Introducing Super8BallClub: The first ever multiplayer-based pool game for Android - Powered by STEEM Blockchain - Using PlayFab and Photon Technology - Get paid for winning the matches!

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Dear STEEM community,

I've been giving the hints in my countless posts of how hard I'm working on something special for STEEM community. Now, after the months of tough and sweaty work, I'm really excited to announce the project to the public. So ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce:

Super 8 Ball Club
Super8BallClub's Official Website Google Play Store

What is Super 8 Ball Club?

Super 8 Ball Club is an android game that I developed in c# and javascript with my friend. It is the first ever multiplayer-based pool game which allows you to earn STEEM for winning the matches and costs you nothing when you get beaten by your opponent. You know what's the great part? All the players will be Steemians playing with each other in multiplayer mode.

On STEEM Blockchain, we have an alternative of YouTube and that's DTube (special thanks to @heimindanger for developing that application). We also have an alternative of SoundCloud and that's DSound (a big thanks to @prc). What's more? We have a greatest @utopian-io project on STEEM blockchain which rewards steemians for their contributions to open-source projects. (hats off to you @elear) How exciting! In short, we've covered almost everything but I noticed that gaming on STEEM blockchain is missing.

I started considering to develop a game for STEEM community which could hold the potential to trend worldwide. Actually, it all started with an idea which I shared with @donkeypong. He not only liked the idea but encouraged me to start working on it. Then I shared this idea with some other big stars of Steemit and they were really excited but they all had one question; "Which game you're going to develop?" I had one answer and that was "Super 8 Ball Club" (i.e pool game).

Why Super 8 Ball Club?

If you're not living under the rock, you'd be aware that 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip is trending worldwide and so far, it attracted more than 100 Million Downloads from just Google Play Store alone. It made me realize that pool games are more popular than any other games. Furthermore, it's fun to compete in a skill based game instead of purely luck based games. Choosing the genre of the game wasn't a tough decision to make for me but committing to develop the powerful app for Android users was a challenging task.

Main Features of Super 8 Ball Club:

Here are the main features of the game:

- Play against real humans with multiplayer (i.e steemians)

Using Photon Realtime technology, Super 8 Ball Club allows you to play the game on multiplayer and also in practice mode with minimum to no lag. For both things, you need an internet connection. In multiplayer, when you choose the board on which you wish to compete, it starts searching for an opponent and randomly assigns the player who was also looking to play on the same board. The great part is that all the players will be Steemians as we only allow access to boards to the verified STEEM users. All players' names will match their STEEM account names. Imagine the fun when a minnow would be playing with a whale? Wouldn't it be a fun to play? Hell yeah!

Play Mode

- Earn STEEM for winning the matches and lose nothing otherwise

In Super 8 Ball Club, there are two in-game currencies:

  • Coins
  • Shares

Coins are used to pay the board fees just like any other game and you get x2 of fees paid when you beat your opponent OR you lose the fees if you lose the match. You can buy cues and chat packs with coins. The more matches you win, the more coins you will earn. Coins let you play the game by paying the fees. If you have more coins, you can play big matches and earn even more. Coins by itself don't have any monetary value.

Shares are convertible to STEEM. Upon winning the match, not only you get x2 of fees paid (in coins) but you also get shares. Unlike coins, you can't lose your shares once earned. To earn more shares, you need more coins to be able to play more matches or big matches. You can request us for converting the shares into STEEM. Your STEEM will be transferred to your STEEM Blockchain Wallet.

We use the following formula to determine your share from Super 8 Ball Club reward pool:

Your requested shares conversion / Total number of shares requested for conversion by all players x 100

The above formula returns a percentage. We will multiply the reward pool with that percentage and your STEEM/SP will be sent to your STEEM Blockchain Wallet.

- Unique fraud prevention system

Unlike 8 Ball Pool, you get paid for winning the matches at Super 8 Ball Club and lose nothing when otherwise. Due to the nature of the game, it is highly expected that a large number of people will try to use fraudulent methods to earn more.

In order to prevent fraud (or reduce it to the minimum), we use multiple fraud prevention techniques. We've implemented some security measures in the game that will allow us to track the activity of the player. But more than that, we've implemented the greatest fraud detection technique and that's to require STEEM identity verification from every registered player. Once the player is verified, he will get access to the boards. (Scroll down the page for more information about verification system).

- Custom avatar option

In Super 8 Ball Club, we allow you to set your custom avatar.

enter image description here

In order to change the default avatar to your own, click on "Avatar" from the Menu. Player Statistics page will pop up. There you will see "Pencil" icon, click on it, paste your "Image URL" to that field and click save.

- Chat over the game room

Using Photon Chat technology, we allow gamers to chat while playing the game in multiplayer.

enter image description here

We don't support custom messages right now. We give one chat pack by default to everyone but if you want to buy more chat packs, you can buy from "Shop" within the game using your "Coins". However, the default pack will be enough for you to start with. Wouldn't it be amazing to chat while playing with your opponent?

- 100% Security for STEEM accounts

Security is our main concern. Initially, we had the intention to use SteemConnect for authentication but we had to change our intention. Why? if games like Assassin Creed and 8 Ball Pool are not safe from hacking attempts, how can we ensure the security of our app? In fact, all games are hackable. The key is to keep all the important stuff on the server side and that's what we do.

Instead of using SteemConnect, we use PlayFab to store the player data and statistics, the database which is used by SEGA, CAPCOM, Miniclip and other big names. Your STEEM accounts are 100% secured. You know why? because we never ask you to use your STEEM passwords. Rather, we ask you to register an account on our PlayFab database through our game. (Learn more about registering an account below).

- 8+ Tables with different board rules and rewards.

In Super 8 Ball Club, we have 8+ tables. Each table has different entry fees and rewards. Some boards are easy while some boards are hard.

enter image description here

We have: London, Sydney, Moscow, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Jakarta, Toronto, and Sheffield. The last one is the most challenging board but the most rewarding one too.

- 20+ Cues available to purchase with in-game coins.

We have 20+ cues available in our shop. You can purchase your desired one with your in-game coins.

enter image description here

Each cue comes with different force, aim and timing. You will have the advantage of nice aim with powerful cue and the game will become easy for you (except the Sheffield board).

- Daily coins reward system & paid ads system:

By default, when you register at Super 8 Ball Club, you receive 500+ coins for free to start playing with. Furthermore, we have a daily coins reward system. You can claim up to 300+ coins a day from our daily coins reward system.

Claim Rewards

If that's not enough, you can watch ads and get 50+ coins for every completed ad view. We can't give you a guarantee of the availability of ads though.

- Shares Conversion Request:

As explained above, Coins don't have any direct monetary value but Shares is convertible to STEEM. Please come to the Menu and click on "Convert Shares". Click on Submit.

enter image description here

We will apply the formula, verify your activity and request manually and if you pass our manual review, you will get your share of rewards in your STEEM Blockchain Wallet.

How to register for Super 8 Ball Club?

We don't want to let bots destroy the game. We want real humans to play with each other and enjoy the STEEM rewards. To ensure that we allow only real humans, we use unique fraud prevention technique. Please take a note that you must have a STEEM blockchain account when registering with us. For using Super 8 Ball Club, you don't need your STEEM Blockchain passwords. Follow the steps:

Step 1: Download the app from Play Store, install it and run it. You'll see the Login page. Please click on "Register here" button as shown below:
enter image description here

Step 2: Registration panel will pop up. Write the information correctly:
enter image description here

  • Enter your email address that will be used to recover the password of your game account when you ever forget it. We don't send confirmation emails so please write carefully.

  • Enter your password (min 6 characters). Please use the strong password only. (Note: Don't paste your STEEM account passwords, we don't need your STEEM password. This is a game account which is separate from STEEM blockchain account).

  • Please enter your unique tracking name. You will be asked to write your tracking name during the verification process. More information about verification process is available within this post.

  • Please enter your STEEM username without "@". (i.e princewahaj in my case).

  • If you're referred by someone, please write his STEEM username without "@". Leave blank if none.

  • Hit "Register" button.

Step 3: You will be redirected to the Menu. As you can see, the Play button is disabled by default and it says that you are "Unverified User". You need to verify your Super 8 Ball Club account.
enter image description here

How to verify your Super 8 Ball Club account?

Verification system allows us to filter the fake people and keeping the fraud to the minimum level. Please consider the following:

If your STEEM account reputation is less than < 60

Please take your picture while holding the piece of paper/board (not anything special, just a blank paper). Write your STEEM username and game tracking name on that piece of paper or board. Your face, STEEM username and your game tracking name must be clearly visible. Write a post on STEEM blockchain and upload your taken picture (the one which meets the above requirements) in your post. Make sure to use "super8ballclub" tag when posting on steemit.

See the picture for an example. (It can be a piece of paper but you must be holding it in your hands).

enter image description here

If your STEEM account reputation is more than > 60

Please write a post on STEEM blockchain with your game tracking name. Make sure to use "super8ballclub" tag when posting on steemit.

Once done, please wait for 24-72 hours and we will enable your account as soon as we verify your identity.

How are the winners rewarded after submitting the shares conversion request?

We have an official project account @super8ballclub. We will use the beneficiary system to reward the winners. After the player requests us to convert the shares into STEEM, we will verify his activity and if he passes manual review, we will include him in the "eligible for rewards" list. We will make a public post on STEEM Blockchain with their names on each post and will assign the appropriate percentage as beneficiary rewards and vote accordingly. They will get their prize in SP.

Why using STEEM Blockchain?

It's difficult to keep blockchain as a database for saving game statistics. And it doesn't make sense to fill the blockchain with garbage like "Player X poted the white ball" etc stuff. In our opinion, the greatest approach to keep the game on STEEM blockchain is by keeping the winner names and their requested shares count on STEEM blockchain and rewarding them in SP with the beneficiary system.

Delegate to @super8ballclub & Welcome Millions of Users on STEEM Blockchain:

No project can be successful without the support of community members. We know that there are people in this community who would love to support the development projects selflessly. If you want to see the STEEM value to skyrocket, you will have to support the development projects. Wide distribution is necessary for the success of any currency. If you believe that this project is good enough and can deliver wide and wise distribution, please delegate to us at @super8ballclub

50 SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 5000SP.
Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

Note: We are preparing the rewards system for delegators.

Follow me at @princewahaj and follow our official account at @super8ballclub for more updates. I'd like to thank my friend "Rafal" for his help during the development process. He is not on STEEM Blockchain, though.

Join us on Discord:

If you have any questions, please write them down in the comments and I'd be glad to answer them. If you just registered an account using the game and want us to verify your account, please use "super8ballclub" tag in your post.


Amazing! Thank you @princewahaj!
I have never heard of such a game that could earn you a cryptocurrency from another existing blockchain before. I'm gonna download it right away!

So, I understand that only Shares are convertible to STEEM. But who is trading their STEEM with these Shares?

Thank you @buzz.lightyear for your nice words.

Coins and Shares, both are virtual in-game currencies. We use "Shares system" to track how much you've earned and in order to give you the ability to request your payout whenever you want, we had to use shares system. That way, you can accumulate shares as much as you want and request the payout weekly/bi-weekly/monthly or whenever you want.

When you send us the request of converting shares, we manually verify the gaming activity for possible exploits/pirated version/fake identity or any other abuse. If there's no such abuse, we include your name in the "eligible for payout" list and make a public post on STEEM blockchain with @super8ballclub account.

As stated above, we use a beneficiary system. After your request is approved, we create winner posts on STEEM blockchain and vote from our official account to distribute the prize through a beneficiary system and you get your rewards in SP that will automatically be delivered to your STEEM wallet.

So in short, the reward still comes from voting activity. No one directly trades shares for STEEM. They just request the conversion to get their names included in our winners vote list and get the share of their prize from our reward pool.

In short, the reward still comes from voting activity. No one directly trades shares for STEEM.

Cool! I hope this game takes off successfully as you project.

I delegated some SP your way. Exciting to see projects like this taking shape. Good luck!

Hey @lukestokes, I am speechless! Thank you very much for your delegation. You're the first one to delegate and it's like having a dream come true. You're great!

Thanks once again!

Unfortunately I've got an iPhone so I can't play it myself. I'm trying to convince @corinnestokes to let me try it on her new phone she just got today though. :)

Any plans for an iPhone release?

I've been waiting for more cryptocurrency-connected games for a while now and was sad when the Cryptohunt ICO failed (thankfully it was a smart contract, so I got my money back).

What are your thoughts about when the winners vote list posts get a bunch of votes and show up on trending? Do you think some people will be bothered by that and flag if they think the rewards pool shouldn't fund games like this? Do you have plans to do an SMT in the future?

That's really unfortunate but I'm sure @corinnestokes will permit you to test on her phone. :)

Yes, I'm planning for an iPhone release. Unfortunately, I don't have an iPhone and that's preventing me to test the game on it. As soon as I arrange multiple versions of iPhones and test on it (or if my family members or friends could arrange some), I will give it a go. I have the iPhone code ready as well. iPhone version is my first priority. ;)

There are two types of posts that will be made daily from @super8ballclub.

  • The first type will have the names of all the winners who are "eligible for the payout" after we manually verify their gaming activity. Since the system allows only 8 beneficiaries per post, we cannot include all the winners in one post.

  • The second is going to use the beneficiary system to reward those winners with the appropriate percentages, and there will be multiple posts which will essentially divide the value of votes too. I'm planning to write a detailed post about it soon.

For the second type, I don't think it can make to trending page as we are allowed only 8 beneficiaries per post. So, there would be multiple posts to reward other winners as well. In case if there are only 8 winners, then yes, it may trend on the front page but that's very less likely. For the first type, there are more possibilities to get it on trending page more often since it would be a single post.

In both cases, the flagging risk exists. I don't think big stakeholders would mind seeing the project successful. 8 Ball Pool is downloaded 100 Million times just from Play store alone and there are many other pool games. The fact that gamers at Super 8 Ball Club are being rewarded for their time will make it attractive for new people to join in. But if the posts start bothering others, then we can adjust the voting time to ensure that such posts won't make on the trending page.

As for an SMT, I have some plans but they are not yet final. I'd love to see how successful it becomes without SMT at first.

Thank you for everything. Have a nice day!

Sounds like a good plan. I noticed you said beneficiaries and was curious how you'd get around the 8 account limit. Sounds like something worth increasing on the blockchain level (it's come up before as well).

I imagine everyone who gets tagged on a winning post will vote it up as well. Kind of like a self-payment from the rewards pool for winner. Can't say I blame them either. If I won a tournament and my name was listed in the post that's going to partially pay out to me, I'd probably vote it up also (even though I don't self-vote or use voting bots, which are just another version of self-voting).

I'm excited to see where this project goes. Good luck!

I've read somewhere that Steemit INC is planning to increase the beneficiaries limit from 8 to 256 in one of the upcoming hard forks but I'm not confirmed about it.

You're right about the self-upvote thingy. That was one of the reasons for saying that winners vote list is expected to trend more often than payout posts. But you described it better than me.

Thanks. I'm also excited about the project and your delegation should start pumping the things up now. ;)

Looks great. Looking for for games to come

You rock @princewahaj! Waaaaah! Fancy playing pool with fellow Steemians and get paid in Steem for winning matches! I'm IN! But wait, first, let me go have my hair cut for a nice photo for your verification. :p

Upvoted and resteemed -- am sure many of my friends will be super excited to play with fellow Steemians too!

Best wishes from #teammalaysia and #teammalaysiababes!

Thank you for your appreciation.

Looking forward to having you as one of the gamers. Don't forget to use super8ballclub tag so that we could discover your verification post easily.

I hope it will also be available in IOS soon so that I can play. 😊

iPhone version is our main priority.

This might be the first time I have voted big on a post that also has bidbots on it. :) Wonderful work and congrats to you for getting this done!

Hey Tom!

It's an honor to see you here. Thank you for all the support as well as for keeping me motivated to develop that successfully.

This sounds like a great idea. I am confused about the verification process. It says take a picture of myself holding the card. What is the card and where do I get it?

I'm sorry for the confusion. By card, I meant any kind of blank paper/card/board. You need to write your STEEM username and game tracking name. Your face and text on that piece must be clearly visible.

It can be any paper. Thanks for pointing out, I am editing the post right away.

You're welcome. I was thinking it was a card that I would have to print out or something. Thank you for the explanation

Lol yeah, it was confusing before. Just a piece of paper and write down your STEEM username and game tracking name on it. That's it!

You're welcome!

I like the idea, but I'm not going to upload a picture of me for verification just to try your game.
That's the most ridiculous account creation process for a game I've ever seen.

I can trade cryptocurrencies on binance without verification, but not play your game because you're afraid of bots? How does the verification even help against me cheating at your game?

Hi @cmichel

Thanks for liking the idea. I can understand your point. But unfortunately, the verification helps us preventing the people to cheat as it limits the multiple accounts scenario. However, we're working to make the verification process easier for those who don't want to post their photo.

Till then, if you reach 60+ reputation, you can join us without providing a selfie.

Thank you!

On one hand, yes, a photo verification to play this game might seem like a bit too much, and is a potential source of privacy or security issues.

On the other hand, the fact that people expect to be able to trade on exchanges with little to no proof of identity or kyc is a big reason governments are going to spank them hard for doing so.

Congratulations and thanks for sharing! Links to your app, account and post were included in the wiki page Steem Ecosystem: Steeo-Z. Thanks and good luck again!


I was waiting for such a platform and finally dreamed come true

My good wishes wishes and blessings are with you @princewahaj

wow, nice job - can't wait to play!


Thank you for introduce for super ball club .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @princewahaj

Follow my blog @powerupme

Amazing! Thank you

It's Awsome. I regularly played 8ball pool
So I can use it also earn steem.. REALLY amazing
Thanks for this Awsome post

@princewahaj :It's amazing, playing 8 ball poll and get a coin that can be convert to Steem Power. Can I translation this post into bahasa? I think it will be a lot of steemian at Indonesia that interest Super 8 Ball Club.

i have registered game but has not yet verified.

Let's we Play 😎

Hello @dodybireuen

Thank you for registering for Super 8 Ball Club. Yes, you can translate the post as long as you ensure the best translation and also credit the original post.

Please do the following:

If your STEEM account reputation is more than > 60

Please write a post on STEEM blockchain with your game tracking name. Make sure to use "super8ballclub" tag when posting on steemit.

Once done, please wait for 24-72 hours and we will enable your account as soon as we verify your identity.

Thank you!

I will do that, thanks @princewahaj

@princewahaj : I have finished make post translation, you can check my blog.

I suggestion you make discord room for this project. I think many steemian will interest with Super8ballClub .

When i register, i used unique name same with steem account. Do I have to make another post for verification?

Hi @dodybireuen

Your account is now verified. Please click on "Switch Account" and repeat the login process again.

You can join us on discord to be able to quickly find your opponents and play with each other. We will be sharing quick updates on our discord channel as well.

Here's an invitation link for you:

Thank you!

@princewahaj : thanks for your verification, but but I have sent the post verification hehehee. I have join at Super8ball Club. Let's play Super8ball Club now...(y)

@princewahaj: I signed up for "Super 8 Ball Club", my steemit account name and unique name in Super 8 ball Club the same, my reputation does 57 still need to verify via post?

I have done in accordance with your command @princewahaj, hopefully you can accept me as one of the user game @super8ballclub

I like the idea.Looking for the games to come

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Good to see new things on the blockchain.

What if i don't want to reveal my face but still want to play the game?


hello steemians, I congratulate you and your friend for this initiative, it can be seen that they were hard weeks to create this great game, so we can all have a way to exchange ideas and achieve our goals, from today I sign up to see the evolution of his work super club, very good his logo, we all have a different creativity that gives us the perfect vision of cataloging a unique performance, congratulations again and a lot of success in this project I hope not only to discover it in steemit but in all networks

Some bots are acting irresponsibly by selling votes on posts very close to final payout. These votes are sneaky, not promotion and are most of the time placed on low value content.

Sending money to these bots is also financially supporting for-profit only posters (spammers).

It's a awesome idea. We are looking for steem community game.

Thank you @princewahaj for creating this game.. I'veregistered my account.. just waiting to get verified.. am looking forward to play with other Steem players soon.. i hope nobody can install cheats or long guidelines like in 8ballPool..

Hi @azeero

Thank you. You're now verified. Click on "Switch Account" and repeat the login process to update your status in the game.

We have multiple detection systems implemented within the game. Even if someone becomes successful in exploiting the game logic, he will either be caught. (Or in rare cases, there would be very few people doing this because of our verification rule. Sadly, fraudsters leave their footprints so in most cases, they'll be caught and banned by us).

happy to hear that. at least we can play a fair game against each other..

Its cool!

follow me and i will follow you!


This is looking pretty sweet downloading it and already watched about 10 ads getting some coins lol. My play button still is not active however anything special I need to do there? Keep up the awesome work this is impressive!

Hi @bitcoinflood

Thanks for your appreciation.

If your STEEM account reputation is more than > 60

Please write a post on STEEM blockchain with your game tracking name. Make sure to use "super8ballclub" tag when posting on steemit.

Once done, please wait for 24-72 hours and we will enable your account as soon as we verify your identity.

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For a total calculated bidbot upvote value of $380 STU, $705 USD before curation, with approx. $95 USD curation being earned by the bidbots.

This information is being presented in the interest of transparency on our platform @princewahaj and is by no means a judgement of your work.

Wow has been pretty much your post. There are many things to know from your post,
Thank you for posting....

Totally agree with this post...Help and support each other and the world as a whole--a better place...
creative job @princewahaj, thank you for sharing.

It's a great development. Kudos to you and everyone who will get involved. I love this

Your post is very good!

Now look me in the eye and Follow Me @cryptopay-blogYour post is very good

looks good... ill try it out...

Awsome! Highly Resteemed

Great! Thank you!

Awesome bro, this was really outstanding. It's not just a game because it's something that gives one pleasure. I'm addicted to playing games a lot and with this your write up about this game, I totally fell in love with it.. More knowledge bro

thanks, your post! have a nice day.

Excellent post with no replies that is amazing brother.

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Excellent Game, i love the pool!

KYC face photo verification for computer game? Controversary idea :o

Wow this is really impressive..
I can see you have really spent sleepless nights working on this...

The photo verification is a game breaker for me... Any chance to lower the limit to reputation 55? If this is not possible maybe we can meet in the middle and make it lets say.... 58 :P

I already registered, though :)

Finally a project of my kind. Is it live already?? unfortunately I recently shifted to old Nokia phone, now I have to search where I've put my android phone just to see this if this live already/.

@katteasis you can install an emulator on your computer. "Bluestacks" for example. You install the game and then just play! :)

I have it installed but doesn't work for me that well. Thanks for your time anyway!

I was having problems too, it was very slow the program, so I turned off my antivirus and it improved a lot! Sorry if doesn't help you :(

The game won't work properly on emulators. I won't recommend anyone to play using Bluestacks or any other emulator. It is just not designed for emulators on purpose. Emulators affect the performance of apps so badly.

@princewahaj so where I can play? I have iphone with ios not Android and I want to play so much :/

Hi @katteasis

The game is live and players started accumulating shares already. Some of them also requested for shares conversion into SP. We will do what we are supposed to do.

Sorry to hear that, but it worths searching your android phone. ;)

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Very well, @princewahaj!
Two weeks ago I was telling a friend that he could build a pool game on steemit because everybody knows it and a lot of people like it. It is a very popular game. I like it a lot, making money with it still becomes more spectacular ... and now the game has appeared to me ahead! Congratulations!

That's nice. Happy to have you on board @mafaldation.

Sir, I liked your post, from now on I will try to post like you

I think that needing to take a picture with your face as well as needing to make a post about it is highly unnecessary as well as a bad system for scalability.

Hi @flemmy

I understand your point and it makes sense. But unfortunately, that's the only way to prevent people from registering multiple accounts.



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I can't found the game 😏

i used to play this game, well the super9ball only.
I was pretty good, but my brother was better at it.
I had to stop when I started noticing that I was dreaming about it.
When you dream about playing video games, that's your brain telling you to quit. LOL....
Besides, If i kept playing that game I wouldn't have time to post on steemit.
Now I might have a reason to start up again.....for steem that it.
Have a good game sir.
May you always call the last pocket and sink the 8 ball.

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we hope this will be more succssfull than any other....

How can I vote for you become the best Witness ever?!?!?
I love this game, and love your determination on using STEEM blockchain.

Good to see new gaming development on steemit. So is verification essential? Can users play without verification? I feel that the need to verify and make a post about it on steemit may deter some gamers from joining.

Hi @stabilowl

Yes, verification is essential to be able to play the game. You're right, it may deter some gamers from joining but limiting the possibilities of abuse is more important. We intend to introduce some easy verification process in the future.

You have > 60 reputation, so you don't need a photo verification. You only need to write your "Game tracking name" in your post and use super8ballclub tag in your post. We will enable your account from our side.

Thank you!

Will you be thinking about turning it into say a browser game where a player can log in with their Steem account, and so any reward received by whatever means can be easily distributed to the player?

Yes, I'm already considering WebGL application but that's not my main priority. Before that, I might be more interested in releasing an iOS version of the game. ;)

Thanks for all the information. The reason I ask is that we are preparing to launch a gaming platform based on steemit. We are initially looking into html5 games but hopefully expand as we go. If you are interested in putting your game on our platform let me know

Thanks. I'd be glad to look into it. Kindly notify me when you launch that platform. Sounds interesting!

We are probably launching in a month or two. We will be doing a game developer call before proper launch for players. I will keep you posted!

@princewahaj hi friend I tried to register but it says email id not available, can I get some help.

Are you sure that you used the right email address? or maybe you tried to register multiple times with one email. If so, try to see by logging in.

If not, please join the discord support channel. The link is given above.

@princewahaj yes sir I have put the correct email ID but I guest I went wrong with the user name.

@princewahaj I have joined the discord support channel ,hope I get some help thanks

I will upvote and resteem your last blog post free to my 35,000+ followers if you reply with the word, "free".

i'm waiting for my verification thank you !

Hello everyone, I signed up @taministy

This is so exciting. Now we can have fun and earn at the same time. Can't wait for my account to be verified. Great job @princewahaj and to your team.

waoo I really love the innovation. Though I'm not a gamer but I will check this out

I have downloaded super8ballclub app, live to make posting for the verification @princewahaj. What I want to ask, I have a reputation above 60. The post I have to make a discussion about what. Thank you in advance.

Nice work bro


Really great. It was my dream. I have played some online game before and earn a lot crypto there. Like Faucethub.

I really happy to see this post about this kind game. :) I'm going to download it right away.

Thanks, for your kind and innovative contribution on steemit.

Wait did i understand correcly ?

Play 8 pool

earn steem

no paying


wow, really amazing great news for all of us.
I want to thank you from my heart. You are really a gteat steemar and a nice personal. You help us by sharing a awesome earning source of steemit. I have never heard of such a game that could earn you a cryptocurrency from another existing blockchain before. I'm gonna download it right away!
Thank you a lot dear @princewahaj brother.

Wow man...incredible's really amazing to hear...a time I was so addicted to this 8ball pool game...but it wasn't of any use because the coins was not valuable as you have made them...😍 It's was the best idea anyone can implement it like this...really appreciating....loved it...soon I am going to compete with other steemians....😘

Cool.. Nice one

Wish I had more steem power to vote in a countless times for this post alone. This was an awesome job well [email protected] Super8ballclun actually got my attention already, what am I still waiting for, let me quickly feel the beauty of the game...

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