'm not sure how this work or how old the posts can be but I'll just leave my link here although it's already a little old in steemit-time :)
Feel free to enlighten me if I've somehow broken some rules I weren't aware of.

Congratulations to the winners...
Here is a post I made it's related to ma personal experience. image
this honda mio assembled into a sister power car because this train is very easy how to make a masterpiece and very beautiful but not yet this early siat start
your fish picture is very beautiful and very unique and also rarely I see in this glass glass iyoo1900

Very creative

Back at it with some more good minnow content. All content isn't for everybody but all content has meaning to somebody.... Thank you and congrats to the new minnows being supported by the great @yoo1900..... Blessings one day at a time but every day blessings of love......

Thanks for that, what a wonderful way to encourage, support and to promote quality and good content on @yoo1900, you just set the pace.

Congratulation for winner today, you support is an awesome @yoo1900. I hope to win your support one day.

Oh my!!!
I'm very grateful to you for the love you showed of my post. Thank you a very much @yoo1900
Thanks for the everytime blessing

Congratulations to the winners.
Big gratitudes to you @yoo1900. Continue to be amazing.
Here is my post:
It's just a short poem about the inhumane acts of people to humanity.. speaks about war, discrimination, racism and other ills/choas happening in our society

Congratulations to the winners. Here's a poem on failure inspired by examination results of my coursemates who are almost giving up.

Congrats to the winners of today.
I'm a newbie here just made my first (introductory) post. Here's the link

Tis indeed a great plan. It keeps the enthusiasm fired up

Congratulations to all the lucky Steem friends today, we wait for the next surprise
Thank you @yoo1900 sir

You're awesome! keep it up

Good Evening @yoo1900,

thanks again for making these Community Great with your minnohelp service ^^
today i post you my profile, so feel free to check out my community helped posts ^^

Hello @ yoo1900

My name is josmar, I'm from venezuela, I'm here to participate in this contest, I have nothing informative, just an anectota of an adventure I had with my wife, I hope you like it and can be one of the winners

Hey bro, thanks for the help you offer here,
I could even find a few other intersting bloggers! Thank you again.
Why do you should check out my channel?
I started do do a blog about Travling without money, without to know people so I start from 0 make my way to new zealand and try to become succcessfull.

Keeping supporting minnows. I am particularly proud of you. God bless you


congratulations for the winners, hopefully the future will be better than ever

Wow... Huge Congratulations to the winners for today.
You've always been really amazing @yoo1900. More grease to your elbow. Here's my link

hello yoo1900 your post i am very interesting and have meaning behind it all, if there is time please upvote my posting this thanks

I hope you'll appreciate any of my posts before I reach 60 lol. thanks for supporting the community, and if you know people interested in curating a minnow with a 6-8$ value per posts you can tell them my name... I try to build a revenue to get out of financial troubles. (so yes i need help from curators, they would be more rewarded than curating 0.18$ posts, winwin situation I think)

Might be a probkem for you : my posts are in french.

Well done again Sir
Happy steeming
Postingan anda sangat bagus @yoo1900
this apse is typical of aceh nature is very delicious because this food is rarely found in other countries because this food once we eat a year remembered
and also this apam very easy to make even though we are not rich people but poor people are very happy to eat aceh a typical apam. image

Keep supporting us the minnows as your support helps us put up quality and useful post.

Check out my blog. You've literally turned me to someone that stalks your post. I am a minnow, check out my post and help me pleae

You never cease to keep up with your good work, may God keep blessing you and lifting you up to greater heights.

This is the entry I, please you check, thanks @yoo1900

This post I create special to make you entertained and impressed. Welcome to the today.

your post is very good @iyoo 1900

Have you even been seeing my comments??

How do i convince you that i got quality contents if you wont take a look at this.

Look at some of my posts

I only have one active post now tho
A shirt I designed.

Congratulations to the winner. your support @yoo1900 is great motivation for US minnows to continue to learn and make good postings. Thank you @yoo1900

Congrats to all winners and to @yoo1900 your the best..please visit my blog..thanks in advance and god bless..

Thank you @ yoo1900 for all your hard work for all the minnows and I really respect your decision.
This is my link, Hope you are interested

your post is very good honest I am amazed with all your posts please advice a little to be like you and I will share some of your posts in my profile if there is time please upvote my posting this thanks,

Congrats to the winner today, keep posting to those who had not been featured.Thank you very much @yoo1900 you have a big heart for helping lifting up the minnow who give an effort,tried and do their best to blog quality post.You inspired and motivate minnow steemian not to give up from this platform.God bless you and more power.

Well done @yoo1900. You are really impressive. Massive encouragement and boost for everyone. Congratulations to the winners.

It's wonderful that somebody deems it fit to support minnows at time when minnows feel neglected on the steem blockchain. Good job @yoo1900.

Here is my link

Congratulations to the winners especially to @kilatunzii. @yoo900, You are doing a great job here. Not everyone on steemit would be this supportive. I wish i can see you face to face to show my appreciation. Thank you sir.

Just uploaded a guide to convert bitcoin to shekels. :) I hope you'll decide visit my blog

Is this post not good enough to get your attention dearest madam?

I hope you like this post @yoo1900. Im still a newbie, and i just become your follower and i have heard news about you. Im happy to be your follower.

Wow this is really amazing, yea its really cool the way you take out time to help minnows and its really goin a long way to encourage and help people here on the steemit blog, thanks a lot sir.
Here is my post link, and its just a short story of my encounter with parents that cant take care of their kids.

Congrats to the winners,.
Its really cool the way you take out time to help minnows and it really encourages and help we minnows here on steemit blog, thanks a lot sir.
Here is my post link,

Is this post not good enough to get your attention my dear sir?


Thank you.

As you continue to motivate and inspire us, so shall we continue to produce quality content to better this platform. Personally, I have been a beneficiary of your good works and I can testify to how life-transforming that can be. If we had more people like you, the steemit community would be a much better place. I haven't been here long enough, but I hope that soon enough, I will find my feet and follow your foot steps. Day in day out, a lot of useful content is being buried and unrewarded. I Hope that some day soon, I will join you in your efforts to support minnows.
Thanks a lot @yoo1900

Congratulations to today's winners. Here is mine also for consideration.

Thank you for the opportunity @yoo1900.

Here is mine also to consider.

Such a generous act @yoo1900. God bless you. :)

Congratulations to the winners, i definitely hope someday i'll be announced to.

I saw your nice posting well.

I am not good at English very well and I did not fully understand your writing.

However, I understand that it is a good activity to support people whose reputation is below 60

Thank you for your posting and I hope to see your posting often.

I am introducing Korean food.

It is my goal to introduce Korean food to the world.

I would appreciate it if you come to my blog.

Have a good day ~ !!!

hey, sir we are working for create World first blockchain based tv channel! Let meet our team! thanks!

Hey man, I will check out your plans on this sounds Interesting!

hey,thanks for watching!

Happy to see new project's and this sounds great!

sir help these guys :P @yoo1900

@yoo1900 its good to have people like you who are interested in helping minnows grow.
heres is the link to a poem I posted titled the Weak Mind I hope you like it

congratulations ya have won from @yoo1900. hopefully always succeed, @dewinurramadana always spirit yes.

Thank You sir, you are really great.

for the next leave your link of your last publication

I celebrate all those who've been curated by you sir. You are the real oxygen to the soul

(Espero que los de habla hispana tengamos chance en esta excelente propuesta que usted hace Sr @yoo1900).

Igualmente prepararé la versión de este post pero en Ingles

Wow thanks alot @yoo1900 I am so happy to be one of the lucky winners, it a dream come true. Thanks again

Congrats to you! I celebrate you. It is well deserved.

enjoy the reward you deserve it for publishing quality content continue like this and you will see the change.

Thanks I will surely continue like this, with such an encouragement.

Yeah.. we should post quality things and there is a reward for good things...

Your are beacon of hope to the minnow steemians, they wait for you to show up and do that acts you love doing showing love

Here is extract from the post

the history of the world is but the biography of great men

The roles of men that dare explore their innate abilities has shaping the world we live in,

Here is the post

The Triumph Of Pheidippides: The Positive Risk That Originated The Marathon Race

I create amazing content today.
I want to be like my friends at the top. I want you to see my blog.
Thank you @Yoo1900

if you give 100% of you every day you will be like @ yoo1900 someday ..

I adore what you are doing.

I hope you don't stop and keep doing it