Be YOUR Best! Fall In Love With Personal Development!

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When you hear the term 'personal development' what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Tony Robbins encouraging people to walk on hot coals?

Jim Rohn telling his audience that they should be writing in a journal daily?

Maybe it's the latest Facebook 'guru' showing you his lambos and all the money he's made in a month or less?

From legit leaders to snake oil salesmen, personal development and success coaching can conjure up some interesting opinions...Some folks love it, while others think it's all a scam.

I'll admit it, I love personal development but it's not for the reasons you may think.

I don't believe in the pseudo science where if you 'think' about a million bucks hard enough it'll show up in your hands. I believe in hard work and growing every single day. That's why my personal blog is called Plus 1 Daily...I'm trying to be better at sunset than I was at sunrise...Every single day!

Is it a guarantee of future success? Nope, not at all but what it does is put you in the arena with the toughest competition you will ever face...

No it's not the guy or gal on STEEM with 500,000 STEEM Power! It's not the Facebook guru with all the lambo's either. And it's most definitely not Tony Robbins or the late great Jim Rohn...

It's YOU!

personal development

I read that quote in Tom Peters' The Excellence Dividend and it gave me the idea for this blog post...

We need to continue to grow each and every day so that we can be the best version of ourselves we can be!

That's what personal development means for me...Growth!

Every single day and the ability to compete with Jon G. Olson over the past 24 hours....

Can I 'crush' my old self?

Do I have the skills acquired over the past 24 hours to be a better version of myself than I was?

That's my challenge....That's my goal!

personal development

Because if you think of it this way...You are your own biggest competitor. Sure everyone has situations in life we are dealing with, but there is no one holding you back...It's literally your self talk and attitude that determines how you live the next 24 hours...

That's such a powerful lesson when you get it and trust me, it took me years to get it. I used to blame the world for situations I faced...It was the government's fault! The industry I was in sucked! I was blaming my family next! And don't forget the powers that be, they are holding me back too...

Personal development means being accountable for our own decisions and attitudes but more importantly, allowing us to grow from experiences.

Every single decision you have made in your life has brought you to this point...Right now...Reading this blog!

If you are happy with your life, perfect! Keep crushing it!

If you are not happy, change something!

Personal development allows you to change...Almost instantly!

Fall in love with it too...It might change your life forever :)

personal development


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AWESOME! This is what I like!
I love topics like that because they produce something sutainable in your life you consume it with the right heart and mind.

At the end of everything,​ the most important aspect is: What kind of Person are you?


exactly. and in 2018 being fake wont work. when you genuinely care and want to be ‘better’ than you were yesterday...that’ll shine through. thanks for the comments sir. always appreciated

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EXCELLENT advice Jon. I have taken a screenshot of the 5 tips and will paste it to my forehead so that every time I look in the mirror I will remember what it is I have to do. I mentioned in my Blog - that the Sports conversation here on Steem leaves a lot to be desired. I am on a mission to direct the discussion by just being me. get ready for a rant on Sunday, and every other Sunday moving forward. Im gonna raise the level of sports-talk on this site and be accountable for everything I do. Great post... and thank you for being my role model (no pressure)...


ha ha ha ha no pressure at all. yeah man. compete against yourself and you will end up pushing your limits. no need to try to keep up with the joneses if we blaze our own trail.

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I will have to say I agree with you in the most part... one thing that I see missing in many peoples life is that send out a negative vibe and expect to get the million dollars! The reason people attract the million dollars is they believe in themselves and what they do. Part of what they are doing is the items you cover. How could you ever expect to attract positive change with out the knowledge of what positive change is... :)


oh i hear ya. i just dislike the belief that one can just ‘think’ their way to millions. one must take action

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It is the way people say it that is unrealistic! :)


I tend to believe that thinking with a purpose is action @jongolson and sometimes thinking leads a person towards the right action.

If anything, there is a surplus of people acting without thinking, and a lack of people who direct the majority of their thoughts towards a single mission statement.

I appreciate your posts 😊

A lot of what you wrote here aligns with my philosophy/world-view.

Compete against yourself, don’t compare yourself others.

Stop looking for an exciting new project. YOU are the project. Work on YOU every single day.


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that’s a great point. best investment we can make is in ourselves

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HMM I have heard those 5 tips before. Plus1 daily if I remember right. Jon you always come up with great ideas.


appreciate that man. yup. nothing new. but needs to be talked about a few times every now and again ;)

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Thanks for another valuable post @jongolson 👍

I tested the pseudo science 'thoughts become things' philosophy, but I found it to be more or less TRUE.

I started with a book called The Magic of Thinking Big in 2001 at the age of 16. I dreamed big and followed my dreams to the end of the earth - and each time, the things I asked for was given to me.

You might have had different experiences or it is also possible that we just have different personalities. I am personality type ENFP-A and thinking things into existence has worked well for me.


that’s on my to be read list. lots of people recommend it.

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Thinking big can prevent you from selling yourself short @jongolson And it doesn't really matter how big you think, you will probably realize you could have thought even bigger once your dreams come true! 🙂😊👍

Love your attitude :) I've recently hit the same kind of place. I used to be super worried about whether or not I was achieving a certain image or status. But I realized that I was worrying about what other people expected of me, and not what I was expecting of myself. I'm learning to enjoy the actual process of developing my knowledge and life skills. It takes so much pressure off of you just to figure out that you really only need to worry about making incremental improvements every day. They add up.

'carpe diem' as I always say. After a near-death experience several years ago, I quit my job at an advertising agency and became self-employed. I was able to escape the daily pressure and am now self-employed for almost 20 years. And these are the points you mention that I try to fulfill every day.

Very good post, Jon.

Jon Again you are spot on with this post. I didn't know you had this blog but I have subscribed to it. I am in total agreement with everything in the post and I am going to follow the steps. Thanks for the post

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