WOW - @super8ballclub is here at Steemit - Verification

in super8ballclub •  9 months ago

This could be the next Killer App! What can I say? I really have trouble with words this time. To me this is so fantastic.

Earn STEEM for winning the matches and lose nothing otherwise



  • My game tracking name: ramta
  • Reputation: 64.531
  • My Steem username: @Ramta

Let us play the game - Get me verified

Have a very good game everybody

@Ramta Reddington

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WOW @Ramta
Suddenly, I really have to hurry and buy an 'android' mobile phone.

You must acknowledge that I always win in pool!!!!
All honor to @princewahaj, whom I imagine, has worked a lot to get this game up and running. This is genius! I'm looking forward to join. Be aware @Ramta, one of these days....
Best regards from


Hi @barbro, I too have the same problem, I have an iPhone unfortunately so to enjoy the game I have to buy a mobile "android".
My respects also to @princewahaj for his effort and creativity, without forgetting @ramta who showed us this game.

Best Regards @Redouanemez

Hi @ramta

Your account is now verified. Please click on "Switch Account" and repeat the login process again.

You can join us on discord to be able to quickly find your opponents and play with each other. We will be sharing quick updates on our discord channel as well.

Here's an invitation link for you:

Thank you!


My game tracking name: rupok
Reputation: 53.2
My Steem username: @Rupok
Please help me to get verified.I am just dying to play the game.Thank's a lot to @princewahaj for such game.

Hi @ramta, Thank you for helping us spread the word about this application and thank you for all the compliments.

Looking forward to have you in our discord group.

Hva har skjedd med OBN? Savner det!


Hei @Susanne

Takk som spør! Vi savner også OBN. Det som skjedde var at vi gikk ut for hardt for fort.
@Gyldenhorn ble nesten lagt inn på sykehus og fikk en skjelettsykdom på grunn av stress, som tar et år før den er borte igjen.
Både @ErlendGroseth og @Gyldenhorn driver firmaer for å overleve i "the rat race" eller tidsklemma som vi sier på norsk.
Det er bare jeg som lever av Steemit og det er jammen jobb nok spør du meg, men så vil jeg mye da. Jeg lever fint av Steemit og klarer fortsatt og Powre opp, men siden jeg har lyst til å etablere meg skikkelig med Steemit resten av livet så krever det sitt. Bare vent å se, jeg blir kanskje milliardær av dette her.

Konklusjon: Det tar nok en stund før du ser OBN igjen, dessverre.

Tusen takk for stemmene du gir meg. Jeg syns ikke det passet å stemme deg helt opp her inne så jeg stemte mest på din siste post:

Jeg nyter å lese postene dine når jeg får tid. Du er jo en av de første jeg fulgte på Steemit. Til Australia og hele pakka. Oj, nå begynte jeg å mimre her jeg satt.

Kanskje får jeg en milliard bonus denne gangen:

Ha det fint til vi snakkes igjen @Susanne
@Ramta Reddington


Sir, I gave you 3 SBD. You did not give me upvote

Hello @ramta!
Oh wow i love to play at the 8 ball, of course I will be a participant, and above all we can earn steem without risk.
And also especially that I trust you and the fact that the game is yours it reassures me more.
Best regards


Hello @AmalMez

The game is not mine! I made this post so I can be verified to play online with other Steemians.

Read everything carefully here:

I have the game on my cellphone (mobile phone) and I think it is fantastic.

It is the first ever multiplayer-based pool game which allows you to earn STEEM for winning the matches and costs you nothing when you get beaten by your opponent. You know what's the great part? All the players will be Steemians playing with each other in multiplayer mode.

So you can play with your Steemian friends and other Steemians all over the world.

From Norway with Love
@Ramta Reddington


Hi again sir @ramta!

Thank you very much for sharing information. and I will also enjoy fun and gain.


Hello sir @ramta
Thank you for this beautiful game you have suggested to us, i have uploaded it and completed the registration process and now i just got activated. And I hope to compete with you in the game someday ;)


This is my post link:

Best Regards @gagago

Are you telling me that we can win Steem by playing, but we don't have to risk losing anything at all? That's amazing! Opportunities like this is only found on the Steem blockchain. Thanks for sharing this with us, @ramta :)

Yes great game , i will promote it in my youtube channel
we have all we need in steem its great :)


If its snooker then i can't play that game. Good luck who can :)

Thank you @ramta ! for this opportunity, I like games, I just want to know if we can play on computer or just on mobile phones ?

Best Regards @Redouanemez


Hi @redouanemez,I think it only works on a phone or tablet with android,not to worry they are working on iphone release!

hello @ramta
I installed the application but I found a problem during the identification.
when i click on sign up on steem blockchain, he pulls me to a blank page

I also wanna play this game.But i don't know how to play?But surely i will find a way to play this game and will help you.This is simply awesome to win crypto by playing game.

I have got it.I am gonna play now.

I try to play.. @ramta.

The Multiplayer Pool Game - Powered by STEEM Blockchain


Come join the club today. Download @Super8BallClub from Play Store. Win the matches to earn STEEM/SP.

Wow looks like many games are coming on the steem blockchain earlier too my fav game came and now this lets see :D

How to register for Super 8 Ball Club?
Step 1: Download the app from Play Store, install it and run it. You'll see the Login page. Please click on "Register here" button.

Step 2: Registration panel will pop up. Write the information correctly.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the Menu. As you can see, the Play button is disabled by default and it says that you are "Unverified User". You need to verify your Super 8 Ball Club account.

Hello Dear Sir @Ramta Reddington,

8 Ball is one of my favorite game. I will definitely register for Super 8 Ball Club & play the game & win lots of Steem.

Thank you so much Dear Sir @Ramta Reddington for share this information with us & also giving us the opportunity to earn a lots of @Steem while having play 8 Ball for fun.


@ramta please refand my 10 steem
I sand 7 days ago but not get upvote

Main Features Of This Game
1: It will be played by humans against each other (steemians) .
2: STEEM can be earned by playing this game.
3: Fraud prevention system is unique.
4: Customizable avatar feature
5: Chat over game room .
6: 100% security for steem account .
7: 8+ tables to play.
8: 20+ cues to play.
9: Daily reward system for playing ads .
10: Share Conversion request.

Hai @ramta

hopefully with this Game
more chances of winning and success to get started
thank you for this information

Regards @sultan-aceh

Very nice @ramta! Thank you for sharing this android steem blockchain game. I love playing the 8 ball too! I have an android phone so I will install this application and start playing and trying to earn steem.


Another opportunity to have fun with my steemian friends:)

Let me post here the link of the super8ballclub introduction page :

Have fun everyone

Looks like it is for android only for now. I will wait for ios version.

If you like playing poker, join @spl (Steem Poker League) and play poker at where Steemians play friendly poker games. Lots of freerolls, tournaments and ring games.

Hope to see you there on day :)

Here is a discord link for SPL

This I will absolutely have to check out!!! :O Thank you for helping me discover it. Gaming meets steemit, can't get better than that :D

Dear ramta really this is too good and I want to play this with you.
Love you

I've downloaded it and I'm only learning how to work that looks easy as the game is a chance to get to know new people


@ramta, It is a good game! I enjoyed it a lot. Even though I am really not a good player. I used to download billiard games, so now I'm gonna try and play again. Well, I can only play on my phone though. 😅



"Earn STEEM for winning the matches and lose nothing otherwise"

Wow! It's fantastic! Steem-producing game is great fun. I am very grateful for you because you have been kind enough to share all this for us. Thanks @ramta!

sir amazing game you shared
that great .
go ahead

resteem done

Play the 8 Ball Super & win rewards.


Thank you so much Sir @Ramta Reddington.

this is amazing.............
great games
thank's for sharing

amazing concept


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It's a beautiful actually. I see the publication original and i liked but I did activate my account yet. Will work on it soon. Thank you for sharing @ramta
I hope to play in it one day

Hello Mr Ramta

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@ramta I want to play

@ramta 4 days gone ... not received upvote yet..

thanks a lot friends

Its a great news, it wil be super games, i appreciate you and best wishes for you.

Great works, I wish you success @ramta

Thanks for sharing your valuable post..
hopefully with this Game.
My support will for your every post .
I wish you success in this steemit by your game post.
Carry on your activity ..
Best of luck..
followed // /// upvoted ///// resteemit done..


Yes great game , If you agree than I will promote it in my youtube channel as early as possible.


just amazing great to share;
resteem done

@ramta sir how can i verify my game account?Please help me to verify my account.I have used your name as referral user name.

I delegated some SP your way. Exciting to see projects like this taking shape. Good luck!

wow great news thanks for sharing @ramta

great job
keep it up with your great sensation
thank you

hi @ramta
thanks for share my friend
but i am very unhappy for you because i am give you 0.10 few days ago but you don't upvote me

Sir, I gave you 3 SBD. You did not give me upvote

really great and,, i love to read it...

hay, Ramta, will not be able to be in the steem today due to hard work in the office. Relax, and we talk more zooooooon. Cordially: Parkers....

wish you will be successfull .
keep it up

Such oppertunties are only found on the amazing and incredable steem that playing game will earn you steem, there is nothing like than this wonderful oppertunity..
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post..

Wow ..... Fantastic, This game is very satisfying to produce articles that you show very fun. I am very grateful to you because you have been kind to share all this with us. Thanks from @albanna photography to @ramta!

Outstanding post and amazing photos. Thank you for sharing

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote..


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That's a super duper thing to know today wow playing it right now thanks for sharing that update lets play some game

wow now playing could be rewarding too and thanks to you for sharing this update

good idea all time suport have a nice day.

you are great.
you are able to create a game.
I believe. your game must be very good.
I hope I can play the game with you.
it is an honor for me.
success always to you and to your game.


this is great, how does one start playing. I'm so in.

that's great now pool game can be played with friends on steemit

What a great concept! Rise in the no. of participants is incredible. Witnessing good audience and very much welcomed by the steemians. I am busy being a pro already 😁

Dear @ramta I love to play this game..

Can you play with me..?
Love you also..💜💜💘

Dear @Ramta

Some photo edit for you
I think you like this

#Ramta reward!!!!

ramta reward.gif


Your Best Regard @Applo

Thanks for information on this game i most used this game @ramta.

I've just been thinking about this game, I'm sure it's the one my hubby plays all the time, he is obsessed with it.

great games@ramta

Hi ramta this a good game and i wish to play the game

Awsome @ramta,I have been playin for a week now,cant wait to see you at the tables!

WE could make side bets,or Ramta contest!

@ramta. Dear brother how can we start that game any detail u want to share with me .

Something new and this is the greatest game, where only people who have a #steemit account can do it in the game and get rewadr steem


Dear @ramta
i want to play this with you. super8ballclub this is amazing
Thanks for this

later we play together. but if it runs out steam power me, in the change yes

Wow! its really amazing. I like to super8ball. Thanks again @ramta

I Like you ,And am follow you mr @ramta

I also wanna play this game.But i don't know how to play?But surely i will find a way to play this game and will help you.This is simply awesome to win crypto by playing game.DQmZjGciBnRmkwV8GL6kghcLG7WTmG7G67YH5XbRAg27yMn_1680x8400.jpg

wow. It's great . Thanks for share this post. You have a new follower BTW 😊


My buddy actually set up this game to my phone. I saw it was perfect. but there is a photograph I have to take to verify my account ..
I did not do it because I was a bit busy. but I will!
and then maybe we play with each other :)

This sounds fun and useful!

nice game i will Participate im READY to WIN :)

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So I was wondering you'd give a click in order to approve one witness more ?


I would have used a messaging platform but have no idea where you are lurking ( ? discord ?). In case you feel like reading the whole story, feel free to drop by and inspect the application

Good post @ramta, I like your post, and I want to share this post, so thank you buddy

Will you please tell me how much steem I can earn weekly

Your game is so cool man.


I am a big fan of pull game. I also like your amazing game. i also want to play this game. Thank you sir.

let's play with my master @ramta

you got the great point here